Taverley Dungeon


Taverley Dungeon is one of the largest dungeons in the whole of Gielnor, it is a large, dangerous and often confusing network of tunnels and shortcuts so be sure to read this guide before braving the dungeon.

The dungeon is involved in several quests, including the Heroes' Quest, Scorpion Catcher and Wanted!

Getting there

The main entrance to the dungeon is south of Taverley. Here is a list of ways to get there:

  • If your house is in Taverley then you can cast the 'teleport to house spell' which costs a law rune, an earth rune and an air rune. Exit your house and you'll find yourself in west Taverley.
  • If you have completed 'Love Story' then you can craft a Taverley teleport tablet.
  • Use the balloon transport system to travel to a rock to the east of the dungeon entrance, requires completion of Enlightened Journey.
  • Teleport to the Taverley lodestone and run south-east.
  • Teleport to Falador using a teleport tablet or a law rune, a water rune and 3 air runes, then climb over the western wall and head north-west until you reach the dungeon.
  • Use a mithril grapple to swing to the water obelisk and climb down the ladder to enter deep into the dungeon.

Inside the dungeon

Note: The dungeon is full of high-leveled dangerous monsters, you WILL lose your items on death.

As you progress through the dungeon the monsters gradually become more aggressive and dangerous, ranging from level 22 skeletons to level 144 black dragons in the deepest part of the dungeon.


  • 30+ defence- any less any you will find yourself taking considerable damage, especially from the more dangerous monsters in the deep areas of the dungeon.
  • Food - Especially for those who have a low defence level or are planning on camping some of the monsters in the dungeon.
  • Dusty Key - Only needed if you have less than 70 agility, allows you to enter the second half of the dungeon without having to use agility shortcuts.
  • An emergency teleport - If you run out of food or are in an emergency, teleporting out is much safer than making the hazardous journey back to the entrance. The ectophial, teleport tablets and a tiny elf crystal are good examples of emergency teleports.
  • Dragonfire protection - Without it, dragons within the dungeon can deal horrendous amount of damage on you. Protection can be from a anti-dragon shield, a dragonfire shield, an anti-fire potion or a super anti-fire potion.

The Dusty Key

Only half of the dungeon is accessible without this little key, to obtain it so you can enjoy the full size of the dungeon, simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter the dungeon through the main entrance. Head north and then west round the corner until you reach some chaos druids, run south past the aggressive magic axes and keep going until you reach the Black Knight base.
  2. In the eastern room of the base there is a prison with two jail cells and a level 56 Jailer, kill him to obtain a jail key.
  3. Unlock the southern cell and talk to Velrak, the man inside, and he will give you the dusty key.

The key can then be used to unlock the door separating the lesser demon area with the blue dragon area.

Agility Shortcuts

The dungeon is a long and confusing dungeon, but using these shortcuts shorten some journeys and even provide access to otherwise inaccessible areas. All of the obstacles require a certain level to pass.


This shortcut requires level 70 agility, it provides easy access to the blue dragon cavern from the dungeon entrance.

Strange Floor

Requiring level 80 agility to cross, this allows you to make a huge shortcut right into the deep area of the dungeon from the entrance.


This shortcut allows you to enter the dungeon from Catherby beach, grab a mithril or better crossbow and a mithril grapple and with level 30 agility you can swing across to the island with the water obelisk on, then just climb down the ladder to an area with some black dragons.

Odd wall

This wall plays a part in the Scorpion Catcher quest, you must get behind it in the Scorpion Catcher quest.


After the chaos tunnels, it is this dungeon that has the most monsters. Whether you just want to kill a few skeletons or slay a fearsome black demon, you'll find all you need here.

MonsterImageCombat levelWeaknessesNotable drops
Skeleton 22

  Earth spells
Champion scroll
Ghost 36

  Thrown Weapons
Giant Bat 64

Chaos Druid 46

Rune spear, dragon spear, shield left-half, herbs
Black Knight 44

  Water spells
Rune Spear, Shield left-half, Rune Javelin
Magic Axe 106

  Air spells
100% drop is an iron battleaxe
Chaos Dwarf 68

  Air spells
Rune javelin
Poison Scorpion 70

Lesser Demon 100

Rune helm, dragon spear, rune javelin, shield left half, rune spear, champion scroll
Blue Dragon 106

Bane ammo
Dragon bones, blue dragonhide, rune dagger, rune spear, dragon spear, dragon helm, shield left half
Baby Blue Dragon 64

Bane ammo
Babydragon bones
Black Demon 140

Infernal ashes, dragon helm, dragon spear, runite equipment, shield left-half, effigies
Poison Spider 90

Hellhound 132

Charms, hard clue scroll
Black Dragon 144

Bane ammo
Dragon bones, black dragonhide, dragon helm, dragon spear, multiple rune equipment, hard clue scroll, runite bar, draconic visage
Hill Giant 64

Air spells
Champion scroll, shield left-half, rune spear
Monk of Zamorak 78


Other locations and characters

A dungeon just isn't a dungeon without interesting characters and curious locations, fortunately Taverley dungeon has them all.

Fire obelisk

In the deepest part of the dungeon, there is an obelisk infused with fire. Here players can cast the 'charge fire orb' spell using 30 fire runes, 3 cosmic runes and an uncharged orb to create a fire orb for use in the crafting skill. The quickest way to get here is to enter the dungeon through the catherby beach grapple swing.

Water obelisk

This obelisk isn't actually inside the dungeon, but it can be reached from the dungeon without the need for a mithril grapple. The 'charge water orb' spell can be cast at the obelisk consuming 30 water runes, 3 cosmic runes and an uncharged orb to create a water orb which is used in the crafting of magic staves.

Small obelisk

This obelisk is located in the south-east area of the blue dragon cavern and it can be used to fully replenish your summoning points, therefore it is useful for players slaying the dragons using familiars.

Resource Dungeons

There are two mysterious entrances in Taverley dungeon, both lead to resource dungeons that require a certain dungeoneering level to access. The first one is in the blue dragon area, it requires level 60 dungeoneering to enter and contains more blue dragons and dragon scale spawns.

The second resource dungeon is in the hellhound area, it requires level 55 dungeoneering and contains more hellhounds.

Chaos Temple

In the north-east corner of the dungeon there is a temple dedicated to Zamorak. Apart from some chaos druids, there isn't much else to do here.

Black Knight Base

The southernmost area of the dungeon is the black knight headquarters where the Kinshra (as the black knights are known) plot their attacks on the white knights of Falador.


In one of the western rooms of the base there is a range where players can cook most food. However, it is a long way from a bank so is very rarely used.

Lord Daquarius

Lord Daquarius is the leader of the Kinshra and directs all their movements. If the player attempts to talk with him he will threaten you with his knights.

Blue Dragon scales

In the blue dragon area there are multiple spawns of blue dragon scales, they can be picked up and sold for a tidy sum, they are also used as a secondary ingredient in herblore.

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
Corrections submitted by: Rebecca, Mr Ketchup, Valerie, Jack