Experiment Cave

As of an update on the 27th March 2012, the quest Priest in Peril is no longer needed to gain access to Morytania.

Getting There

To get to the Experiment Cave, you have a few different options. They are as following:

  • Option One (Fastest) - Travelling by using Fairy rings. The code for the Fairy ring in the Haunted Woods south-east of the Experiment Cave is A-L-Q.
  • Option Two (Fast) - Using Kharyll teleport from the Ancient Spellbook or a Player-owned house to Canifis, then walking north-east to the dungeon enterance.
  • Option Three (Slow) - Walking from Varrock to the Experiment Cave. As the distance between Varrock and the Experiement Cave is very long, an energy potion will help to shorten down the travel time considerably.

Dungeon Map


To access the Experiment Cave you need to start Creature of Fenkenstrain. Start the quest by first reading the signpost in Canifis, then going to Fenkenstrain's castle north-east of Canifis. Fenkenstrain will proceed to interview you. When he asks you to describe yourself in one word, answer "Braindead", and when he asks you what your best skill is, answer "Gravedigging". Go through the dialogue and after you have finished it, go up the staircase. Once upstairs you will notice that there are two rooms with bookcases. In the west room, search the bookcase and take the book "The Joy of Gravedigging" to get the marble amulet, and in the east room, take the book named "Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques" to get the obsidian amulet. Use the marble amulet on the obsidian amulet to get a star amulet. The star amulet is then used to unlock the cave by using it on the easternmost grave just south-east of Fenkenstrain's Castle.

Training Combat

The Experiment Cave is a very popular area to train melee skills at since the creatures have a lot of hitpoints together with very weak attack and defence stats. Experiments use melee to attack and deal a maximum damage of 100. Each experiment has 1250 hitpoints and yields 56 combat XP + 18,7 constitution XP when killed, for a total of 75 XP per kill.

Monster Hitpoints Drops

Experiment (Level 50, Horsewoman)
1250 Bones, Dungeon key (Quest), Experiment bone (Quest)

Experiment (Level 50, Spiderman)
1250 Bones, Experiment bone (Quest)

Experiment (Level 50, Sheepdog)
1250 Bones, Experiment bone (Quest)

Song Unlocks

Song: Body Parts

Unlocked By: Entering the Experiment Cave


Quest Name: Creature of Fenkenstrain

The Experiment Cave has a role in the Creature of Fenkenstein. The player is required to kill an Experiment (Horsewoman) in order to get a key to unlock the metal door in the cave to access a ladder leading to the Mausoleum.

Quest Name: Rag and Bone Man

The Experiments in the Experiment Cave drop Experiment bones. These are quest items and are thus untradable and not buryable. The sole purpose of the Experiment bone is to complete the Rag and Bone Man quest, unlike the Curved bone. These will stop dropping after you have obtained one Experiment bone, or finished the quest.

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