Diamond in the Rough
Prince Ali has been kidnapped and it's up to you and Ozan to rescue him. Follow a trail through the desert led by a diamond with rather interesting properties to confront Prince Ali's kidnappers.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Stolen Hearts
Other Requirements:
Combat equipment will be very helpful, thus you'll be fighting several enemies. None of which are very strong however.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting Out

To begin this Quest, simply speak to Osman. After completing Stolen Hearts, there is the option to start Diamond in the Rough immediately. No harm in doing so, select yes. Osman will tell you to speak with Ozan just outside of the palace and inform him that Osman wishes to speak with Ozan and the player in the vault. Go out to speak with Ozan and afterwards a cutscene will begin. Osman will give instructions to save Prince Ali to Ozan and the player. Be sure that the heavy weight used on the balance in the previous Quest is in your inventory. Climb back up the rope and head to the top of the bank again, once on top of the bank, Eagle Jump off of bank into a nearby cart then run over to Shanty Pass.

Heading Into the Desert

Once at Shanty Pass, speak with Shanty and he'll begin talking very odd. The Diamond is speaking through him and after the strange conversation, he will give the player 4 full waterskins.

Once in the desert, talk with Ozan and go through the chat options, he'll ask if you want to continue, confirm you want to continue. The Kharid-ib will be opened and begin making a loud screeching sound. A sundial will appear which you will use to reach your destination. Once the correct symbol is chosen, follow the beam of light that comes from the sundial (this implies for all the other sundials as well).

Select the following symbol shown below to find the next location.

Upon arriving to the second sundial, Ozan and the player will be greeted by several bandits, along with their "Bandit King." All of the Bandits are very weak and can be taken down with ease. Once all are defeated, proceed with solving the next sundial.

Select the following symbol shown below to find the next location.

Once you reach the next sundial location, the player and Ozan will find themselves sinking into quicksand. Several escape options will be presented, use all of them (NOTE: None of them will work).

Eventually Ozan and the player will find themselves in a pit, Ozan has apparently hurt his leg and a small creature has run off with the diamond. Go through any doorway, but you'll still end up being in the same room you started in. Ozan will be cracking jokes about the player going in circles, then realizes he's sitting on the next sundial.

Select the following symbol shown below to find the next location.

While walking along the tunnel Ozan will remind you of his injured leg, thus you will be unable to run. Ozan will keep complaining of a bad odor, once you reach the end of the tunnel, Ozan will find a torch which will reveal that the room is infested with Dung Kalphites.

In order to recover the diamond, you must slice open the dung. Keep an eye open for sparkling dung for it may contain the Kharid-ib (Be sure to have the quality set on High-Detail to spot the shining of the kalphites). Ozan will also assist the player in slicing open the dung to look for the diamond. Dung heaps may contain items such as tuna, other gems, or bronze equipment.

Once the diamond is found, a hole will appear from the ceiling of the cave. Leela will talk to you and Ozan and eventually help you escape the smelly cave. Once outside roll through the discussion between Ozan and Leela and eventually solve the final sundial. Select the following symbol shown below to find the next location.

The Faceoff

Follow the final beam of light to "The Lion's Mouth"; Temple ruins of Amascut. Once you've arrived, speak with Lady Keli to begin a cutscene.

Lady Keli will demand that you hand over the Kharid-ib. If you keep refusing, she will become increasingly hostile, and threaten to kill the prince if you don't hand it over. Eventually you have no choice but to give it to her. The diamond inveighs its surrender through Keli's guards, Lady Keli becomes rather upset when called crazy and reveals she is Amascut. Before departing, she orders her guards to kill you, Ozan, and Leela.

Apep has a tornado-like attack in which if you do not move out of the way, it will stun the player and send him/her a square or two. The guards are not very strong foes and can be defeated with ease. Once the guards are out of the way, check in on Prince Ali.

Back at the Palace

You will be returned to the Palace at the end of it with the prince and Leela, and Ozan goes off to recover the diamond. Prince Ali will now be the new leader of Al-Kharid. Osman and Leela will argue and then a cutscene will appear...

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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