Temple Trekking

Now that more and more people dare venture into the dark lands of morytania it has been discovered that there are still humans living beyond the gaze of the cruel vyrewatch. The town of Burgh de Rott still holds many humans who despite the low amount of resources manage to survive still. They would love to leave the darkness and head to the temple at Paterdomus but going through the marshes alone is madness. A brave adventurer might be able to help.

This is a dangerous activity. If you die your items will appear under your grave. Your grave will appear in Mort Myre swamp.

The Basics

The basic idea of the Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott ramble is to safely guide either a Mercenary adventurer to Burgh de Rott or a Refugee to Paterdomus. While doing this the player will encounter several events which require either combat or a small puzzle to be solved. There are multiple factors which will make these events easier or harder.


Before the player can start these mini games there are certain requirements:

To be able to play Temple Trekking the quest "In Aid of the Myreque" has to be completed.

To be able to play Burgh de Rott ramble the quest "Darkness of Hallowvale" has to be completed.

To encounter the Vyrewatch event the quest "Legacy of Seergaze" Has to be completed.

A medium high combat level is not required but will prove to be helpful. A fully filled toolbelt is also recommended.

How to Get There

The start point for Temple Trekking is in the north west of Burgh de Rott. The noticeboard there allows you to start.

The yellow route is pretty straightforward and goes through the Mort Myre swamp. Then across the winding path and through the village of Mort'ton. This is the longest route.

The red route is basically the same as the yellow route except you take a shortcut past the haunted mine.

The blue route requires you to go into the trapdoor at the Hair of the Dog. Then you run through the cellar and tunnels and end up in the hollows. From there you run south and go across the log. You run a bit more south and then take the swamp boat. That will take you to Mor'ton where you simply run to Burgh de Rott.

The green route is easily the shortest route. This requires you to use Drakan's medaillon (obtained from the "Branches of Darkmeyer" quest) and teleport to Burgh de Rott. That takes you south of the bank. Simply run to the notice board.

Alternatively you can do a Burgh de Rott ramble to end up in Burgh de Rott or use the games necklace teleport which is unlocked from these 2 activities.

The starting point for Burgh de Rott ramble is just east of the bridge across the salve which is near the Paterdomus temple.

The red route requires the player to teleport to the Canifis lodestone and then simply run through Canifis.

The blue route is for players who use a Kharyrll portal or teleport spell.

The green route is for players who use a slayer ring to teleport to the slayer tower. Simply run south to reach the activity.

The cyan route is for people who run there from Varrock. They have to go either through the temple or use the agility shortcut(level 65 agility)

The yellow route is for people who use the fairy ring system using the code C K S.


Medium level gear: Rune armour despite its cheap cost provides excellent defence for this activity. A godsword of any type will deal decent damage against all monsters. For the vampyres and vyrewatch there is a silver weapon needed. After the quest Legacy of Seergaze a Flail of Ivandis is a necessity. Vyrewatch might be a little bit challenging. Food should not be needed to much but it is better to keep some in case. To defeat ghasts a druid pouch or Ouroboros pouch is absolutely required.

High level gear: This setup is assuming the player has finished the quest "Branches of Darkmeyer". Most monsters encountered are melee users and therefore weak to magic. The blisterwood staff obtained after from the Branches of Darkmeyer is an excellent replacement for the Flail of Ivandis dealing with even the strongest Vampyres within seconds. The choice of robes is ofcourse dependant on the players preference although for higher levels Subjugation robes, Ganodermic or Seasinger's robes will make food not needed at all. Ofcourse the druid pouch is ever present. For people who prefer melee the blisterwood polearm is a great choice as well although slightly less effective. Ranged is not advised since the majority of monsters is strong against ranged.

List of silver weapons

  • Silver sickle/Silver sickle(b)
  • Rod of Ivandis
  • Flail of Ivandis
  • Wolfbane dagger

How to Start Off

Both activities are started by reading the respective notice boards found at the starting location. This will open up a interface which allows players to choose an adventurer or refugee. The followers are separated in 3 classes. Easy, medium and hard. Clicking on a followers notice gives the player some information about this person. The details which can be found out are their level, how close they are to leveling (levels and leveling is explained later), their difficulty level and possible rewards unlocked/unlockable.

Once the player clicks confirm the follower they picked will teleport next to the notice board. To start the activity talk to them. Here you will get 3 options: Start the activity, give the follower some food or cancel the activity. Giving your companion food will sometimes prove to be useful since you will need to pay less attention during the activity. Your companion will automatically eat food once they believe to be in danger.

At the noticeboard players are also able to view the rewards they are eligible for either from leveling separate followers or from reaching an amount of total levels spread across all followers (more details found in the rewards section of this guide).


(note: all images of characters are of them in their maxed out appearance)

Hard characters:

Smiddi Ryak: This young girl from Burgh de Rott is one of the people you can escort in the Temple Trekking activity. She is non-aggressive and only fights in retaliation. Although she is weak she has quite some potential in her. Food might be needed in case a monster decides he isn't fond of her.

Rolayne Twickit: Although he seems old he has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. This veteran is one of the people who you accompany in the Burgh de Rott ramble activity. When he was a younger man he was guided through the swamps as well and managed to escape Burgh de Rott and the bad living conditions. Now he returns to repay the favour and show some Vampyres that humanity might be weak at times but very determined in the end. He is quite enthusiastic and will rush into battle. It might be a wise choice to bring some food to use on him in case his lifepoints become low.

Medium characters:

Jayene Kliyn: This refugee from Burgh de Rott has some skill with a bow. Whether it is from trying to shoot rats or birds for food or from fighting the wicked Vyres is not clear though. She might not be a perfect archer yet but with some practice in the healthy air outside of Morytania her name might soon be all over archery competitions. Despite her low defence and lifepoints she is aggressive and will attack anything from a distance. Some food might prove to be usefull when she is still learning the ropes of combat.

Zachory Bragg: This young wizard might not always aim his spells right yet but he heard the tales of rewards and now sets out to reach the town of Burgh de Rott to obtain fame glory and most importantly gold. He can hold himself against opponents pretty well but if you don't occasionally step in to make sure there are not to many attacking him he won't last too long. He is an aggressive user of magic and will charge into battle at any opportunity.

Easy characters:

Dean Velio: Where this hardened warrior got his gear is a mystery to many. Yet great warriors don't belong in swamps so Dean sets out to explore the rest of the wide world. The only tiny problem might be that Mort Myre is in the way with its dangers and muddy pools. Helping Dean out might not be rewarding but it is quite safe as he not only is able to take a lot of hits but he also is quite well at defeating opponents. He is obviously an aggressive companion who will attack anything anytime.

Pazuzu: This skilled magic user might know Zachory Bragg, but if she does she won't show it. Instead of riches and glory she wants to help the poor people living in the marshes and save them from the darkness. She is an extremely skilled magic user who is able to decimate opponents quite fast. She is aggressive and will attack on sight.

The Road Is Clear, or Is It?

After you picked your companion it is then time to set off and start with the activity. Yet the companion alone does not determine how hard the activity will be. When you enter the activity you will find yourself at a crossroads. Here you have 3 choices. A easy path, a medium path or a hard path.

Easy path: Enemies will be lower leveled here and there will only be a few of them. This is a good path to start with if you're new to these activities or want to just casually take a stroll.

Medium path: Enemies will be a bit higher leveled here and there will be more of them. Puzzles will not be any more difficult than on the easy path. This path is advised if you feel up for a challenge. Once you max out your characters this shouldn't be too hard anymore.

Hard path: Enemies here will be tougher, there will be lots of them and they will show no mercy. Certain events can only be found on this path (this will be discussed in the events section). If you pick this path make sure you pay attention to your companion.

When you level your companions they will be able to see what lies ahead at some points(see the leveling your companions section).


Once you picked the path you feel more comfortable with you will encounter an event. Once your companions become higher they will be able to see ahead what's ahead on the path. This can be decisive on which path you choose to take. Here follows a list of all the events and details about them.

The bog: This is one of the puzzle events. What you have to do here is get branches from the bush which can be found on the east of the small area. Make sure you get more than one since occasionally your stick disappears in the bog. Three branches should be enough. Once you have the branches use a branch on a tile of bog. It will either display a message saying the bog feels quite soft or that it seems firm enough to walk on. If it is firm enough your character will automatically step on it. Then simply use your stick on the tiles around the one you are standing on to find the next one. Keep doing this until you are on the other side. It is possible that you seem to have found a path but it's a dead end. Simply backtrack then and start where you left off. There is always a correct path.

Broken bridge: This is another event which does not always require combat. In this event it is possible though that undead lumberjacks rise out of the bog. The area of this event basically is a small area with a river in between and a broken bridge across the river. To fix the bridge you need either 3 logs (can be chopped since there are trees in the area) or 3 planks (dropped by the undead lumberjacks). Simply fix the bridge and walk across the complete the event. The undead lumberjacks can be killed and may drop a piece of lumberjack outfit (see the rewards section for details).

River event: This event is another event which has no combat in it at all. The area consists of a river with seemingly no way to cross it. Yet if you inspect it closer there is a tree with multiple vines on it. Pick 3 vines on it and click one of them to create a sturdy rope. Now you might have noticed there is a tall branch hanging quite conveniently across the river. Use the rope on the branch and then simply swing across it. Once you're on the other side your companion will follow you and you can continue the trip.

Starving people: This event requires some quick action, but if it is done right will be quite easy. The area has a small amount of starving adventurers in it, some trees and some snails. Due to the evil area of Mort Myre swamp these poor people will turn into haunting ghasts if they don't get something to eat quickly. This is where the player comes in. You have to quickly kill some snails, chop a log and make a fire and cook the snails on the fire and give those delicious snails to the starving people. Alternatively you can bring food with you from your bank and feed them that. If you fail to feed them fast enough they will turn into ghasts which you have to kill to complete the event.

Nature spirit: In the quest "Nature spirit" you helped the hermit Filliman Tarlock fulfill his death wish of becoming a nature spirit. Sadly not all the inhabitants of the lovely swamp were entirely happy with this. In this event the ghasts decided to display their objections against this decision in a completely peaceful way. Once you enter the area you will see the nature spirits grotto and the nature spirit himself outside of it. Suddenly though mysterious reeds around his grotto catch fire. The player has to jump across the bridge to access the small island where the grotto is on and then right click the nature spirit to obtain mysterious water powers. Then all you have to do is click the reeds which are on fire to put them out. With this mysterious power the player also temporarily obtains a super fashionable blue overlay. Once all the fires have been put out simply jump back across the bridge and continue your journey.

Abidor Crank: Although sometimes it appears everything in Morytania is trying to kill you or use you as a quick snack this is not entirely true. Occasionally on your trip you will find a lone man strolling around the swamp. His name is Abidor Crank, aside from him and the lovely mud there is nothing in this area. When you talk to Abidor he will state that you need some help. Then he will cast a spell on you which heals some of your and your companions lifepoints, boosts your stats and will turn any food that was rotten by evil ghasts into lovely stew. You can also not talk to him and simply continue your journey.

Ghasts: Sadly Mort Myre's trademark inhabitants don't only like the nature spirit but aren't to keen on other people either. In this event you will encounter a random amount of ghasts who will try to rot your food and drain your lifepoints. Luckily you brought your trusted druid pouch and you can make the ghasts visible. After this you can simply defeat them. They are not too strong and should not pose to much of a problem.

Vyrewatch: Morytania wouldn't be Morytania without the company of these teeth on wings. Obviously they are not too keen on letting their lunch snacks escape from Burgh de Rott or on pesky adventurers entering Morytania to help fight against them. These will only appear after you completed the quest "Legacy of Seergaze". To defeat these you need either the Flail of Ivandis or any Blisterwood weaponry. Do not underestimate them as they are quite strong and you can expect no help from your companion.

Vampyre Juvinates: Despite not being as impressive as their flying counterparts the vyrewatch these vampyres also rather not have someone meddling in their affaires. To defeat a vampyre you will need a silver weapon or blisterwood weaponry. Once these reach low lifepoints they will turn into a cloud of liquid evil and flee the scene.

Giant snails: When you think Morytania is dangerous enough nature decides to pull a little stunt and let snails grow to enormous sizes. Not only do you risk getting your armour all slimy from these snails but they're quite aggressive as well. These snails use a quite accurate range attack which is able to kill your companion rather easily if to many focus on him. They are not extremely strong though so with good armour this event shouldn't give you a lot of trouble.

Giant snakes: Another of nature's tricks is to make snakes also grow to enormous sizes. These snakes are also not extremely strong but can pose quite a danger for your companion if too many focus on them at once. Simply kill of the snakes. Once these die you can skin them to get their hides. If your inventory is full when you try to skin them the skins will appear on the floor.

Shades: Even the shadows aren't safe in Morytania. Dark evil shades lurk in there, holding grudges against the living. Normally these shades lurk in their catacombs, but occasionally they come out to torment the villagers of Mort'ton. The villages are lucky though since you as a brave adventurer don't mind helping them out a bit and defeating those silly shades. Depending on which path you choose you will encounter different shades. Some of them will be trying to break down the doors to the 3 houses. It is recommended to draw the attention of those onto you instead of the doors. Simply kill them all off then. Once everything is safe and dead talk to the villagers which are still alive. They will bless you in different ways either fully healing you, restoring some prayer points or boosting your stats.

Nail beasts: Surely Mort Myre swamp is murky and damp, but some creatures prefer this place and live nowhere else. Nail beasts are one type of these creatures. These feline like monsters don't attack very fast. But once they do attack they deal 3 hits in a row. They can finish off your companion quite fast if you don't pay attention. Luckily these creatures have some unique drops which make it worth the effort (more details in the rewards section).

Graveyard: What does every haunted and dark place need to be entirely complete? A graveyard with a horde of undead of course. Morytania is no exception to this with its very own graveyard filled with skeletons. To stop these from roaming the land freely they have to be killed by no one else then you. What lots of people seem to forget though is that graveyard are holy places. The central tomb in this graveyard has quite some holy power and is able to instantly turn skeletons to dust if they are close enough to it when this power is unleashed. The tomb has 2 charges so use them wisely. Simply run around the graveyard until all skeletons are focused on you and then run to the central tomb. Try to get them either directly next to the fence or inside the fence since the power only lasts that far. If done right you can kill off all skeletons simply by using the tombs 2 charges.

Swamp monster: While normal water monsters prefer wide open lakes or deep seas this cousin of the kraken took his residence in the mud and stagnant pools of Mort Myre. If you take the hard path and you found yourself on a boat be prepared to meet this monster. The monster is made up off four tentacles and a head. Before you can vanquish the monster once and for the duration of the headache you give it you will have to defeat all the tentacles. Once the tentacles are gone simply attack the head and watch it sink back underwater after defeating it. Simply click the boat to continue your journey.

Leveling Your Companions

While playing Temple Trekking or Burgh de Rott ramble you sometimes will notice that your companions also have a level. This level ranges from 1-99 and can be leveled. Leveling them is actually quite easy but can take some times. With higher leveled companions you will unlock rewards though and your companions will increase in strength and usefulness.

The first and most obvious way to get them to level is simply by escorting them on the journey through the swamp. Every event you complete and every journey you finish your companion will gain an amount of XP and occasionally they will level up. Especially once they reach higher levels this will be a rather slow process.

The second and faster way to get your companions to level up is by letting them attack opponents. Every time they engage in combat and deal damage they will gain XP just like a player character would. This can be quite a lot faster although some characters are not very good at combat.

One of the most positive things companions receive when they level is the ability to see ahead what is ahead on paths and do other tasks like chopping logs, lighting fires etc. What level they gain this ability is dependent on the companion.

Rolayne Twickit: He is the first companion to gain the ability to warn what lies ahead. He gains this ability as low as level 20. He is quite slow at leveling because he is rather bad at combat. This means he will gain most levels simply from completing events and completing journeys.

Zachory Bragg: He is quite easy to level as long as you are able to tank monsters while he slowly finishes them off. Simply watch which monster he is going to attack and make sure that monster focusses on you. He will gain the ability to warn what lies ahead at level 79.

Pazuzu: She is extremely easy to level since she is able to deal a lot of damage by herself. Simply get the monsters to focus on you in the same way as Zachory Bragg. She gains the ability to see what lies ahead at level 75.

Smiddi Ryak: She is the most difficult companion to level since she does not engage in combat unless attacked and her combat abilities are basically non-existent. Another factor is that she does not gain the ability to see what lies ahead until level 92 so it is quite difficult to level her.

Jayene Kliyn: She is more difficult to level then Zachory Bragg because she uses range and most opponents are melee monsters so have high range defence. Yet if you use the same strategy as on Zachory she should not be too much of a problem. She gains the ability to see ahead at level 75.

Dean Vellio: He is incredibly easy to level simply because of the high damage he does. Tanking monsters for him is not extremely necessary but still recommended occasionally. He gains the ability to see ahead at level 80.

(Note: All companions which attack from a distance can be trained quite well against Ghasts. If you make sure you use your druid pouch on the Ghast to make it visible instead of your companion it will not be aggressive to you or your companion. Therefor you can use yourself as a barrier to make sure your companion does not get attacked but neither do you. Simply wait for your companion to finish of the Ghast.)


Heroically helping people get to safety or reach fame and glory is nice and all. But what about the players own fame, glory and of course riches in a more material way. Not to worry though, rewards are abundant and helpful after all this walking through mud and fighting off many dangers.

There are multiple ways to get rewards. First of all you will get a reward token after every journey you complete. Secondly leveling up individual characters will unlock rewards in the form of items or bonuses to make following journeys easier. There are also rewards available for people who help out all refugees and adventurers by getting a certain amount of levels spread across all companions. The last rewards you will be able to obtain are some unique drops from monsters encountered during the activity.

Reward tokens:

Blue token Yellow token Red token
Pure essence 50-150 70-210 100-300
Bow strings 30-90 40-120 70-210
Silver bars 55-165 75-225 120-360
Herbs 10-30 Low herbs 3-11 Med herbs 2-7 High herbs
Ores 7-21 Iron ore, 14-42 Coal 10-30 Iron ore, 20-60 Coal 20-60 Iron ore, 40-120 Coal
Watermelon seeds 2-6 4-12 5-15
Raw shark 8-24 10-30 18-54
XP Tome* 1100-1650 XP 2035-3025 XP 4015-5005 XP

*Xp in Agility, Firemaking, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, Thieving or Woodcutting

Individual character rewards:


  • Level 20: She gains the ability to use the Bind spell.
  • Level 66: She gains the ability to use Vulnerability.
  • Level 75: She gains the ability to use fire wave, she obtains a Staff of Light and Full Ahrims.
  • Level 85: You can obtain the Constructer gloves from her.

Zachory Bragg:

  • Level 25: You can obtain Constructor boots from him.
  • Level 59: He will now be able to use fire blast.
  • Level 79: He gains the ability to use entangle. Also does he upgrade his gear to enchanted robes and a Saradomin staff.
  • Level 99: You gain the ability to toggle the trapdoor behind the Hair of the Dog in Canifis to take you straight to Mort'ton.

Rolayne Twickit:

  • Level 20: He gains the ability to run instead of walk.
  • Level 40: You can get a fancy cosmetic walking stick from him.
  • Level 80: His damage is now doubled.
  • Level 99: He gains the ability to cast air strike.

Dean velio:

  • Level 25: You can get a cosmetic backpack from him.
  • Level 60: He gains the ability to use a special attack.
  • Level 75: His attack speed increases.
  • Level 80: He upgrades his gear to an Abyssal whip, full Bandos armour and a Slayer helm.

Jayene Kliyn:

  • Level 25: Her attack speed increases.
  • Level 50: She gains the ability to fire 2 shots at once.
  • Level 75: She upgrades her gear and now uses a dark bow.
  • Level 99: You can get a Ouroboros pouch from her which serves as an infinite druidic pouch.

Smiddi Ryak:

  • Level 20: She gains the ability to stun enemies within a small distance from her.
  • Level 60: She gains the ability to lower enemies their defence.
  • Level 92: She will gain the ability to cast heal other, effectively healing you if she is not too low on hp.
  • Level 99: Her healing spell increases in effectiveness and she takes reduced damage from using it.

Total level rewards:

From getting a certain sum of all companions their levels you can also gain rewards from the interface accessed on the noticeboard. These rewards can be quite useful and some are needed to complete the Morytania task set.

Level 100: You will get the ability to toggle a shortcut which takes you from the gates of Mort Myre directly to the nature spirit's grotto.

Level 200: You are able to claim a constructor's hat.

Level 300: You are able to claim a pair of constructor's trousers.

Level 400: You are able to claim a constructor's garb.

Level 500: You gain the ability to use a games necklace to teleport to Burgh de Rott. This teleport takes you directly next to the noticeboard. (this is required for the Morytania Elite task set)

Level 594/max level: You are able to buy a Ghast familiar and 10 scrolls for 50 K. This familiar lets you gain prayer XP for any damage he deals. His scrolls restore your prayer points. He also protects you from Ghasts while travelling through Mort Myre swamp. (this is required for the Morytania Elite task set)

Rewards from drops:

There are several items which can be obtained from drops in the activity alone or more easily from this activity.

Nail beast nails: These are only obtained from killing nail beasts. They can be used to make Sanfew Serum. Sanfew serum serves as a Anti poison potion and a super restore at the same time. Also can it be used on nail beasts to deal quite some damage to them.

Talon beast charms: These charms are also only dropped by nail beasts. They are used to make Talon beast pouches. These pouches provide the best summoning XP for any pouch created. They use a crimson charm.

Shade remains: From the shade event shade remains can be obtained. This includes the rare Fiyr remains which normally can only be obtained from the room in the shade catacombs which requires a silver shade key.

Giant snail shells and Perfect snail shells: These can be sold to Barlak in Dorgesh-kaan for a small amount of money. Perfect snail shells will also reward the player with some crafting XP.

Swamp snake hides: These can only be obtained from killing the giant swamp snakes and then skinning them. These are worth a decent amount of money.

Lumberjack's outfit: This is only dropped by undead lumberjack's. For more details see the section below.

Lumberjack costume: This outfit can only be obtained from the Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott ramble activities. It provides the player with 5% extra woodcutting XP when worn and consists of 4 pieces. It is obtained as a drop from undead lumberjacks.

Construction outfit: This outfit also can only be obtained by playing the Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott ramble activities. When leveling certain companions or getting certain total levels in this activity you will unlock a piece of this outfit. It provides the player with 5% bonus construction xp. It consists of 5 pieces.

Guide Made by: Sytze
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Sytze