Kandarin Monastery


Kandarin Monastery is a building south of Ardougne that is home to several Saradomnist monks, it is smaller than the monastery in Edgeville and is only available to members. It is also the main setting for the Monk's Friend quest.

Getting There

There are plenty of ways to reach Kandarin Monastery, these are the best methods:

  • The Ardougne Cloak provides unlimited free teleports to the monastery, this is by far the quickest method but requires completion of the easy ardougne tasks.

  • There is a fairy ring on the road east of the monastery, just next to the Tower of Life. The code is DJP and requires partial completion of the Fairy Tale Part II quest.

  • The spirit tree network includes a tree in the north of the Battlefield, from here just run south-east to reach Kandarin Monastery. This requires you to have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest.

  • At level 51 magic you can cast a standard spellbook teleport spell that takes you to East Ardougne market, it requires two law runes and two water runes. Once in the market just run south-west to reach the monastery.

Points of Interest

In and around the monastery are various interesting things.


A feature that is unique to Kandarin Monastery is that there are two altars in the same place. They recharge your prayer points just like any altar.

Cooking Facilities

There are many different places to train the cooking skill in the monastery, in the western room there is a range and a pot. Also, there is a spawn of a lit candle on a table.

In the eastern room there is a fire to cook on.


Outside the front door are a few iron and coal rocks, this is a rarely used resource but with use of a ring of dueling (or any banking teleport) and the ardougne cloak it can be one of the quickest ways to mine and bank coal and iron.

Bush Patch

Just to the east of the coal rocks there is a farming patch where players can plant bushes. Here is a list of bushes that players can grow here:

Name Seed Farming Level Total experience
Redberry bush 10 79.5
Cadavaberry bush 22 127.5
Dwellberry bush 36 221
Jangerberry bush 48 354
Whiteberry bush 59 544.5
Poison Ivy bush 70 839

The towers

There are two towers on the monastery, an east one and a west one. In the east tower there is a dresser and in the west tower there is a bed. However, nothing in the towers has a practical use.


Attackable NPCs

Name Image Combat level Weakness Location Examine text
Monk 8 All around the monastery. A holy man.
Imp 8 Just outside the front door. A cheeky little imp.

Non-attackable NPCs

Name Image Location Examine text Notes
Brother Omad In the room with the altars. An old monk. He is the start point of the Monk's Friend quest and is the head of the monastery. After the quest he will throw parties if you talk to him.
Torrell Next to the bush patch. Perhaps this gardener might look after your crops for you. He will look after your bushes for you, see the Farming guide for more details.
Tool Leprechaun Next to the bush patch. Looks after your farming tools. He will store your tools for you, as well as note farming items and teleport you to the Vinesweeper activity.

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