Lumbridge Swamp


Just south of Lumbridge there is a large, swampy area that remains relatively uninhabited compared to the rest of the kingdom of Misthalin. As well as a place to train skills, the swamp is also an area involved in several quests such as the Lost City and the Restless Ghost.

An image of the swamp.

How To Get There

There are a number of ways to make your way to the swamp:

  • Teleport to Lumbridge (Through the lodestone teleportation system or the regular teleport) and run south, past the graveyard, until you reach the swamps.
  • Teleport to the Al-Kharid lodestone and head south-west towards the river where you can cross into the Lumbridge swamp.
  • Use a fairy ring to travel to Zanaris and go to the northern fairy ring near the evil chicken lair, use it and you'll find yourself in a shed in the swamps.
  • Teleport to the Draynor Village lodestone and run south-east until you reach the swamps.


There are many features in the swamp that players can engage with in their daily adventuring:

An image displaying the features' locations.

Father Urhney's House

There are two buildings in the swamp. Father Urhney lives in the south one. He is a retired priest and is involved in the Restless Ghost quest where the player obtains the amulet of Ghostspeak from him. There is also a spawn of leather gloves in the house.

An image of the house from the outside.

An image of Father Urhney.

Magic Shed

There is a green shed located north of Father Urhney's house. In the Lost City quest, the player has to locate the magical city of Zanaris by entering the shed whilst wielding a Dramen or a Lunar staff. If you aren't wielding one of those staves nothing will happen, however there is a selection of farming equipment lying around that might come in handy.

An image of the Magic Shed.

Western Mine

The west mine is located at the west end of the swamp. Unlike the east mine, players can find mithril, coal and adamantite rocks here for ore extraction. It is, however, not recommended to mine here as the Mining guild and the Grand Tree mine have banks nearby, unlike the Lumbridge Swamp west mine.

An image of the Western Mine.

Eastern Mine

The Lumbridge Swamp east mine is located in the southeastern corner of the swamp. There are copper and tin rocks there, making this a very useful place for newcomers to train the Mining skill at.

An image of the Eastern Mine.

Cave Entrance

There is a large tree through which players can enter the Lumbridge Swamp caves. The caves are pitch black so you have to buy a light source. If you do not have a light source you will get bitten by cave bugs and eventually die. The candle seller provides candles for 1000 gp each, but they occasionally ignite the swamp gas in the tunnels. This inflicts damage upon the player and puts the candle out. With this in mind it is strongly recommended to bring a lantern, torch or better.

An image of the Cave Entrance.

An image of the Candle Seller.

Adventurers' Camp

A warrior, wizard, monk and a ranger are camping here. They claim to be on a secret mission, so the wizard, monk and ranger will refuse to talk to you. However, the rather dim-witted warrior will let their secret out and tells you about the Lost City. Continuing the dialogue initiates the quest.

An image of the Adventurers' Camp.

Fishing Spots

On the eastern shore there are a few fishing spots where players can catch shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herrings and crayfish. There is also a fisherman there who will talk to you about the Fish Flingers distraction and diversion. This is a very good place for beginners to train Fishing.

An image of one of the Fishing Spots.

Swamp Tar

There are many spawns of stackable swamp tar here, especially around the entrance to the swamp caves.

An image of Swamp Tar lying near one of the ponds in Lumbridge Swamp.

Water Altar

West of the magic shed there are some mysterious ruins. If you have a water tiara, water talisman or an omni-talisman you can enter the ruins and craft water runes using the Runecrafting skill.

An image of the Water Altar.


Monster Examine Combat Level Weakness

Giant Rat
'Overgrown Vermin' 14
Earth Spells

'An ugly green creature' 8
Air Spells


The following quests are related to the Lumbridge swamp:

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
Corrections submitted by: Joe, Valerie, Jack, Sytze