King Black Dragon


Back in the second age of Gielinor, the ancient race of the Dragonkin grew afraid of extinction due to their inability to reproduce. Therefore Kerapac, a rogue Dragonkin, created lesser forms of dragonkin; these were the King and Queen Black Dragons. The Queen Black Dragon was enslaved beneath Asgarnia while the King Black Dragon was released into the wild. Kerapac gave up hope in trying to breed it with the Queen.

Now in the sixth age of the world, the King Black Dragon has made its lair in a cave in the heart of the wilderness, daring any brave (or foolish) adventurers to attempt to slay him. However the King Black Dragon should not be underestimated and can kill even the strongest players, this content is only available to Runescape Members.

Getting There

If you feel up to the challenge of the King Black Dragon, consider that there are two different ways of reaching his lair:

The entrance in Edgeville.

The King Black Dragon's lair can be reached by activating an artefact that lies on the wilderness wall, north-west of Edgeville. This way avoids entering the wilderness and is very close to Edgeville bank; allowing quick banking of loot and/or restocking of supplies.

The routes in the Wilderness.

There is a second method of reaching the lair, yet this requires players to run through the wilderness and risk getting attacked by other players. As a consolation, if you choose to enter the lair from the Wilderness you will receive a 10% damage bonus when fighting the King Black Dragon.


  • Edgeville Teleport Lever: Teleports you to the deserted keep in the wilderness, from there run south-west to reach the lava maze.
  • Wilderness Obelisks: Two obelisks come close to the lava maze.
  • Ghorrock Teleport: This Ancient Magick teleport requires level 96 magic, 8 water runes and 2 law runes. From Ghorrock just run east to reach the lava maze.

Know Your Enemy

In order to defeat your enemy, you must know it. Take a look at the King Black Dragon's stats to influence your choice of equipment and strategy. A general thing to keep in mind is that is very important to ensure you have dragonfire protection; without it the King's dragonbreath can hit over 4500 damage.

King Black Dragon
Experience from a kill: 2265.5Max Hit: 864 (melee) 4500+ (dragonfire)
Lifepoints: 45,000Weakness: None
Immune to Stun?: YesRetreats?: No
Immune to Poison?: NoAttack Styles: Melee and Dragonfire

Special Attacks
NameImageEffectsWhat to do
Ice BreathStuns the playerUse the Freedom and Anticipation abilities
Shock BreathReduces all the player's stats by 1-2Although not really necessary, bring a super-restore potion
Poison BreathPoisons the player starting at 60 damageBring an antipoison potion


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So spend a fair amount of time getting all your equipment ready before you set out on a trip to the King Black Dragon.


A typical inventory setup.

For a single kill, your inventory should contain around 20 pieces of decent food such as sharks, monkfish or swordfish. If using magic bring runes that you need. Fill the extra space with potions as listed below:

  • (Super)Antifire Potion: Significantly reduces the damage of the King Black Dragon's dragonbreath.
  • Antipoison Potion: Used to protect against the Poison Breath.
  • Super-restore Potion: Used to protect against the Shock Breath.
  • Super-set: Increases damage and/or accuracy against the King Black Dragon.
  • Prayer Potion: Maintains prayer points.

In case of an emergency, one-click teleports such as the Ectophial provide a quick escape if you happen to run out of food.

Melee Equipment

A typical melee setup.

Melee is a common method of slaying the King Black Dragon, although you must stay close to him in order to attack and this puts you at risk of his damaging melee attacks. If you don't have access to super antifire potions then it is essential that you wield either a dragonfire or anti-dragon shield.

  • Head: Tetsu Helm > Torva Helm > Bandos Helm > Barrows Helm > Dragon Full Helm > Helm of Neitznot
  • Amulet: Saradomin's Whisper > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Completionist Cape > Tokhaar Kal > Max Cape > Fire Cape > Skillcape > Cape of Legends
  • Body: Tetsu Body > Torva Platebody > Barrows Platebody > Bandos Chestplate > Dragon Platebody
  • Legs: Tetsu Legs > Torva Platelegs > Barrows Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Dragon Platelegs/skirt
  • Gloves: Pneumatic Gloves > Dominion Gloves > Torva Gloves > Bandos Gloves > Culiomancer's Gloves 10
  • Boots: Steadfast Boots > Torva Boots > Bandos Boots > Dragon Boots
  • Shield: Dragonfire Shield (melee) > Anti-dragon shield or None, if using a two-handed weapon and have super-antifires or An offhand weapon if using super antifires
  • Weapon: Drygore Longsword/Rapier/Mace > Chaotic Claw > Chaotic Longsword > Chaotic Rapier > Dragon Battleaxe or (If using antifires and a two-handed weapon) Chaotic Maul > Godsword
  • Ammo: None.
  • Ring: Warrior Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Onyx Ring (i) > Warrior Ring > Ring of Wealth

Ranged Equipment

A typical ranged setup.

Ranged is the recommended method to kill the King Black Dragon for two reasons; firstly it attacks from a distance so avoids the dragon's melee attacks and secondly, ranged armour provides good protection against the King Black Dragons magical dragonfire. As with melee, if you don't have super-antifire potions then use a pistol crossbow (throwing weapons are too weak). If you do have them then use a 2h crossbow or a bow.

  • Head: Death Lotus Hood > Armadyl Helmet > Karil's Coif > Royal Dragonhide Coif > Archer Helm
  • Amulet: Saradomin's Murmour > Amulet of Ranging > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Ava's Alerter > Ava's Accumulator > Ava's Attractor > (if not using ammo) your best cape.
  • Body: Death Lotus Chestplate > Pernix Body > Karil's Top > Armadyl Chestplate > Royal Dragonhide Body
  • Legs: Death Lotus Chaps > Pernix Chaps > Karil's Skirt > Armadyl Chainskirt > Royal Dragonhide Chaps
  • Gloves: Tracking Gloves > Armadyl Gloves > Black Spiky Vambraces > Skirmisher (T6) Gloves
  • Boots: Glaiven Boots > Pernix Boots > Armadyl Boots > Skirmisher (T6) Boots
  • Shield Dragonfire Shield (ranged) > Anti-dragon shield or None, if using a two-handed weapon and have super antifires or An offhand crossbow if you have super antifires.
  • Weapon: Ascension Crossbow > Chaotic Crossbow > Dragon Crossbow > Rune Crossbow or (if using super antifires) Royal Crossbow > Zaryte Bow > Crystal Bow > Dragon 2h crossbow
  • Ammo: Broad tipped bolts, Rune Arrows or ammo specific to your weapon. Be aware that high-hitting ammo is often expensive.
  • Ring: Archer's Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Onyx Ring (i) > Archer's Ring > Ring of Wealth

Magic Equipment

A typical magic setup.

Magic is an uncommon, but still effective way of defeating the King Black Dragon. Like the ranged method magers avoid the King's melee attacks and provide defence against his dragonfire, albeit less defence than that offered by ranged armour. Those without super antifire potions should use wands but otherwise you can use a staff; dual-wielding is also an option but a staff is more effective.

Regarding spells, aim to use powerful but relatively cheap spells such as Divine Storm or Surge spells. Out of the ancient spellbook, bloodfire spells are the most useful followed by rock spells and then gale spells. Ice spells have limited use as freezing the King Black Dragon doesn't stop him using his dragonbreath.

  • Head: Sea Singer's Hood > Tectonic Mask > Ganodermic Visor > Virtus Mask > Ahrim's Hood > Hood of Subjugation
  • Amulet: Arcane Stream Necklace > Saradomin's Murmour > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Completionist Cape > God Cape > Max Cape > Skill Cape > Cape of Legends
  • Body: Sea Singer's Robe Top > Tetonic Robe Top > Ganodermic Poncho > Virtus Robe Top > Ahrim's Robe Top > Garb of Subjugation
  • Legs: Sea Singer's Robe Bottom > Tetonic Robe Bottom > Ganodermic Leggings > Virtus Robe Bottom > Ahrim's Robe Bottom > Ahrim's Robe Bottom > Gown of Subjugation
  • Gloves: Static Gloves > Spellcaster Gloves > Ganodermic gloves > Virtus Gloves > Gloves of Subjugation.
  • Boots: Ragefire Boots > Ganodermic Boots > Virtus Boots > Boots of Subjugation
  • Shield: Dragonfire shield (magic) > Anti-dragon shield or (if using super antifires) Seismic Singularity > Virtus Book > Ahrim's Book of Magic
  • Weapon: Seismic Wand > Virtus Wand > Ahrim's Wand > Master Wand or (if using super antifires) Chaotic Staff > Staff of Armadyl
  • Ammo: None
  • Ring: Seer's Ring (i) > Onyx Ring (i) > Sixth-age Circuit > Seer's Ring > Ring of Wealth


In the fight against the King Black Dragon, prayer becomes invaluable. If using standard prayers then activate the following during the fight:

MethodPrayerPrayer Level RequiredReason
Protect from Magic
37The King's dragonbreath is magical and more deadly than his melee attacks, so using this prayer reduces a lot of incoming damage.
Chivalry or Piety
60/70Both of these prayers increase your defence, strength and attack, which is very useful for those using melee.
74This prayer increases your ranged accuracy by 20% and you ranged defence by 25%, although it must be unlocked through dungeoneering tokens.
77This prayer increases your magical accuracy by 20% and your magic defence by 25% but, like Rigour, it has to be unlocked through dungeoneering tokens.

If you are using Ancient Curses then activate one of the the following curses:

MethodPrayerPrayer Level RequiredReason
Deflect Magic
65Serves the same purpose as Protect from Magic but also deflects some damage back.
92Heals you according to the damage you do; reducing the amount of food needed.


Without good use of abilities the fight will be very tedious and difficult, therefore it is wise to prepare a good arrangement of abilities to augment you in the fight. Here are the recommended action-bar setups assuming that you are using a dragonfire/anti-dragon shield, if you are dual-wielding or using a two-hander then switch the abilities that require a shield with more damaging abilities.





Summoning familiars can come in useful while fighting the King Black Dragon, there are healing familiars such as Unicorn Stallions, titans and Bunyips; as well as storage familiars that help carry food and potions such as Pack Yaks and War Tortoises and finally there are combat familiars to make the fight a little easier.


A player fighting the King Black Dragon.

If you are prepared well then the fight is relatively straightforward, here are a few pointers to remember for the battle:

  • Activate the Anticipation ability whenever you can throughout the fight to minimise the effect of the King's ice breath.
  • Drink an antipoison potion if you get poisoned; the damage can quickly add up if you remain poisoned.
  • Drink a dose of prayer potion just before you run out of prayer, that way you won't have to re-activate your prayers or curses.
  • If you die don't panic as you will spawn in Edgeville which is very close to the artefact that teleports players to the lair. Make sure that you keep some form of dragonfire protection when you die to protect you when picking up your items.
  • The fight is made a lot easier if you bring along other people, browse Friends Chats or use the RuneZone forums to find like-minded monster hunters.
  • If your slayer task is black dragons, then you can make use of Dragon-Slayer Gloves, a Black Mask or a Slayer Helmet to increase your damage output.
  • When your lifepoints fall low, try to make use of abilities such as Resonance and Rejuvenate to heal without expending food.


The King Black Dragon is one tough monster, so it is fitting that you can gain very valuable drops from slaying him. Dragon bones and Black Dragonhide are dropped 100% of the time and they fetch a tidy sum on their own!

Other drops include the fabled Draconic Visage that can be fastened to an anti-dragon shield to create the powerful Dragonfire shield. Dragon helms and ornament kits are also dropped which can be sold for a fair price or kept as a handy piece of armour. Elite clue scrolls are one of the rarer drops but can potentially reap millions from potential clue scroll loot of Bandos, Ancient and Armadyl rune armour as well as a lot more. King Black Dragon Heads are a valuable drop; they can be stuffed and mounted in a player's Player-Owned-House. And finally, the King Black Dragon has the potential to rarely drop Dragon rider gloves and boots. These are perhaps some of it's highest value and most sought after drops. He can also drop a King black dragon scale which is used to unlock the King Black Dragonling pet.

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
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