Entrana is an island which lies just south of Catherby. It is where the god Saradomin first set foot when he arrived in Gielinor after Guthix had fallen asleep, which is why this island is known by all Saradominists as the most holy place in all of Gielinor.

Getting There

Nothing combat related is allowed on Entrana, that was the order Saradomin made and the monks enforce it. There are a few ways of reaching Entrana, those are:

  • Taking the ship in Port Sarim by talking to the monks. This is a free method.
  • Going through the Abyss and into the Law Altar entrance.
  • Balloon Transport.
  • Using a Law Altar teleport tab.

Keep in mind, if a player is to go onto Entrana through a method other than the Balloon Transport or ship with items that're banned from the island, they will be knocked out and kicked off Entrana.


The inhabitants of Entrana mostly live on the Southern part of the island. Here are a few key NPC's.

High Priest

The High Priest is the head of all monks that're followers of Saradomin. He runs one of the largest Cathedrals in all of Gielinor.

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Fritz the Glassblower

Fritz is the glassblowing tutor that players can visit for any help they may need regarding it. He will also buy molten glass from the player for 20gp each.

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A herbalist that sells Vials, Pestle and mortars, and Eyes of newt.

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A monk who has lived on Entrana his entire life. He has the blueprints which will give him the first hot-air balloon. He's the central character in the Enlightened Journey quest.

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There are a few locations on Entrana which players may find helpful, here are a few.

Fishing Spots

There are two fishing spots on Entrana which players can use. These are however not recommended to be used as the fish cannot be banked for profit.


The sandpit can be used to gather sand in empty buckets and used to make Molten Glass.

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This dungeon is under constant guard due to Zamorak's forces trying to invade Entrana at one point, when a player goes in, there's no coming out and prayer is drained completely. Only way out is through teleport or the door which leads to the deepest point in the Wilderness.

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Seaweed spawns at the North-East corner of the island, ten of them. It can be burned into Soda Ash and used with a bucket of sand on a furnace to make molten glass.

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Law Altar

The Law Altar is used to create Law Rune using the Runecrafting skill. A Law Talisman, Wicked Hood, Elemental Talisman, Omni Talisman/staff is required to enter the Law Altar.

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