The city of Gu'Tanoth is considered the Ogres' capital city, and as such is populated by a large number of these unintelligent and chest beating beasts. To access this ogre-populated city, a certain stage of the Watchtower quest must be completed. Lower levelled players take note, that several of the ogres are aggressive, so bringing equipment to defend yourself is advised.

Location and Getting There

Reaching Gu'Tanoth is best done by utilising the Lodestone Teleport to Yanille, and running south of the lodestone to the ogre city. Teleporting to the House Portal in Yanille (if located in Yanille) and the Ring of Duelling teleport to Castle Wars are also both viable options, however the Lodestone Teleport is highly recommended in regards to a teleport method.

Map of Gu'Tanoth is shown above.

Gu'Tanoth Marketplace

The most obvious point of interest that will catch your eye when you enter the city will most likely be the marketplace due to its size. Here you'll find a number of ogre inhabitants and stalls for your shopping pleasure, and for the adventurers who seek the thrill of combat, the entrance to the Ogre Enclave is located on the west side of the market, which contains a number of dangerous creatures, such as Blue dragons.

Dal's General Ogre Supplies

Speaking to the Ogre trader located at the south side of the marketplace will open up the wares he sells to adventurers. This shop acts as your normal general store, with items such as chisels and hammers being sold.

The wares sold at Gu'Tanoths general store.

Grud's Herblore Stall

Grud's Herblore Store is located on the eastern side of the marketplace and you can access its wares by speaking to the Ogre Merchant. This herblore stall sells items utilised in Herblore such as Eye of Newts and empty vials, as well as eye of newt packs and vial packs. Opening either an Eye of Newt pack or a Vial pack will give you 50 of each item respectively.

Wares sold at Grud's Herblore Stall.

Rock Cakes

The rock cake stall right next to the general store doesn't actually sell rock cakes, and speaking to the Ogre trader running the stall will only result in him bludgeoning you with punches. Choosing to thieve a cake from the stall requires 15 Thieving, and is done by utilising the "Steal-from Counter" option. Rock cakes are needed for the Watchtower quest, and if they are eaten by your character, will cause 500 points of damage and a remark from your character saying he/she almost broke a tooth!

The stall "selling" rock cakes. Watch your teeth!

The Ogre Enclave

The Ogre Enclave is a dungeon located in Gu'Tanoth and is accessed through the cave located at the western end of the Gu'Tanoth marketplace. To enter the dungeon, you must have partially completed the Watchtower quest and have used a Cave Nightshade on one of the Enclave Guards outside the entrance, however once the quest is completed, you will no longer need one.

Entrance to the Ogre Enclave, western side of the marketplace.


There are quite a few dangerous creatures inhabiting the Enclave such as Greater Demons and Blue Dragons, but is overall a good training spot for players due to the safe spots that can be utilised within, making it a good place to train skills such as Ranged and Magic. A summoning obelisk is also located here, which can also assist in training. In addition, for players hunting Blue Dragons, this is also a good place to seek them, as fewer players hunt them here than places such as the Taverley Dungeon.

During the Watchtower quest, it is advised to not talk to the Ogre shamans until you have acquired the potion that kills them, as they will hit you for a high amount of damage and cannot be damaged by any other conventional means.

A Blue Dragon, one of the monsters inside the Ogre Enclave.

Rock of Dalgroth

The Rock of Dalgroth is a mysterious rock located in the middle of the Ogre Enclave. This is where players can mine the fourth and final crystal needed for the Watchtower quest. Mining the rock requires 40 Mining, and temporary boosts such as a Dwarven Stout or Spicy stew can be used to reach this requirement.

The Rock of Dalgroth, source of the final crystal in the Watchtower quest.

Skavid Caves

The Skavid caves are a series of caves that are located around Gu'Tanoth. These are indicated by the ! marks along the city's perimeter and are inhabited by the Skavid, who are a race of creatures who are servants to the Ogre race. To access the Skavid Caves, a light source is required along with a Skavid map, which is acquired during the Watchtower quest from a City Guard, after bribing him with a rock cake. Without a Skavid map, you will be unable to navigate the caves and will emerge out of any one of the 6 cave entrances around Gu'Tanoth.

A Skavid, the inhabitants of the Skavid Caves beneath Gu'Tanoth.


A summoning obelisk is located just outside of the marketplace in Gu'Tanoth. Bogrog, one of the ogres, sells summoning supplies in his shop (pouches, spirit shard packs), and also has a "Swap" feature, where Bogrog has the ability to swap summoning pouches and scrolls for spirit shards. By giving him a summoning pouch, Bogrog will give you about 70% of the shards needed to create the pouch initially and in terms of summoning scrolls, the rate returned is a bit lower, about 30%.

Bogrog, an ogre who can sell you summoning supplies and swap your pouches and scrolls for shards.

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