Slayer Contracts


Slayer Contracts were added to the game on the 12th of February 2013. They are designed to try and provide players who may not be on a slayer task, but wish to partake in some combat training, with a little bit of slayer experience as a reward in addition to either some additional combat experience (in the form of an experience book) or coins (GP) as incentives for their effort. There are two types of contracts - normal (basic and advanced) and special - which both offer rewards but differ in the way they work. Contracts can be obtained from Markus outside the Slayer Tower in Canifis.

Normal Slayer Contracts

Normal slayer contracts can be obtained from Markus at any time if the player is not on a slayer task of an assigned monster that lives in the tower. Instead of receiving 0 Slayer experience for killing a slayer monster when not on a task, these normal slayer contracts offer the player 20% of the experience that they would normally earn for killing the monster. The amount of (combat experience or GP) is rewarded to players once they complete a contract; the amount rewarded depends on whether the player chose a basic or advanced contract as specified in the rewards section. The only difference between basic and advanced contracts are the amount of monsters to kill and the amount of rewards.

Special Slayer Contracts

Special slayer contracts can only be obtained if a player has an already existing slayer assignment for a monster that is found in the Slayer tower. These offer the normal (100%) Slayer experience players receive for killing slayer monsters and also offer a small incentive for completing the contract (which is the additional combat experience and GP) similarly found in normal contracts, however it is not nearly as substantial.

List of Rewards

Once you've completed a slayer contract you will be given a message in the chatbox, it will vary depending on whether you undertook a normal or special contract:

Basic Contract Rewards

Monster Slayer level Number GP reward (CB) Experience reward
Crawling hand 5 40 2440 156
Banshee 15 30 6300 458
Infernal mage 45 35 7770 1606
Bloodveld 50 25 4050 855
Aberrant spectre 60 40 12000 1836
Gargoyle 75 20 7120 1910
Nechryael 80 25 13000 2650
Abyssal demon 85 30 22,000 3856
Monster Slayer level Number GP reward (CB) Experience reward
Crawling hand 5 200 13000 885
Banshee 15 160 37000 2592
Infernal mage 45 170 41000 8661
Bloodveld 50 150 26000 5694
Aberrant spectre 60 170 60000 8661
Gargoyle 75 165 65000 17000
Nechryael 80 180 109000 21000
Abyssal demon 85 200 170000 28000

Special Contract Rewards

Monster Slayer level GP reward (CB) Experience reward
Crawling hand 5 TBC TBC
Banshee 15 210 19
Infernal mage 45 TBC TBC
Bloodveld 50 162 34.2
Aberrant spectre 60 318 45.9
Gargoyle 75 356 95.5
Nechryael 80 549 105
Abyssal demon 85 766 128.6
NB: GP and CB EXP rewards should be multiplied by the amount of monsters in your task to get the final reward amount you would receive


Whilst seemingly insignificant and time consuming compared to training Slayer normally, slayer contracts provide additional experience and/or GP that easily compiles to a significant number after a while. There is no limit to how many contracts can be obtained per day, which means that if players have the opportunity to undertake a contract alongside their normal slayer assignments, it is definitely worthwhile to do so.

Guide Made by: Jacob
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