Haunted Woods


The Haunted Woods, a dead, rotting forest, is located east of Canifis. This forest is infested with Vampyres (the cause of the decaying of the forest), and leeches. To have access to the Haunted Woods and many other places in the Morytania region, players must first complete the Priest in peril quest.

Getting There

The haunted woods is located east of Canifis. North of the woods is the Fenkenstrain's Castle which features in the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, and west of the woods lies the ghost town/port, Port Phasmatys.

Travelling Methods:

  • The fastest method is using the fairy ring: ALQ. This will teleport you directly into the heart of the haunted woods.
  • A quick way of travelling is to empty an ectophial, obtained from the Ghosts ahoy quest, and heading south-west to reach the eastern part of the woods.
  • Another fairly-quick way of getting to the woods is using the Kharyrll Teleport from the Ancient Magicks spell book, and then heading east to end up in the western part of the woods.

Haunted Wood Torches

Haunted wood torches are dispersed around the haunted woods. To light these torches, you are required to have level 47 Firemaking and a piece of bark which can be collected from cutting a hollow tree.

For lighting a torch, you are rewarded with 100 Firemaking xp and 100 prayer points. The prayer point bonus can be very useful when you have been assigned to slay vampyres by your slayer master.

Werewolf Agility Arena

The Werewolf Agility Arena is located in the south-west corner of the haunted woods. In the woods, the agility arena will appear as a ruined, roofless building with a trapdoor and an NPC simply named 'Werewolf' guarding the trapdoor, as shown in the picture below.

The requirements to access this trapdoor which leads to the agility arena, also known as "Werewolf Skullball", are as follows:

The aim of the game is to tap, kick or shoot a Skullball to go around the obstacles in front of you, and reach the end of the course. However, be cautious. This game is being timed, and time can cost you xp! If you complete a successful lap of Skullball in under 4 minutes, you will be granted 750 Agility xp. After 4 minutes, every 3 seconds you will lose approximately 8xp from the maximum 750xp.


As you delve into the woods, you may notice you're not alone. This forest is infested with many vile creatures of the darkness, which include: Vampyres, Leeches, Bats and Spiders. All but the spiders are attackable, however, do not underestimate the spiders. The spiders have the ability to stop and glare at you, summoning a aggressive vampyre in your direction. All creature details are listed below.

Monster Name Picture Combat Level Weakness Examine
Vampyre 88 "It looks really hungry!"
Leech 84 "Yuck! It's all slimy!"
Bat 20 "An annoying flappy thing."
Spider (0) Non-attackable "Nasty little creature."

Treasure Trails

Often, players are required to venture into the haunted woods to reach the 'heart of the haunted woods' to preform the 'panic' emote in order to complete their clue scroll. Players must not equip any item of clothing when performing the panic emote, otherwise the level 170 double agent will not spawn. The picture below should help you to locate where to perform the emote:


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