Silvarea is the name given to the path that leads from the gate just south of the Varrock sawmill to the Paterdomus temple located just west of the river salve before players enter Morytania. This area is very desolate and there isn't much of interest in the area other than the Odd Old Man, the Paterdomus temple and the beacons from the Beacon Network. The area is most commonly used for players who are running between Varrock and Canafis and who do not have another suitable teleport into Morytania available.

Sometimes one of the penguins from the Penguin Hunting distraction and diversion can be found hiding in this area, normally up on the hill where the Odd Old Man can be found.

Getting There

Due to the geographical location of this area and how it sits between two main areas, there aren't very many ways to get to this area but the most commonly used ones are:

  • Run north and then east from Varrock east gate passing the earth altar along the way.
  • Run along the Wilderness wall (on the safe side) and then head south and then east passing the sawmill and earth altar along the way.
  • Run west from Canifis until you go over the bridge, then head through the temple basement until you appear on the other side in front of the temple.
  • Run west from Canifis until you go over the bridge, then take the agility shortcut up the steep slope until you appear at the viewing point at the top just south of the temple.

Area Map

A map of Silvarea highlighting key places.

Points of Interest

Odd Old Man

The Odd Old Man.

The Odd Old Man has set up camp on the mountains along the Silvarea path. He's a little crazy and seems to have a rather large obsession with collecting bones and the fur/hides of animals. He claims to work for the Varrock museum, bringing stuffed animals to them for their displays but this seems to be a lie to cover up the real reason for his obsession. He also seems to spend a large amount of time talking to the sack of bones he carries on his back as if there is a creature living inside of there. The Odd Old Man is the place to start the Rag and Bone Man quest and once that one is completed, the Fur'n'Seek quest as well.

Once players have completed the Fur'n'Seek quest they can then take part in Fur'n'Seek wishlist mini-quest.

Temple of Paterdomus

Picture showing the outside of the Paterdomus temple.

The temple of Paterdomus stands to the very east of Silvarea and hits on the top of the hill next to the River Salve. After the seven priestly warriors beat the Morytanians, the temple was constructed and blessed in order to prevent another attack on Misthalin. The temple plays a main role in the explanation of why the two nations are the way they are and why the temple and river are so important to stopping an invansion on Misthalin.

Players are unable to enter the temple until they have started the Priest in Peril quest where they are required to enter the temple to complete part of the story.

Located just north of the temple there is a hut where the gravestones are. Inside is a trapdoor which leads down into Mausoleum under the temple where the seven priestly warriors have their graves. Players can use this as a way of travelling between Silvarea and Canifis after they have completed up to a certain point of Priest in Peril.

The hut with the trapdoor into the Mausoleum.


Picture of one of the beacons located in Silvarea

The Beacon Network is a series of beacons that line the borders of the Wilderness and belong to the All Fired Up quest and activity where players are required to light a certain number of beacons within a short amount of time and are rewarded for their help in keeping the towns and villages that border the Wilderness safe and secure.

There are two beacons located in Silvarea which players can light and will need to light if they wish to obtain the highest possible reward from the activity.

Map LocationBeacon Information
This beacon is located on a flat part of the mountain just north west of the Odd Old Man. It is recommended that you fill this beacon with logs before lighting it if you are trying to light them all and make sure you do this one either before or after the other one located in this area due to lack of teleports into the area.
This beacon is located south of the temple and plays must run a fairly long way to get to it. It is recommended that you fill this beacon with logs before lighting it if you are trying to light them all and it is also recommended that you do this one either first or last because of how far away it is from the other beacons and due to the lack of teleports to get to it easily.

Limestone Mine

Picture of the limestone rocks in Silvarea.

Just up the stairs from the main path near the Odd Old Man there are a series of limestone rocks which the player can mine to obtain Limestone which can then be crafted into Limestone bricks which are then used in the creation of Player Owned House as part of the Construction skill. This is one of two places currently in game where you can obtain limestone, the other being in the Elven lands and as a result this area is the most commonly used to obtain this material even though there are no nearby teleports and it takes a while to bank. Some players used to mine, craft and then drop the limestone as a way of speed mining at a low level however the method is not very efficient compared to others out there.


Image of some trees in Silvarea.

Along the main path through Silvarea there are is a collection of regular trees which can be cut for logs. I do not recommend this as a main place to train Woodcutting or as a place to collect logs to bank because it's too far from a bank however these trees are very useful if you are helping the Odd Old Man with his bones and you forgot logs for the fire pit.


Image of the bats in Silvarea.

Along the main path through Silvarea and also up where the limestone rocks are there are plenty of Bats (level 20) which can be killed like normal. They are unagressive and do not hit very high so if you accidently click one you won't be in trouble but I do not recommend killing them as a method for training combat skills. They are sometimes killed for their valuable drop of batwing which is used to create magic based armour.


Quests started in this area:

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Guide Made by: Vanilla990
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