Demon Flash Mobs
Demon Flash Mobs
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In recent times, Zaros and Zamorak have sent down their followers down to Gielinor to wreak havoc and chaos. It is up to adventurers to curb these demonic assaults and protect the world from their evil however, doing so is not for the faint-hearted as death is commonplace and items can be lost on death.

Demon Flash Mobs spawn hourly in locations around Gielinor, their arrival is announced 15 minutes beforehand in the chatbox and an evil symbol marks the spot of the imminent raid.

An evil symbol lies where a demon mob will spawn.


Death is a very real possibility and the demons are very powerful, as such it is highly recommended to bring the correct equipment. However, only bring items you are willing to lose.

Recommended Skills

The player must be able to deal enough damage to the demon boss in order to gain a reward, therefore a combat level of 120 or more is recommended. Defence and constitution levels are also very important to survive.


A typical melee setup.

Melee is a common method of attack, largely due to its high hitting power and accuracy and the ability to use Silverlight and Darklight, which are very strong and accurate against the demons (therefore completion of the Demon Slayer and Shadow of the Storm quests are advised). Strong armour with a high lifepoint bonuses are good choices as the demons hit hard and frequently and a shield is also useful for this purpose.

  • Head: Tetsu Helm > Torva Helm > Bandos Helm > Barrows Helm > Dragon Full Helm > Helm of Neitznot
  • Amulet: Saradomin's Whisper > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Completionist Cape > Tokhaar Kal > Max Cape > Fire Cape > Skillcape > Cape of Legends
  • Body: Tetsu Body > Torva Platebody > Barrows Platebody > Bandos Chestplate > Dragon Platebody
  • Legs: Tetsu Legs > Torva Platelegs > Barrows Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Dragon Platelegs/skirt
  • Gloves: Pneumatic Gloves > Dominion Gloves > Torva Gloves > Bandos Gloves > Culiomancer's Gloves 10
  • Boots: Steadfast Boots > Torva Boots > Bandos Boots > Dragon Boots
  • Shield/Off-hand: Off-hand Drygore Mace/Longsword/Rapier > Off-hand Chaotic Longsword > Off-hand Chaotic Rapier/Claw > Off-hand Dragon Battleaxe > Chaotic Kiteshield > Divine Spirit Shield > Bandos Warshield > Blessed Sprit Shield > Dragonfire Shield > (None, if using a two-handed weapon)
  • Weapon: Darklight > Chaotic Maul > Godsword > Dragon Halberd
  • Ammo: None.
  • Ring: Warrior Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Oynx Ring (i) > Warrior Ring > Ring of Wealth


A typical ranged setup.

Ranged is considered a safer, but still effective method of slaying the demons. Standing far away whilst attacking avoids the boss's harmful melee attacks and can helpfully avoid their area-of-effect abilities. Also, the weaknesses of the lesser and black demons are to bolts. Like melee, strong armour is very helpful.

  • Head: Death Lotus Hood > Armadyl Helmet > Karil's Coif > Royal Dragonhide Coif > Archer Helm
  • Amulet: Saradomin's Murmour > Amulet of Ranging > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Ava's Alerter > Ava's Accumulator > Ava's Attractor > (if not using ammo) your best cape.
  • Body: Death Lotus Chestplate > Pernix Body > Karil's Top > Armadyl Chestplate > Royal Dragonhide Body
  • Legs: Death Lotus Chaps > Pernix Chaps > Karil's Skirt > Armadyl Chainskirt > Royal Dragonhide Chaps
  • Gloves: Tracking Gloves > Armadyl Gloves > Black Spiky Vambraces > Skirmisher (T6) Gloves
  • Boots: Glaiven Boots > Pernix Boots > Armadyl Boots > Skirmisher (T6) Boots
  • Shield/Off-hand: Off-hand Ascension Crossbow > Off-hand Chaotic Crossbow > Karil's Off-hand Pistol Crossbow/Claw > Off-hand Dragon Crossbow > Eagle-Eye Kiteshield > Elysian Spirit Shield > Dragonfire Shield > (None, if using a two-handed weapon)
  • Weapon: Ascension Crossbow > Royal Crossbow > Zaryte Bow > Chaotic Crossbow > Hand Cannon > Crystal Bow
  • Ammo: Broad tipped bolts, Adamant Arrows or ammo specific to your weapon. Note that high-hitting ammo is often expensive.
  • Ring: Archer's Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Oynx Ring (i) > Archer's Ring > Ring of Wealth


A typical magic setup.

Magic is used for the same reasons as ranged, that it can be used to attack the demons from afar and avoid some of the damage. It is recommended to use spells that don't use much runes, so that you don't have to spend as much money; good spells that only require elemental runes (or none at all) are cheap but powerfull.

  • Head: Sea Singer's Hood > Ganodermic Visor > Virtus Mask > Ahrim's Hood > Hood of Subjugation
  • Amulet: Arcane Stream Necklace > Saradomin's Murmour > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Completionist Cape > God Cape > Max Cape > Skill Cape > Cape of Legends
  • Body: Sea Singer's Top > Ganodermic Poncho > Virtus Robe Top > Ahrim's Robe Top > Garb of Subjugation
  • Legs: Sea Singer's Legs > Ganodermic Leggings > Virtus Robe Bottom > Ahrim's Legs
  • Gloves: Static Gloves > Spellcaster Gloves > Ganodermic gloves > Virtus Gloves > Gloves of Subjugation.
  • Boots: Ragefire Boots > Ganodermic Boots > Virtus Boots > Boots of Subjugation
  • Shield/Off-hand: None, it is both cheaper and more effective to use a staff
  • Weapon: Chaotic Staff > Armadyl Battlestaff > Polypore Staff > Staff of Light > > Enhanced Ancient Staff > Ahrim's Staff > God Staff
  • Ammo: None
  • Ring: Seer's Ring (i) > Oynx Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Seer's Ring > Ring of Wealth


A good inventory.

In your inventory, it is recommended that you have the following items.

  • 10-15 pieces of decent food
  • Ectophial (requires completion of Ghost's Ahoy): acts as a way of reaching Port Phasymatas and an emergency teleport.
  • Tiny Elf Crystal: Provides quick access to demon mobs at the Poison Wastes.
  • 3-4 Waterskins (or an enchanted water tiara): Stops heat damage when fighting in the desert.
  • Antipoison: Some demon bosses are extremely poisonous.
  • Stat Restore potions: Some demon bosses lower your stats.
  • Broomstick: For quick access to the carpet network so you can reach demon mobs in the desert.
  • Combat booting potions: To increase your combat skills to aid your survival and/or offensive abilities.


The following quests are advised to be completed to take full advantage of the demon flash mobs.


There are fourteen possible spawns of demon mobs, to find them either wait for an announcement in the chatbox or look on the world map for a demon-head icon. Note that six spawns are in the wilderness so you will lose all your items on death.

LocationRecommended method of travelLocationRecommended method of travel

South-east of Edgeville Monastery
Edgeville Lodestone
Wilderness Ruins
Games Necklace teleport to the Corporeal Beast, then exit the cave

Lumbridge Swamps
Lumbridge Lodestone
Chaos Temple
Run north from Varrock/Edgeville

South-west of Port Phasymatas
Ectophial or Fairy Ring code ALQ
Forgotten Cemetery
Dareeyak Teleport from Ancient Magicks

South of Seer's Village
Seer's Village or Catherby Lodestone
South of the (western) green dragon area
Run north-west from Edgeville Monastery

North of the Poison Waste
Tiny Elf Crystal or a Charter Ship to Port Tyras
East of the Graveyard of Shadows
Ancient spellbook Carrallanger teleport

Feldip Hills
Fairy Ring code AKS or Yanille Lodestone
West of Daemonheim
Ring of Kinship

North of Menaphos
Bandit Camp Lodestone and run south
West of Uzer
Magic Carpet from Shantay Pass or Fairy Ring code DLQ

The Mobs

A demon flash mob.

A demon flash mob consists of six imp heralds, four lesser demons, two black demons and 1 demon boss. All the minions start off with full health whilst the boss starts with half health; as time goes on the boss will deal damage to the lesser and black demons to heal himself, therefore it is important to kill those demons quickly to prevent the boss from healing.

When the mob spawns players are only able to attack the imp heralds, when all six are dead the lesser demons can be attacked and when they're dead the black demons can be attacked. The boss can only be attacked after the black demons are killed or it has healed itself to full health by drawing the life-force from it's minions. If a mob spawns and no players are around to attack it, the boss will heal to full health and then start to roam around.

Imp Heralds

These demonic creatures accompany the mob and are, despite their small size, reasonably powerful and can be a handful for a lone player to kill. There are six of them and their weakness is to water spells; they shouldn't be much trouble as they tend to hit low.

Lesser Demons

Stronger than imp heralds, these demons are tough and deadly yet shouldn't be a problem for the average group of players. They are weak to bolts and all four of them must be killed to unlock the black demons.

Black Demons

These demons are almost the size of their master, and their size gives a clear idea of their powerfull nature. Like leser demons they are weak to bolts, but are much stronger and there are only two to kill.

The Demon Boss

This is the focus of the mob and by far the toughest fight. The demon boss has a randomly generated name that determines it's abilities, there are four kinds of prefix titles that determine the boss's overall strengths.

Do NOT use prayer whilst fighting the boss, it will not work and will make the demon extremely powerful.

GeneralVery accurate melee attacks
ExecutionerVery strong melee attacks
DeaconPowerfull magic attacks
CastellanVery high defence
The middle part of the boss's name is irrelevant, but the suffix title is crucial in determining its special abilities.

PestilentVery strongly poisonous
FrostbornStuns everyone in close proximity
TerrifyingBinds players and slows adrenaline building
ShatteringThe demon's melee attacks hit everyone in a certain target area
GloriousStuns players for long periods of time
BlazingA damage-over-time affect similar to the combust ability
RendingDeals low melee damage over time, similar to the dismember ability
ObscuredDrains players' stats
InfernalDeals a fire-based magic attack to everyone near the demon
CorruptingThe same as pestilient, but deals poisonous to everyone in the target area

Tips and Tricks

The demon flash mobs are very powerful, however, with the use of a little preparation and a good team their shouldn't be much trouble.


Melee abilities
Ranged abilities
Magic abilities


  • Against the demon boss, the resonance ability does not work.
  • Make good use of the anticipation and freedom abilities, especially with bosses with the glorious and frostborn titles.

Other tips

To get a reward from the demon boss you must deal at least 500 points of damage, if you leave combat then you will have to do another 500 damage to reclaim the right to a reward. Because of this, slow and accurate weapons are preferable over fast and not-so-accurate weapons.

The message that appears once you have dealt 500 damage points.

If you are a melee user, your main threats will be from executioners and generals, as well as shattering, frostborn, corrupting and infernal types. On the other hand, rangers and mages have the advantage as they can attack from a distance and avoid these effects.

Demon Flash Mobs are extremely difficult without a good team, the friends chat 'Demonmobs FC' is a useful way to locate and fight the mobs.

As mentioned earlier, do NOT use prayer when fighting the demon boss as it makes him much more powerful and so consequently is frowned upon by other players.

If the demon boss attacks another player who is a low-level or is taking heavy damage, it is considered good practive to use the 'provoke' ability to make the demon's attacks focus on you. If you then take heavy damage then someone would normally return the favour. Blessing graves is also encouraged as the loss in prayer points is irrelevant (as you don't use prayer when fighting Demon Flash Mobs).

If you are near death, either teleport or run away. Teleporting is safer but automatically loses your claim on a reward, on the other hand it is possible, with ranged or magic, to run away from the demon and still return to combat once the demon's attention has been switched. This is a very useful tactic but it is also quite dangerous.


If you have dealt over 500 points of damage then a reward will be dropped the demon boss is killed. A 100% drop of infernal ashes is dropped as well as other items:

  • Dragon longsword
  • Rune platebody
  • Rune platelegs
  • 30-40 infernal ashes
  • 20,000 coins
  • 10-20 uncut rubies
  • 20 mithril bars
  • 40 mithril ore
  • 80 coal
  • 200 maple logs
  • 60 yew logs
  • 2 lantadyme seeds
  • 3 grimy torstols
  • 5 grimy lantadymes
  • 6 grimy avantoes
  • 14 grimy irits

The following items are dropped exclusively in the wilderness:

  • Dragon helm
  • Rune 2h sword
  • 3 lantadyme seeds
  • 10 grimy lantadymes
  • 20 grimy avantoes
  • 30 grimy irits
  • Torstol seed
  • 40 magic logs
  • 5 runite ores
  • 25 adamant bars
  • 4 rune bars
  • 60 infernal ashes
  • 45,000 coins
  • 30 green dragonhide
  • 15 red dragonhide
  • 10 black dragonhide
Demon slayer armour concept art.

However, the most sought after rewards are the pieces of demon slayer armour. This armour is a ranged armour set that requires level 60 ranged to wear and boosts experience and damage when fighting demons.

The pieces dropped are as follows

  • Demon slayer crossbow
  • Off-hand demon slayer crossbow
  • Demon slayer circlet
  • Demon slayer torso
  • Demon slayer skirt
  • Demon slayer gloves
  • Demon slayer boots

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