World Wakes, The
"After decades of research, a Varrock Museum archaeologist has discovered Guthix’s original dwelling, dating back to the First Age when Guthix was the only god on Gielinor. You have been invited to join him in entering the ancient site, but it soon becomes clear that this is more than just the original quarters of Guthix..."


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
100 Combat Level. No actual requirements needed but to unlock all of the rewards you need to have done. Branches of Darkmeyer, The Chosen Commander, Firemaker's Curse, Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Void Stares Back.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: Food, Armour, Stat increasing potions, Prayer potions
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting Your Journey

Upon starting this quest you will need the best combat equipment you have, stat increasing potions, prayer potions and food. This quest is very combat based so having everything at the beginning will help for future parts. You may take a familiar with you if needed but please note that if you do die in the quest you are unable to get back what your familiar has dropped.

To start this quest you head to Orlando Smith who is located right next to some very fetching ruins west of the Legends Guild.
You can get to this location by either:

  • Fairy Ring: BLR (This is the closest to quest point teleportation method)
  • Ardougne Teleport: North from the Market
  • Camelot Teleport: Run South to the Legends Guild
  • Combat Bracelet: Ranging Guild

Orlando explains that he has come across these fantastic ruins and could save his decaying career with the Varrock Museum, he asks you if you would like to him him in his quest to find out what these ruins are for and why they are here. He suspects that this is something to do with Guthix but he can't be sure without exploring.

Doorway of Mystery

As you enter the ruins the room you enter will be filled with many things that you can investigate. Click on the artifacts and you will get text entries in which explains the look of the artifact and any description that goes with it.

These are:
  • Stone Carvings: "Among the carving you recognize Fiara, Guardian of the Fist of Guthix. A giant snake stretches across the tableau, clearly another guardian. The other figures have been engulfed by the plant growth. The tableau is far too big to move."
  • A Shattered Blade: "The shattered remains of this blade are emitting sparks. Pieces are clearly missing, rendering it irrepairable even if it was safe to touch."
  • Scattered Parchment: "The symbols on these papers are illegible. You can just about distinguish circular diagrams; stone circles perhaps."
  • Inactive Obelisk: "It looks like it has been inactive for a long time, but you can still hear a faint hum coming from it. Perhaps this was a summoning obelisk, many centuries ago."
  • Strange Footprints: "It looks like a heavy creature left these. They may have been smudged over time, but it looks like the creature could have had a tail."

After you inspect these items you should come to a little scene where another room opens up containing a butterfly statue. Orlando decides that he wants to take it to the museum but he cant get the butterfly off. Your character will then try to take off the butterfly. This will trigger an alarm and you will enter a new room.

As you enter the next room there will be a Automaton's (Tracer, Guardian & Generator) they will request that the presence of the Mahjarrat needs to leave. Orlando tries to confront them and confirm that there is no Mahjarrat here. They kill him for persistently not listening to them. After killing him they will ask once more for the Mahjarrat presence to leave before attacking you.

Tips and Tricks:

  • They fight in all 3 different styles. (Tracer - Range, Guardian - Melee, Generator - Mage)
  • Attacking with melee is easier, especially with a two-handed weapon. (The use of the two-handed abilities is far greater then others)
  • Kill the mage first, then on to the ranger, leaving the melee till last as this can deal the least damage to you. (If you are Meleeing)
For more information on Automaton's and some more in detail tips and tricks, check out a community users guide: click here.

After killing all 3 Automaton's, what will appear to be a shadowy figure which then turns out to be Sliske, demanding that you tell him who you are and why you are disturbing Guthix. A conversation continues on "how and why?" were you the one to set the alarm off, a cut scene appears showing Guthix's sword deep in the Wilderness which sparked the end of the war and the start of his edicts. The cut scene also shows the effect that the alarm has had on those on

Through the cut scene you will see Commander Zilyanna leaving the God Wars Dungeon. The Gods know that Guthix's location has been found and are communicating with their subjects on land. All want him dead and his edicts removed so that their Gods can return. Sliske reveals that what God's plans are.

  • Saradomin followers wish for Guthix to be killed.
  • Zarosian followers wish to awaken him and learn things from him.
  • Zamarakian followers also wish for Guthix to be killed.
  • Guthixian followers wish for their God to be protected at all cost.

You must choose which followers you wish to support. Sliske suggests that you follow Guthixian's as they will ultimately want to get to him first to save his life and keep him safe.

Armadyl Battle

You are to follow the Guthixian followers to get access to Guthix faster. As the cut scene ends you see Kril Tsutsaroth, Zilyana and Kree'arra appearing in the same room trying to knock down the door with an amusing conversation between them all. They ask you to leave, which triggers a fight between yourself and Kree'arra.

Fighting Kree'arra is quite simple apart from there is an added attack. As he fights you tornado's will swirl around and will possibly hit you 15-20% of your maximum life points. Here are some tips for the fight:

  • Hide behind the plants when the tornado's are active, its not likely that they will hit you as hard as they would if you were in an open space.
  • Melee is the strongest against him in this fight, use dual weapons to deal a great amount of damage.
  • You pay use prayers in this fight such as stat enhancing prayers and protection prayers against melee.

Should you die your gravestone will spawn at the start of the quest point, near the first door of the excavation site.

Puzzle Door

After defeating Kree'arra another cut scene will occur, and you will witness Zilyanna and Kr'il struggling to open the door, Zilyanna reminds you to leave and they agree to work together and look for another way in. As they leave go to the north of the room and try to use the control panel. As you touch it, the Guardians of Guthix will appear and question you on your attendance there. Once they believe that you are on their side and helping to protect Guthix they will advise you that the control panel is the key to opening the door.

The aim of the puzzle is to get each boulder into the active portal/hole. There are 4 boulders, one for each corner and you must guide the boulder into the active portal on the control panel. There are several obstacles in your way and some of them move, so will need to be timed right.

  • There are conveyor type obstacles that change their direction every few seconds, if you release your boulder when it faces the wrong way the conveyor will drag the boulder back and eventually it will break.
  • Some of the corners or pieces wont be facing the correct way, click on them to rotate them.
  • Some of the track rotates, all you need to do is time when the correct route is available and release your boulder.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Proving Your Worth

After opening the puzzle door you will be approached by Cres, an Automaton and an old friend to some of the Guardians. Examine the shrine, the circular wall behind to begin the test.

This starts the test to prove that you are a follower of Guthix. Guthix promotes balance so you need to get all 4 of the section's 50%, balancing out Chaos, Order, Good and Evil. You are given a series of questions to answer, each answer gives 25% to two of the bars. If you are to reach over 50% and fail, you are given another chance.

Once you have passed you will be lifted into the air and blessed by Guthix. You are now an Guardian of Guthix!

Storage Chambers

You are now an Guardian of Guthix and have to assign the troops to each of the chambers that the apposing God's followers are trying to break through. You have 4 sets of Guardians to assign.

If any of these Guardians die via this quest, they will be replaced by different characters in live game from now on. This will only be the case if you assign the wrong Guardians to the wrong set of foe's

Guardian's Matching Foe's

"It sounds like there are a lot of enemies breaking through here, and the foul stench of the undead can be smelled. Whoever is leading these troops must have an immense talent to undermine death itself."

Valluta & Fiara
"Whoever is coming through here sounds small and nimble. They seem to be using only magic, so it could be assumed they'll have a high resistance to magic used against them. Their attacks sound extremely aggressive, as if they're beyond determined."

"This enemy sounds large, slow and heavy, but they are using more than their strength to break through. The impact of magic can be heard alongside demonic chanting, so they must have some intelligence."

Chaelder & Thaerisk
"Whoever is coming through this wing is very big and slow. It sounds like they are using their immense strength to force their way through the rock. Perhaps they don't have the intelligence to try any other way. "

If you have selected the correct pairing you will get this message when you enter each chamber

During the fights Juna provides you with stats enhancing elixirs, these you can use before every fight and they help you a lot in aiding you during the fights so you don't need to bank.

Elixir Effect

Restores health to the player

Gives the player more power within battles

Restores the players prayer level

If you do however need to use the bank there is a Druidess on the left side of Juna that you can right click and bank from.

General Graardor

Chaelder & Thareisk should have been chosen for this battle

Graardor has special attacks in this battle which he will voice to let you know before hand. These are:

  1. "Graardor Smash!" - watch the shadows for falling parts.
  2. "Graardor Protect!" - don't attack him till after this is over, its a protective shield.
  3. "Graardor Mad!" - move away from the front of him and attack him from behind

Its useful to protect against melee during this battle as although he deals damage to you via all 3 types, his melee hits are the most fatal.


Cres should have been chosen for this battle

The easiest way to defeat Zemouregal is to solely concentrate on him and the portals he spawns.

The beginning of the battle you will see two blue portals attack them and then attack him after they have decayed, once you have taken about 40% of his health he will spawn 4 blue portals. Same procedure as before, attacking the portals and then him.

All of the Zombies that attack and are spawned can easily be ignored and avoided, this battle is pretty simple.

K'ril Tsutsaroth

Death should have been chosen for this battle

Such like Graardor, K'ril shouts 3 statements and uses a special attack. These are:

  1. "Run Coward!" - charges straight ahead, move out of the way and he will bash into the wall.
  2. "You Cannot Stand Against Zamorakian might!" - he bashes his arms to the ground and spikes will appear. Avoid at all cost.
  3. "Guthix will die in the name of Zamorak!" - run around and avoid him, he will chase you and charge, just keep moving around until he backs down as this will hit your life points hard.


Fiara & Valluta should have been chosen for this battle

This fight is the hardest as she has various attacks that can drain life points from you. The best way to avoid these is is to place abilities such as Freedom and a few stuns on your ability bar. When she does use these attacks, stun her and it will release you.

When she gets below 50% health, she will bound you to the ground and drain your life points from you to heal her, use the technique above to get yourself out of this. She is immune to the effect of a stun but this still works to unbound yourself.

Helping Juna

After all the bosses retreat in the main chamber Juna needs your help. Saradomin followers from the God Wars Dungeon are trying to kill him. This phase will last around 3-4 minutes approx and you will need to defend him from spiritual warriors, rangers and mages. Juna has a barrier around himself which will need repairing if the followers attack it too much.

The followers are combat level 70 so the player should find this quite easy, the player needs to be quick at selecting and attacking.

Who Will You Choose?

A cut scene will occur after defending Juna where Commander Zilyanna arrives to the main chamber finally and kills Cres. Swiftly after Mahjarrat Akthanakos, Wahisietel and Azzanadra appears, quickly followed by Char and Nex. They will stop Zilyanna from making any brash decisions.

Now this is your chance to choose which side you would rather support. You decision does not waver what happens next but it will aid you in getting to Guthix easier while running through the next room.

  • Should you choose to wake him up agreeing with the Zarosian's you will have to beat the Guthixian's to Guthix while avoiding missiles
  • Should you choose to kill him agreeing with the Zamarokian's you will face the same missiles as siding with the Zarosian's.
  • Should you choose to stay loyal to the Guthixians you will have to run through fire balls from Char and ice attacks from Nex

After deciding which you support, run through to the next room and literally race to the end, you can easily get to the other end of the room quickly by clicking on your mini map


Once you have reached the chamber of Guthix, Sliske will appear and kills Guthix with the Staff of Armadyl. He betrayed you, his God and the followers of Zaros.

Guthix will reveal that he has know all along that this would happen and has been awake all the time. He will take you through his memories and the story of how he became a God himself.

At the end of the memories and the story through his home world, Guthix will lay down in his old home bed, he will inform you that he has given you an amazing power against the God's to help keep Gielnor in balance and safe from harm that the other Gods destruction. He will then say his last words and lay down to die.

After returning to the real word the God Saradomin will appear and have a short conversation with you. He is very interested in the powers that Guthix has given you, after declaring interest he leaves, leaving you and the other Guthixians with the dead Guthix.

Speak to Juna to finish off the last of the conversation on the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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