Kethsi is a plane which was once vastly inhabited. One of the inhabitants returned from another realm with the Stone of Jas which they utilised to create new magics to help them nourish their land however this caused the inhabitants to unknowingly anger the Dragonkin who soon attacked them. The inhabitants tried to fight back using the Stone of Jas but it only made the Dragonkin stronger. After the main onslaughts a small number of people were able to develop weaponry made out of Bane ore to resist the Dragonkin, although it helped cut down the Dragonkin's numbers the resistance ultimately fell.

There is currently only one way to reach Kethsi and that is via the Fairy ring network.

Getting There

Kethsi is on a different plane to Gielinor and is only accessible by fairy rings using the code combination 'D I R' and then 'A K S'. To get full access to Kethsi, you need to have reached a point in the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest and have 77 Agility.


Below is a map of Kethsi:

Points of interest

The Wall Design

Upon teleporting to Kethsi, you will find ruins. The walls are broken, lots of rubble around the area and there isn't much to do. Climbing up the ramp, you will find a wall design, just North next to two statues.

Investigating this decoration will give you two notes and a necklace. One Note to you and one Note to robert, along with Robert's necklace.

Kethsian Anvils

There are 2 of these anvils on Kethsi, one located on the other side of the Wall Design and one located North of the first island, on the ground floor. To get to these though, you will need 77 Agility as the whole area is a giant Agility course which consists of many features in the Agility courses we already have in game.

There are only 2 types of items you can make on these anvils and each has 4 variations. These items are arrowheads and bolts (unf) and they come in as: Dragonbane, Wallasalkibane, Basiliskbane & Abyssalbane. All items give 62.5 xp per bar and 50 of each raw material is made. Arrowheads require 80 Smithing and bolts (unf) require 82 Smithing.

The Grand Library

The Grand Library is located at the far end of the island, and is underground, filled with many ancient documents. Upon entering you will see a door which leads to the actual Library. Heading south, you will find some bookcases, where only 2 are searchable. In the South-East corner, you can find the Tune bane ore scroll during the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest and directly South, you can find Dathana's message which gives insight on the Stone of Jas and the Dragonkin.


Only one quest currently takes place in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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