Mining Guild

This is a free area, all features are free as well.


The Mining Guild is a free area which requries level 60 Mining to enter. It is connected to the Dwarven Mine but is however considered a separate location from it. This is a very popular place to gather coals as it is rather close to the Falador East bank, but there's a bank deposite box in the Dwarven Mine's resource dungeon which is just outside the Guild's gate entrance- this is a much faster method if a player is mining to earn money as well as gain XP.

Getting There

There are a few possible ways of reaching the Mining Guild. The fastest way is via Skills Necklace which teleports the player directly to the 4-way ladder outside the guild. The most common way is through the main entrance which is just south of the Falador east bank. Another possible way is down the stairs in the house which is imediatly east of the party room then heading south-west to the gate entrance.

The main entrance on the world map.

The Two Entrances

Inside the Guild

Once inside the Guild, it is pretty straight forward. Everything is much more compact together unlike the Dwarven Mine which is spread out in a rather large area. There are a few areas and details to look out for however.

Types of Rocks

These are the types of rocks which can be found inside of the Mining Guild.

Rock Level
Number of

Coal Rocks
30 37

Mithril ore Rocks
55 5

Special Locations

There is only one location in the Guild that has relevence to the Guild in itself. This would be the Resource Dungeon, which requires level 45 Dungeoneering to enter. There are also several very high level rocks inside which are very popular for players seeking profit mine from.

Rock Level
Number of

Mithril ore Rocks
55 8

Adamantite ore Rocks
70 4

Runite ore Rocks
85 2


There are few NPC's that're involved in the Guild, some are of some use, others not so much.


This dwarf is named, "Dwarf." He is one of the three guards outside of the Mining Guild Main Entrance. He is easily noticeable due to his Mining Skillcape which players with level 99 Mining can purchase from him for 99,000 coins.



Linza is one the seven Signature Heroes. She can be found wondering the Mining Guild every now and then. She mainly involves Mining and Smithing. Not very much is known about Linza currently.


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