Ernest The Chicken
Veronica is very worried. Her fiance went into the big spooky manor to ask for directions. An hour later and he's still not out yet.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Be able to run away from a level 22 skeleton.
Items Needed: Spade

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is relevant for current RuneScape and Old School.

Talk to Veronica, near the entrance to Draynor Manor and North of Draynor Village.

She will ask for your help because her fiance, Ernest, went into Draynor Manor over an hour ago and has yet to return.

Head into Draynor Manor and climb to the top floor.

Note: Lower leveled players should take care walking into Draynor Manor as the trees can deal up to 30 life point damage.

Talk to Professor Oddenstein to learn that Ernest has been turned into a chicken.

Professor Oddenstein will then go on to tell you that some Gremlins have stolen parts of his machine which are vital to changing Ernest back into a human and will ask you to look for them.

First, we will find the Rubber Tube and Pressure Gauge. Climb down to the middle floor, and you will find some Fish food. Take some, and then head down to the ground floor, and go to the west side of the manor into a room which has a witch and a range. Take the poison that is in the little room south of them, and then head to the east side of the manor and take the spade that is on the floor. Exit through the door nearby.

Use the poison with the fish food, and then head the south-west side of the grounds and search for a fountain. Use the poisoned food on the fountain to kill the piranhas, and then search it to find the Pressure Gauge.

Now head to the west side of the grounds, and search the compost heap to find a key.

Head back to the entrance of the manor now, and walk to the little room with the Skeleton in it, on the ground floor behind the staircase. Use the key to open the door, and grab the Rubber Tube.

We shall now get the Oil Can, so head the west room and pull the candlestick on the wall to reveal a secret room.

Climb down the ladder and you will now be in a basement. The Oil Can is in the room to the west, but to reach it you will have to pull a series of levers to do so. Fear not however, as the correct order of which levers to pull are here.

  1. Pull Lever A and Lever B, and head through the north-east door.
  2. Pull Lever D, then head through the south-west door, and then go through the south door.
  3. Pull Lever A and Lever B, then through the north-west door, then head through the west door and then the west door.
  4. Pull Lever E and Lever F, and then head through two doors east.
  5. Pull Lever C, then head through the north-west door, and then the north door.
  6. Pull Lever E, head through the east door, then head south through two doors.
  7. Collect the Oil Can.

Now you have all the items, take them back to Professor Oddenstein. He will fix his machine and turn Ernest back into a human.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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