The Digsite is an area of archaeological activity conducted by Varrock Museum, it is actually based on the ancient ruins of Sennisten, a Zarosian stronghold of the second age. This location features heavily in the Digsite and Temple at Sennisten quests.

Getting There

The digsite is located in an area east of Varrock, there are multiple ways to reach it but using a Digsite Pendant is the quickest, teleporting the player to the northern part of the digsite.

Another method of travelling there is by using the gnome gliders to fly to Lemanto Andra, the gnomish name for the digsite area. Doing this requires completion of the Grand Tree quest.

If you are unable to access the pendant of gnome gliders, you can always use the Varrock teleport tablet or the actual spell that requires a law rune, a fire rune, three air runes and level 25 magic.


There are multiple 'pits' around the digsite that players can dig in after completion of the Digsite quest. Doing so awards between 5 and 8 mining experience and several items.

There are two kinds of digs, level 1 and level 2. Digging requires the player to be waring leather gloves and boots, and to have a specimen brush, a specimen jar, a rock pick and a trowel in their inventory; rock picks are used in level 2 digs and trowels are used in level 1 digs. These items can be found either in the Varrock Museum or in the Examination Centre. To dig, simply use the rock pick on the soil.

An alternative to digging is to sift through the specimen tray in the southern part of the digsite, the loot is the same but only gives 1 mining experience.


Whilst digging it is possible to find various items, yet there is a chance that nothing will be found.


Rusty Sword
Can be repaired at an armour stand in a Player-Owned House.

Rotten Apple
Used in Biohazard and Mourning's Ends Part I.
Pie Dish
Used in the making of pies.

Uncut Opal
Can be cut with a chisel to get a cut opal.
Old Tooth
The Tooth Fairy will buy it for 2000 coins after completing Fairy Tale Part III.

Old Boot
Used in crafting.

Leather Boots
Worn on the feet, gives players a +3 lifepoint bonus.
Holds water, wine and other liquids.

Uncut Jade
Like an opal, this can be cut to make a cut jade, giving crafting experience.
Iron Knife
A ranged weapon.

Damaged Armour
Can be repaired in a Player-Owned house.
Cracked Sample

Found in groups of 10, can be used to purchase items.
Copper ore
Used in the production of bronze bars.

Can be softened before crafted into pottery.
Quest item.

Ceramic Remains
Used in the Animal Magnetism quest.

Broken Staff
Can be repaired in a Player-Owned house.
Bronze Spear
Used as a weapon or to make scarecrows.

Broken Glass
Broke Arrow
Can be repaired in a Player-Owned house.

Broken Armour
Can be repaired in a Player-Owned house.
Burried to gain prayer experience.

Black Helm
Head armour, provides a +276 lifepoint bonus.
Belt Buckle

Ancient Talisman
Used in the Digsite quest.


Players can pan for items on the River Salve, doing so requires a panning tray. Panning in the river awards 2 mining and 2 fishing experience.

To pan, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a panning tray, one is found in the tent next to the river.
  2. Click on one of the 'fishing' spots on the river, after a few seconds you should get a message saying that you have retrieved a full tray.
  3. Search the tray to find your loot, or lack thereof.

Can contain a pearl, which are crafted into pearl bolt tips.
Uncut Jade
Can be cut with a chisel to get a cut jade.

If three are given to the Archaeological Expert, he will give you a gold ore.
Special Cup
Used in the Digsite quest.

Uncut Opal
Can be cut with a chisel to get a cut opal.
Can be used to purchase items.


During the Digsite quest, the player makes nitroglycerin. Next to the panning station there are some barrels where it is stored.

Digsite Dungeon

In one of the pits in the north-eastern and western sections of the digsite, there are winches that take you down to the digsite dungeon. There are many items that can be found here, as well as monsters, mining rocks and quest NPCs.

Side Cave

When you descend the north-eastern winch you will be in this room, there are spawns of iron pickaxes, buckets and arcenia root.

Main Cave

Going down the west winch requires a rope, but you can get it back after use. There are more spawns of arcenia root, bones and the stone tablet from the Digsite quest. During Temple at Sennisten, the cave changes as it is built into a temple.


RockMining Level Requirement



MonsterCombat LevelWeaknessExamine Text

Earth Spells
Could do with gaining a few pounds

Examination Centre

South of the digsite is the Examination Centre, a place of learning and archaeology. During the Digsite quest the player takes his/her earth sciences exams here. There are many bookcases containing books that are either educational or useful in quests.

Inside the centre there is a potter's wheel where players can use the Crafting skill to mould pottery.


At the northern end of the digsite there is a barge under construction. It hints at a future release of a Kudos Island north of Morytania.

If you attempt to talk to any of the workmen, they will just make a comment regarding their lunch break.


NameImageExamine TextNotes
Student A student busy studying the digsite. They wander around the digsite, during the Digsite quest you pick up tips from them on how to pass your exams.
Digsite Workman This person is working on the site. Can be pickpocketed to find archaeological tools, a succesful pickpocket awards 10 thieving experience.
Ed Wood Likes the straight and narrow. A lumberjack who supplies wood for the barge construction.
Examiner Upon examining the examiner you examine it is indeed an examiner! Helps players take their earth sciences examination and passes them if they have done well enough.
Archaeological Expert An expert on archaeology Identifies liquids and is involved in Desert Treasure and Digsite.
Researcher Must be hard at work. Informs players about tools involved in archaology.
Panning Guide A specialist in panning for gold. Instructs player on how to pan for gold.
Elissa An old archaeologist. An expert in Third Age architecture, she is a NPC in The Golem quest.
Barge Foreman Working hard. Directs the building of the barge.
Doug Deeping This person is working on the site. Works in the digsite dungeon and is involved in the Digsite quest.
Captain Errdo Up up and away! Stands by the crashed glider, players can't access the glider network through him.



  • Venture - Found wandering the digsite.
  • Venture 2 - In the digsite area.
  • Zaros Stirs - In the digsite dungeon during Temple at Sennisten.

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
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