The Nexus


The Nexus is an activity that can be completed to gain prayer experience, and is mainly aimed at lower-leveled players. The Nexus is a complication of evil that lies below Lumbridge Swamps, and has affected the area around it; creatures have been mutated; the environment now reeks of death and corruption. This has become rather troublesome as it has began to spread across the land, tainting anything in its path. The druids assumed it was never going to be strong enough to break through the earth, however they were wrong. In reaction to this, they sent a druid who goes by the name Ysondria to guard Gielinor from the corruption. She now needs your help to purify this monstrosity using the four elements used to create balance: Fealty, Order, Battle and Chaos.


You can find the menacing Nexus located at the north-east part of Lumbridge Swamp, labeled with a 'Prayer - Nexus' icon (). It can also be found by traveling South from Lumbridge Castle or west of Alkharid Palice.

A map displaying the location of the Nexus.

One of the fastest ways of making your way there is to use the Home Teleport spell to Lumbridge loadstone, then walk south down the path and through the graveyard into the swamp. Head South-west a small distance, and you will soon see Ysondria guarding the Nexus and the evil it beholds.

Purifying The Nexus

The Nexus requires purification in order to keep evil & corruption at bay. To do this, you will first of all have to claim your 'charmed sack'; this can be used to capture the corruption which leaks out of the center of the Nexus. Now you will need to click on the Nexus to gather the corruption which is leaking out of it in order to charge your charmed sack. The amount of charges depends on your progression of purification.

The center of the Nexus.

Once the charmed sack is filled with corruption, you may now use it on one of the four relics placed around the Nexus. The relics have the power to purify corruption by injecting streams of power into the Nexus. The type of required purification can be changed by using one of the four bowls placed on the relic:

  • Gold bowl; Fealty (produces white stream)
  • Silver bowl; Order (produces blue stream)
  • Bronze bowl; Battle (produces red stream)
  • Pewter bowl; Chaos (produces purple stream)

One of the relics (Pillar of Purification) holding the four bowls.

After you have completed a cycle, all streams will reset and relics will become resistant to the power they were injecting into the Nexus in the previous cycle. A cycle using the ideal amount of people (8+; one person using the relic whilst the other collects corruption, and simultaneously switches when the other runs out) can take on average about 2-3 minutes.

Banishing The Grotesque

Often, when all four types of power are flowing at the same time into the Nexus, it will 'glitch'/flash orange and then reset like in a normal cycle. However, after this occurs 5 times in a row a foul monster, called the Grotesque, will emerge from the center of the Nexus. Unlike most monsters, you can't attack this one -you can however 'Banish' it using the Prayer skill. In return you will receive Grotesque bones.

The Grotesque clawing its way to the surface.

As the Grotesque bones offer the best prayer experience not only in the activity, but also in the game depending on your level, they are usually the main focus of the activity. To obtain the bones, you have to work as a team and effectively communicate in order to get the right conditions in order to summon the Grotesque, which can be done using various strategies.

One of the most popular strategies, Single Direction, can be used to achieve maximum effectiveness with little communication required. The basics of the strategy are to focus the assigned people to each pillar to use 1 direction, such as North. Due to the positioning of the relics, focusing on a single direction allows the resistant relic to stand out, and therefore everyone participating can adjust their direction until all four powers are correctly flowing. Also, a useful note to take is that a power-orb normally appears above the relic, indicating which power it is resistant to, which can be quite useful when choosing which power to channel in order to create balance.


Sack Expansion

As you continue to purify the corruption using your charmed sack, it will gradually expand in 3 stages. First it will expand to 18 (from 15), then 22, and finally 25. This is very useful as you can collect more charges to purify at one time, allowing you to stay at a relic for longer.

Prayer Experience

An additional reward you gain from just taking part in any of the stages of the Nexus activity is Prayer Experience. The maximum experience you can gain from this activity is 37,244. After this cap has been reached, the arms of the Grotesque will disappear. You gain experience from:

  • Collecting corruption from the center of the Nexus.
  • Purifying corruption into a new form of power.
  • Burying the bones you receive from the Grotesque.

The amount of experience you gain in the activity depends on your Prayer level. Every 2 levels all the way up to 40, you gain extra experience. This applies to all of the items in the list above.


Ysondira is a druid who resides by the Nexus in order to protect Gielinor from the corruption it spews. She originally arrived at the nexus with the druid Augrum, as his apprentice. Unfortunately his life was lost to the Nexus, whilst setting the relics up which surround the area.

This is Ysondria the druid.

Now the druid single-handedly watches over the nexus, struggling with open arms to those adventures who want to purify the corruption. She will provide them with a charmed sack and any knowledge they need to fend off the monstrosity that lies below Lumbridge Swamps.

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