Poison Waste


The Poison Waste is a large, swampy and very secluded area located in Tirannwn south of Isdafah. This area has been deemed as poisonous, hence why it is named the 'Poison Waste', and therefore is inaccessible without teleportation methods. In the quest The Path of Glouphrie, we find out that the cause of the poisoned lake is due to Arposandra, a hidden city, which pumped masses of chemicals to the surface from all the experiments they had carried out.

How To Get There

There are very limited ways of making your way to the Poison Waste. This is mostly due to location; the elven lands which is a very remote and secluded area.

A map of the Poison Waste area.

Here are some of the only ways you can travel to the Poison Waste:

  • To get on the perimeter of the waste you can use the Tirannwn lodestone. Be careful of traps!
  • To get to the center of the waste, you will need to use Fairy Ring Code: D-L-R. Fairy Rings are accessed through the quest Fairy Tale II.

Uses of The Area

The Poison Waste doesn't really have many attractions, however, there are still some uses to be made of this wasteland. Items that are required for quests are exclusively available from the waste products produced by the roaming chemicals.


Sulphur can be collected from the Poison Waste shores. This item is used in the quest Regicide.

A picture of sulphur lying on the shore.


Coal-Tar can be collected from the edges of the Poison Waste. This item is used in quests Regicide and Mourning's End Part I.

A picture of Coal-Tar within the edges of the waste.

Incandescent Wisp Colony

The Incandescent Wisp Colony used in Divination can be found just south of the Poison waste. To harvest from these Wisps the player needs at least level 95 Divination.

Music Unlocked

The following Music can be unlocked from visiting the Poison Waste:

  • Lost Soul
  • Exposed

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