Edgeville Monastery
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Edgeville Monastery is a Saradomnist institution in the north of Asgarnia. It is home to Brother Jered, the owner of the prayer skillcape and highly regarded as the most superior monk in Gielnor.

The ground floor of the monastery is open to all players, but the first floor requires level 31 prayer to access.

Getting There

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There are many ways to get to Edgeville Monastery, here are the quickest methods:

  • The combat bracelet can teleport players to the ground floor of the monastery, this method is by far the quickest but also the most expensive.

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  • The Edegville lodestone is very close to the monastery, it is free and you just need to run a little bit west to reach the monastery.

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  • A charged amulet of glory can teleport you to Edgeville, from there just run west.

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Ground Floor

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The ground floor of the monastery is accessible for all players, there are a few monks and a garden with some roses and cabbages. One such monk is Abbot Langley, who heals players and ensures that only those with level 31 prayer or greater can enter the first floor.

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In the south west section of the ground floor there is a bookcase that contains a prayer book, that must be taken during the Great Brain Robbery quest.

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There is a musician outside the monastery, if you listen to his music your run energy is rapidly restored.

First Floor

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The first floor is slightly calmer than the ground floor, largely due to the level 31 prayer requirement to enter. There are spawns of monk robes on the table in the eastern part of the building.

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In the northern section there is an altar, however, this altar not only restores your prayer points but it also boosts them by 20.

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Next to the table with the monk robes, there is a Kharidian scorpion that must be captured during the Scorpion Catcher quest.

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Brother Jered is the owner of a prayer skillcape, he can sell it to players with level 99 prayer for 99,000 coins. He can also bless holy symbols and spirit shields.


Attackable NPCs

Name Image Combat Level Weakness Examine text Notes
Monk alternate text 24 alternate text
Fire spells
A holy man. Can be talked to and can heal players.

Non-attackable NPCs

Name Image Location Examine text Notes
Abbot Langley alternate text In the south-east part of the ground floor, next to a ladder. A holy man. The chief monk of the monastery, he manages entrance onto the first floor.
Brother Jered alternate text Found wandering around the first floor, usually by the altar. A holy man. Seller of the prayer skillcape, can also bless holy symbols and spirit shields.
Brother Althric alternate text Found around the cabbage patch A holy man. This monk looks after the flowers and cabbages in the garden, he is also involved in several quests.
Brother Celerity alternate text In the north-east part of the ground floor A troubled looking holy man. This monk informs the player about demonic incursions around Gielinor, after completing a demon flash mob he will give you the Malleus daemoniorium, a cosmetic wieldable book.
Musician alternate text Next to the south entrance of the monastery. Fiddle de dee! Recharges run energy.


There are a few quests involving the monastery, here is a list of them:

  • The Scorpion Catcher quest requires the player to catch scorpions in several locations, one such location is on the first floor of Edgeville Monastery.
  • In the Perils of Ice Mountain quest, the player has to figure out why Brother Althric's roses are dying.
  • The Great Brain Robbery quest involves the player finding the prayer book in a bookshelf in the monastery.
  • During the Garden of Tranquility quest, the player has to take seeds from Brother Althric's rosebushes.

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