Shades of Mort'ton Activity

Deep in the swamps of Mort Myre lies the small town of Mort'ton. Once this village must have been a town like any other in Morytania, but lately a strange affliction seems to have taken control of the inhabitants. Now the village is clouded in shadows and darkness, and some even claim they saw the shadows move. After some investigation from a brave adventurer a cure has been found and the shadows can be vanquished.

This is a dangerous activity. If you die your items will appear under your grave. If you die in the shade catacombs make sure to keep the key to the part you died in.

The Basics:

The basics of Shades of Mort'ton is to cremate shade remains and then using keys you can obtain as a reward to open chests found in the catacombs to possibly obtain rare items. This requires several steps though and then there are other small activities you can participate in. It is advised to go to the dedicated world 88 for this activity as it requires multiple people.


The only requirements which is needed for this activity is completion of the "Shades of Mort'ton" quest.

Several other tasks can be completed to make this activity easier and faster though.

To gain quick access to a bank it is advised to complete the quest "In aid of the Myreque".

It is advised to have permanently cured Razmire from his affliction by using a dose of Serum 208 on him.

A medium high combat level is advised. Players with a combat level lower than 169 will find that the Loar shades which roam the town of Mort'ton will be aggressive towards them.

How to get there:

The activity takes place in and around the town of Mort'ton there are several ways to get there.

Blue route: This is the longest route and requires the player to run through Mort Myre swamp and then across the winding path.

Yellow route: This requires the player to go down the trapdoor behind the Hair of the Dog. Then from the Hollows go across the log and to the swamp boat. Take the swamp boat to arrive at Mort'ton.

Red route: This is the shortest and easiest route. Use Drakan's medaillon (obtained from the "Branches of Darkmeyer" quest ) to teleport to Burgh de Rott. Go north out of Burgh de Rott to arrive at Mort'ton. The player can also instead teleport to Barrows with the medaillon and then run west to Mort'ton.

Alternatively you could choose to do one round of the Burgh de Rott ramble activity to arrive at Burgh de Rott and then simply run north.

Places of interest:

Razmire's builders store: Once you cured Razmire from his affliction he will re-open the general store in Mort'ton. Here he also has Razmire's builders store which sells all the supplies you need for this activity aside from armour and weaponry. It is also here in his general store screen that you can buy the olive oil you need.

Flamtaer temple: This ancient temple can be found in the north- east part of Mort'ton just across the bridge. This temple plays a central role in the activity because it is here that you are able to sanctify oil or create serum 208.

Shade catacombs: The catacombs are where you can find the reward chests as well as shades other than Loar shades. It is split into several separate rooms which are separated by doors. These doors can only be opened by a key of the same tier or higher (this will be explained more in-depth later as well as a map)

Funeral Pyres: This is where you cremate the shade remains. These pyres can be found in the southern parts of Mort'ton where there are several of them clustered together. Here are also the pedestals which will give you a reward in the form of a key or coins for cremating a shade.

The process:

There are several steps which have to be performed for this activity.

Obtaining sacred oil/Serum 208: To obtain sacred oil or Serum 208 you will need to use olive oil or Serum 207 on the sacred flame which can be found in the Flamtaer temple. Olive oil can be bought from Razmire's general store. Serum 207 can be created by using ashes on a tarromin potion (unf). Before you can use either of these on the flame the temple first has to be repaired and you need to obtain sanctity.

Repairing the temple: There are 2 activities you can do to contribute to repairing the temple. The first is actually building the temple. To do this you need resources. To gain 5 resource points in the activity you need 1 timber bar or plank, 1 limestone brick and 5 swamp paste. You will also need a hammer or Flamtaer hammer. While a hammer can be in your toolbelt the Flamtaer hammer has an increased rate of repairing in this activity. Fixing the temple will gain you sanctity. You gain 5 sanctity points per 1 resource point used.

When you are building the temple though shades which roam the area will try to break it down again. You can kill these to stop them from attacking the temple. This will also gain you sanctity. The shades are not very strong and have 2100 lifepoints. You get 2 sanctity point per kill.

Once the temple is decently repaired the sacred fire altar will appear and you can light it. You need 10 sanctity at all times to be able to create sacred oil or Serum 208.

Curing villagers: With the Serum 208 you can cure villagers for a longer while then with Serum 207. Doing so will give you a reward. The rewards obtained from this are not very good and mainly consist of resources used in the activity and occasionally shade keys.

Cremating shades: This is what the activity really is about. With the sacred oil you created you can make Pyre logs. These pyre logs are used to cremate the shade remains. Higher tier shade remains require higher tier pyre logs. (more in-depth explanation follows)

Obtaining your rewards: Once you have some shade keys obtained from cremating the shades you can obtain your rewards. Keys have different colours and metals. In the shade catacombs there are chests with the same colour and metal. (more in-depth explanation follows)

Cremation process:

The basics of cremating shades is quite easy. Yet there is more to it than meets the eye at first.

There are five types of shades. Each type is a bit stronger and drops different remains. The higher the shade, the higher logs you need but also the better rewards you get. While Loar shades can be found all over Mort'ton higher shades can only be found either in the shade catacombs or during Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott ramble. (More info about the catacombs follows, for Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott ramble see the guide found here)

While every type of log can be turned into a Pyre log not every shade remain type can be burned on any log.

  • Loar remains: Any type of log can be used to burn these remains.
  • Phrin remains: Any type of log can be used to burn these.
  • Riyl remains: To burn these you require at least Willow logs.
  • Asyn remains: To burn these remains you can only use Eucalyptus, Yew or Magic logs.
  • Fiyr remains: To burn these remains you can only use Magic logs.

Different logs use different amounts of sacred oil to be turned into Pyre logs.

  • 2 doses: Regular logs and Oak logs.
  • 3 doses: Willow, Teak, Arctic pine, Maple and Mahogany logs.
  • 4 doses: Eucalyptus, Yew and Magic logs.

Shade keys:

There are different kinds of shade keys. The keys are available in 5 different colours and 5 different metal types. In total there are 21 keys. Every different type of metal aside from gold is available in the 4 different colours. The gold key is unique and has no colour. Higher keys are obtained from burning higher shades.

The 5 different metals are in order from worst to best Bronze, Steel, Black, Silver and Gold. The different keys can be used to open doors of their own tier or lower tiers in the shade catacombs.

The 5 different colours are in order from worst to best Red, Brown, Crimson, Black and Purple.

  • Loar shades: Red bronze keys, Brown bronze keys or Crimson bronze keys.
  • Phrin shades: All bronze keys, Red steel keys, Brown steel keys or Crimson steel keys
  • Riyl shades: All steel keys, Red Black keys, Brown black keys or Crimson black keys.
  • Asyn shades: All black keys, Red silver keys, Brown silver keys or Crimson silver keys.
  • Fiyr shades: All silver keys or Gold keys.

The higher the key is the better reward you will possibly get. Wearing the Morytania legs 3 or 4 from the Morytania task set increases the chance of getting a better key.

The shades:

  • Loar shadow: Found roaming all over Mort'ton.
  • Phrin shadow: Found in the first room of the shade catacombs. Requires a bronze key or higher.
  • Ryil shadow: Found in the 2nd set of rooms in the shade catacombs. Requires a steel key or higher. Also found in the Shade event on the easy path of Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott ramble.
  • Asyn shadow: Found in the 3rd set of rooms in the shade catacombs. Requires a black key or higher. Also found in the Shade event on the medium path of Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott ramble.
  • Fiyr shadow: Found in the final set of rooms in the shade catacombs. Requires a silver or gold key. Also found in the Shade event on the hard path of Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott ramble.

The shade catacombs:

The shade catacombs are split into 4 general areas by doors. These doors can only be opened by keys of the same tier or higher. In this area all the chests you will find are of the same tier. In the map below all doors are marked by the colour of the key required to open them.


This activity offers several unique rewards which can be obtained from looting the chests. Also will the player receive XP across several skills. These skills are crafting(when repairing the temple), firemaking (making pyre logs and cremating shade remains) and prayer(when cremating remains). The amount of XP you receive in firemaking or prayer depends on the logs used and the type of shade cremated.

Firemaking xp:

  • Regular logs: 50 XP
  • Oak logs: 70 XP
  • Willow logs:100 XP
  • Teak logs:120 XP
  • Arctic pine logs:158 XP
  • Maple logs:175 XP
  • Mahogany logs:210 XP
  • Eucalyptus logs:246 XP
  • Yew logs:255 XP
  • Magic logs:404.5 XP

Prayer xp:

Loar shade Phrin shade Riyl shade Asyn shade Fiyr shade
Pyre logs 25 37,5 Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs
Oak pyre logs 33 45.5 Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs
Willow pyre logs 33.5 46 61 Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs
Teak pyre logs 33.7 46.2 61.2 Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs
Arctic pine pyre logs 33.9 46.4 61.4 Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs
Maple pyre logs 34 46.5 61.5 Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs
Mahogany pyre logs 34.3 46.8 61.8 Can't be burned with these logs Can't be burned with these logs
Eucalyptus pyre logs 34.4 46.9 61.9 79.4 Can't be burned with these logs
Yew pyre logs 34.5 47 62 79.5 Can't be burned with these logs
Magic pyre logs 35 47.5 62.5 80 100

Unique items:

  • Fine cloth: Used in the creation of both splitbark armour and necromancer robes. Can be obtained from any level chest.
  • Necromancer kits: Used on Dagon'Hai robes to create Necromancer robes. This changes the appearance and gives the robes a prayer bonus. One kit is required per armour piece.
  • Shade skulls: These skulls can be used on elemental staves, battlestaves or mystic staves. This will turn them into skeletal staves, skeletal battlestaves or necromancer staves.

Other items:

It is also possible to get armour, weapons, coins or clue scrolls from the chest amongst other rewards. The type of armour or the level of the clue scroll depends on the tier of the key. Higher keys ofcourse providing better rewards.

Vyre corpses

After the Legacy of Seergaze the player learns how to kill and cremate Vyrewatch. The process to cremate them is quite identical to burning shades except for a few minor changes.


Instead of burning the Vyre corpses at the funeral pyres in Mort'ton there is a special place to cremate vyrewatch. This is the columbarium which is found in the underground part of the temple at Paterdomus. The entrance to the columbarium is north of the statues.

Cremating the vyre corpses:

To obtain a Vyre corpse simply kill any Vyrewatch/Vyrelord/Vyrelady with the Flail of Ivandis or a blisterwood weapon. To cremate them you have to use teak pyre logs or higher. You will receive a columbarium key as a reward for setting their souls free.


The amount of firemaking XP you get for burning vyre corpses is dependant on the logs use. The amount you receive is similar to the amount you would get for using the respective log type to cremate shades. The amount of prayer XP you receive is 79 xp per corpse. The most noticeable item rewards you can get are items which normally are only obtained from treasure trails. This includes but is not limited to God armour sets, gold and normal trimmed armour and god book pages. Other rewards are herbs, herb seeds, charms and blood talismans.

Guide Made by: Sytze
Corrections submitted by: Lord Arma, Vanilla990, Sytze