Braindeath Island


Braindeath Island is an island located in the pirate seas. It is the main setting for the Rum Deal quest. The island is mainly just a brewery where rum is brewed to supply the pirate islands such as Mos Le'Harmless. In recent times the production of rum has ground to a halt due to a protest by zombie pirates demanding their share of the rum.

After the quest, there isn't much to do here except for the monsters that are occasionally killed here by adventurers.

Getting There

There are two ways to reach Braindeath Island. The first way is by talking to Pirate Pete on the pier north of Port Phasmatys. He will 'teleport' you to the island with the help of a bottle and a little cunning.

The other way is by using a pirate spell sheet which is obtained during the quest A Clockwork Syringe. This allows the player to teleport between Mos Le'Harmless and Braindeath island. It can only be used on those two islands to teleport to the other.

The location of Pirate Pete.

Quick ways to reach Pirate Pete include:

  • Fairy Ring code A.L.Q takes the player to the haunted woods which is just south-west of Pirate Pete's pier.
  • The Ectophial teleports the player to the ectofunctus, from there just run north-east to reach Pirate Pete.
  • Charter Ships take you to Port Phasmatys which is south of Pirate Pete's location.


A map of Braindeath Island.

The Distillery

Ground Floor

The ground floor of the distillery is reached by descending a ladder in the north-west corner of the first floor (you enter the building on the first floor). Here you can find Fever Spiders which are slayer monsters that require level 42 Slayer and some Slayer Gloves to kill. There is a cupboard here that provides farming equipment.

First Floor

This is the largest floor of the distillery. There are multiple brewers, pipes and brewing machinery as well as beds and a sink in attaching rooms. In the office (the room to the north) there is a bucket respawn. Despite so much brewing machinery, players cannot do regular brewing.

Second Floor

This floor doesn't have much on apart from some machinery that is used to brew some 'rum' in the Rum Deal quest.

The Volcano

On the northern part of the island there is a large, presumably extinct, volcano. It can only be reached by distracting 50% Luke, a zombie pirate, by the gate that leads to the volcano. The world map states that 'Nothing Interesting Happens Here'. This is not entirely true though as it plays a small but important role in several quests. During Rum Deal you need to collect a bucket of water from the stagnant pool found on top of the volcano.

During A Clockwork Syringe the player investigates a dungeon (known as a 'Rum'-geon) to locate some missing brewers. This dungeon can be accessed after the quest as a resource dungeon and contains aggressive 'Rum'-pumped crabs and General Malpractitioners. It is the only location you can find 'Rum'-pumped crabs, therefore the only place you can obtain the unique Brackish blade which is a rare drop from the crabs. To access the dungeon, you need to be wearing a diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet.

The Farm

This part of the island is currently overrun by zombie pirates, all the farm patches bar the Blindweed patch are destroyed yet the blindweed patch is utilised in Rum Deal.

The Blindweed patch.

To the south of the island there are a few fishing spots where you can capture sea slugs and karamthulhu. These are used as ingredients in the quest Rum deal.


Passive Personalities


Captain Braindeath
The office, the room to the north of the main distillery building. The owner of the distillery, he is the main protagonist in Rum Deal.

The bunk room, which is the room that extends from the distillery to the west. A former priest turned pirate, he consults the player in making a Holy Wrench in Rum Deal.

Pirate Pete
The pier that you land on when landing on the island. He ferries players to and from Braindeath Island.

First Floor of the distillery. These NPCs don't have much purpose, if you talk to them they will be pretty negative about the whole situation.

Zombie Protestor
In the farm, outside the distillery. They follow the player around when walking around in the farm.

Captain Donnie
In the farm. The captain of the Zombie Pirates, he is the main antagonist in Rum Deal.

50% Luke
At the gate connecting the northern and the southern parts of Braindeath Island. 50% Luke is so named due to him being half zombie pirate half wooden construct. He guards the gate on the west part of the island.


NameCombat Level(s)WeaknessLocationNotes

Zombie Pirate
70, 72
Air Spells
All around the farm. These make up the majority of the antagonists on Braindeath Island.

Zombie Swab
Air Spells
Around the farming patches. This monster needs to be 'intimidated' in Rum Deal.

Fever Spider
The ground floor of the distillery. This monster requires level 42 slayer and slayer gloves to kill.

General Malpractitioner
Stab Attacks
In the 'Rum'-geon (or resource dungeon) on the northern part of the island. Their attacks are poisonous and they can occasionally throw a syringe at a nearby 'Rum'-pumped crab, which will temporarily increase the crab's attack speed. These monsters count towards zombie slayer tasks and can only be accessed during and after completion of A Clockwork Syringe..

'Rum'-pumped crab
Air Spells
In the 'Rum'-geon (or resource dungeon) on the northern part of the island. These are the only creatures that drop the Brackish blade and can only be accessed during and after completion of A Clockwork Syringe. They take increased damage from the Brackish blade and Brine sabre weapons.

Unlockable Music

TrackLocation Unlocked at
Aye Car Rum BaThe distillery and the surrounding areas
Blistering BarnaclesThe Volcano

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