Dwarven Mine

This is a free area, however you will need to be a RuneScape member to have access to certain places in this location.


The Dwarven Mine is free area and a mining hot spot for those just beginning to train and those who're high level miners. It contains all non-quest ores minus Runite Ore (Silver Ore is found in the Resource dungeon near the Mining Guild and Runite Ore can be found in the Mining Guild's resource dungeon). On Free-to-Play worlds, it can be quite difficult to train as this is the most popular mining place for free users. Pay-to-Play users can find it relatively easy to obtain a full inventory of ores in a short period of time. There are no requirements to enter the Dwarven Mine besides getting there.

Getting There

There are multiple ways to get to the mine, a few simple ways are to teleport via Lodestone Network or teleport spell to Falador and run North-East to the mine site, or the entrance in North-East Falador immediately East of the Party Room. Another option is using a Games Necklace to teleport to the Gamer's Grotto. However, this is not recommended as it would be a waste of a use for you'd not even be in the Grotto for long.

There are two main entrances into the Dwarven Mine, both being rather close to each other.

Both locations on the world map.
Mine Site Falador


There are several NPC's scattered throughout the mine, most with their own purpose. Others- not so much.

Drogo Dwarf

Drogo Dwarf is the owner of a mining shop selling various ores and a few pickaxes. He never has any items in his shop (aside from the Bronze Pickaxe) unless they're sold to him.

Image Location


Hura is the owner of a Ranged shop in the mines, selling parts to make crossbows mostly. His shop isn't in stock of majority of the items, only the equipment which require lower level Fletching are in stock.

Image Location

Hammerspike Stoutbeard

Hammerspike is a dwarf gangster who is involved in the One Small Favour quest. He's located is the Westernmost area of the mines. If the player speaks to him and has not started One Small Favour, he will ask them if they're looking at him then state there's no one else around.

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Cart Conductor

Cart conductors are dwarves that're hired by the dwarven capital city Keldegrim to make sure the mine cart transit system is moving along smoothly. With the dwarves' steam-engine technology being very complex, this job can be somewhat difficult and tiresome.

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The owner of "Normof's Pickaxe Shop", currently is located in the North-Westernmost area of the dwarvine mine. He sells all non-member pickaxes and is one of only two NPC's in RuneScape where players can purchase a Rune Pickaxe.

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Inside the Mine

Types of Rocks

Inside of the mines there are some details in which are important for any player heading inside, should know about. Those are as followed.

Rock Level

Clay Rock

Tin ore Rocks

Copper ore Rocks

Iron ore Rocks

Silver Rocks
(Inside Resource Dunegon)

Coal Rocks

Gold Rocks

Mithril ore Rocks

Adamantite ore Rocks


There are only two monsters within the mine that players should concerned about unless they're of a certain combat level where these monsters aren't agressive towards them. If the player is below combat level 29 or 113, they can and will be attacked by one or both of these monsters.

Name Image Combat Level Location
Scorpion 20
King Scorpion 56

Special Locations

There a few locations within the mine that are either related to mining or completely out of way.

This is a Magical Door which is involved in the Dragon Slayer quest. For more information on this quest, Click Here.

This is the entrance to the Living Rock Caverns. For more information on this location, Click Here.

This is the entrance to the resource dungeon which requires Level 15 Dungeoneering to enter. It contains 3 Silver Rocks, 13 Coal Rocks, and 6 Mithril Ore Rocks. The player is granted 1,500 Dungeoneering XP when entering it for the first time. It also contains and bank deposite box which makes mining for profit very easy and efficent for XP as well.

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