Death of Chivalry, The
Sent to Edgeville by Sir Amik Varze, Sir Owen is preparing for a mission with another Temple Knight. Little does he know that his mission is from Saradomin himself. The Kinshra have gotten hold of a weapon of great power and Saradomin needs both you and Sir Owen to stop them.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
5 free inventory spaces (for an armour set). Later, appropriate combat gear for your level.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Saradomin's Mission

Speak to Sir Owen at the northern entrance to the Edgeville Monastery, near the cabbage patch. Speak to him and he will say a strange phrase. Regardless of your answer, Sir Owen will ask who you are, as your face seems familiar. After a brief conversation about the reason Sir Owen is at the monastery in the first place, Saradomin will teleport in.

Saradomin reveals that the Kinshra, Zamorak's Black Knights, have discovered a dangerous weapon last wielded during the God Wars. Using this weapon, they hope to use it's power to destroy the White Knights and take over Falador once more. Saradomin asks you, with the aid of Sir Owen, to find the weapon and keep it safe.

After you have accepted the quest, Saradomin will explain that you need a suitable disguise to infiltrate the Black Knights' Fortress. This can be found just to the south-west. Equip it and speak to Saradomin once more. You will impersonate Captain Dulcin who is the current overseer of the Black Knights' Fortress and Sir Owen shall join you, as your prisoner. Saradomin will offer to teleport you directly to the fortress.

Infiltrating the Fortress

Allow Saradomin to teleport you both directly to the Black Knights' Fortress. A small cut-scene will play showing you and Sir Owen approaching the front gate of the dark castle of the Kinshra.

You & Sir Owen approaching the Black Knights' Fortress

You must convince the Fortress guard to raise the Portcullis and grant you access to the fortress with your prisoner. A bar at the top of the screen will show you how suspicious the Black Knights are. The goal is to act like a high-ranking Black Knight and maintain your disguise. The more you act like Captain Dulcin would act, the lower the Suspicion bar will go. If you reach 100% suspicion, you will be kicked out of the fortress and could be set back in your progress. If Sir Owen ever leaves your side, he will be waiting for you at the entrance to the fortress, next to the fortress guard.

The Suspicion bar interface at 25% suspicion

You will have three options to speak to the guard but regardless of your choice, you will instantly rise to 25% suspicion. Further chat with the guard will present options to begin either raising or lowering the bar.

  • He is my prisoner. 0 suspicion
    • No, I have something...special planned for him. -5 suspicion
    • Torture, you mean - you monster! +30 suspicion
  • I am taking my captive to the tallest tower of the fortress. 0 suspicion
  • My reasons are none of your concern. 0 suspicion
  • I thought I'd give him the tour... +30 suspicion

When you have answered, you will be allowed entry to the fortress. You will need to find a way to access the higher floors. As you proceed, you will encounter various Black Knights, the next being Lieutenant York who will want to know why the prisoner is not under guard.

  • I have pacified him with magic. +30 suspicion
  • Are you suggesting I cannot handle a mere knight of Saradomin? -5 suspicion
  • Saradomin sent just the two of us. +25 suspicion

Once you've made it past York, head through the torture chamber and towards the staircase in the north-west corner of the fortress where you will have to make it past another Fortress guard.

  • What do you want, maggot? -5 suspicion
  • Er, yes? +25 suspicion
  • What is it? 0 suspicion
    • By whose orders? -5 suspicion
    • This prisoner is to be sacrificed. -5 suspicion
    • Stand aside, or you will regret it. -5 suspicion

After you have convinced the fortress guard to allow you up the staircase, proceed up to the next level of the fortress. Continue through to the chapel in the southern portion of the next level to be confronted by Hierophant Marius, who will ask if you are ready to receive the mark of Zamorak. If you do not have free inventory space, you will not receive the option to remove your helmet during the conversation.

  • What is the mark of Zamorak? +25 suspicion
  • Yes. 0 suspicion
    • (Remove your helmet). +25 suspicion
    • You have no authority over me, priest. -5 suspicion
    • I shall return after I deal with this Temple Knight. -5 suspicion
  • No. +25 suspicion

If you choose, you can pray at the altar here to reduce your suspicion rating by 5. Head towards the staircase in the south-east portion of the chapel to be confronted by yet another fortress guard who will not allow a Saradominist prisoner to access the upper levels of the fortress.

  • Fool. He is to be sacrificed. +10 suspicion
  • I am bringing him to the tallest tower. 0 suspicion
    • We need him to recover the weapon of power, as you know. -5 suspicion
    • This one's stubborn. He needs some extra encouragement. -5 suspicion
  • Why, what's on the upper levels? +30 suspicion

Proceed up the staircase and head north to be interrupted by Lieutenant Graves on your way through the third level, who has grave news, ironically. He will tell you about an escaped witch.

  • Report, soldier. 0 suspicion
    • Tell me about this magic circle. 0 suspicion
    • What of this artefact? 0 suspicion
    • Stand aside. I will handle this. 0 suspicion
  • Why are you dressed differently from the Black Knights downstairs? +20 suspicion
  • Stand aside. I will handle this. 0 suspicion

Once you have agreed to handle the witch, Graves will want to guard Sir Owen. Choose an option, none of which will increase or decrease your suspicion level. Sir Owen, while Graves is distracted, will sneak around and knock him out. Search Graves for anything useful afterwards to find 250 coins. Choose to tie Graves up or dispose of him otherwise (once again neither choice will affect your suspicion). Proceed to Captain Dulcin's quarters, located just to the north.

Captain Dulcin's quarters

Search the desk in the captains quarters and you'll find Captain Dulcin's journal, locked with a clasp. Afterwards, head up the stairs in the north-east to reach the tallest tower in the fortress. You will be in a ritual chamber containing an inactive magic circle. Sir Owen suspects someone has tampered with it. As you expected to find the weapon in this room, Sir Owen will suggest that you complete the ritual to see what happened.

Performing the Ritual

All the materials needed to repair the ritual circle can be found in the chamber. Read the grimoire in the northern central part of the room to learn the Zamorakian ritual itself and earn 250 Magic XP. Make note of the symbol pictured on the left page of the grimoire as you will need to repair the ritual circle to match it.

Search the box of candles in the south-west portion of the room to receive 3 Red candles, the wardrobe in the western portion of the room to receive a Letter from Lord Daquarius and the shelf in the north-west portion of the room to receive a piece of chalk. Be sure to pick up the Tinderbox that spawns next to the wardrobe as well if you either do not have one with you or on your toolbelt.

Click on the ritual circle to attempt to repair it. You will need to pick the circle that matches the one shown in the Book of Shadows. The correct solution is the circle shown in the top-right portion of the interface, as shown by the outline below.

Once the ritual circle has been repaired, the melted candles in the stands around the circle will need to be replaced. Place the 3 red candles in the stands around the ritual circle by simply clicking on the candle sticks themselves and then light the newly replaced candles.

Chant over each lit candle, making sure to match the words of the ritual with the symbols of the circle, performing the correct chant at each candle. For the candle closest to Sir Owen, chant "Arom Nahrea Imperium". The middle candle should have "Feritas Silenti Sepulchrum" chanted over it and the final candle requires the chant "Igasac Perdimit Ebulam".

Once all three candles have been chanted over and the ritual is complete, the circle will glow red and a beam will shoot out from the chalk ritual circle revealing a portal to an undisclosed location with not a clue as to what lies beyond. At this point, you are advised to store your disguise and gear up for combat. It is worth mentioning that the combat encountered during this quest scales up with your level, so make sure to bring your best weapons, armour and food along with you.

After preparing for the battle ahead, enter the portal.

Into the Portal

Once you enter the portal, you will be taken to a Saradominist Tomb, located somewhere north of Trollheim. Three Black Knights are holding a damsel captive and torturing her, but engage you in combat upon your arrival.

The Black Knight Trio engaging you in combat

Once you have defeated all three, search the bodies to find a total of 1000 coins and a key to the damsel's cage. Release her and she will thank you for your help. The damsel will reveal that she is Dawn, sister of Saint Elspeth and was captured by Black Knights while on a pilgrimage from the abbey to Edgeville Monastery. She will explain why the Black Knights are here and about a protected tomb.

After the chat with her and picking up a handwritten message off the top of a crate in the south-east portion of the room if you like, proceed and enter the Doorway in the east. Dawn will stay behind no matter what choices you make in the dialogue to alert you if any Black Knights come through the portal.

You will enter a crypt dating back to the God Wars of the 3rd Age of Gielinor and you will find a Saradominist altar in the eastern portion of the room. You can talk to Sir Owen if you wish to learn more about where you are and attempting to open coffins or search the bones littered throughout the crypt will get him to go further into detail.

Saradominist Crypt, littered with bones & looted coffins.

Proceed south and open the Portcullis. For doing so, you will be rewarded 125 Strength XP. Continue down the staircase.

Elora's Wand of Resurrection

In the next room, you'll find a symbol of Saradomin on the floor and numerous Black Knights slain laid around it. You can search the Black Knight corpses to collect a total of 1250 coins. Walk to the centre of the room to be confronted by Fern. Speak to Fern and she will reveal to you the weapon you have been seeking - Elora's wand, and she will tell you how it is now her duty to protect it. This wand has the power to grant life to the dead as well as protect its wielder from harm.

Fern will explain that there are three wards you must be able to lower before being able to take Elora's wand for yourself, each ward requiring different skills to pass. The first of these is to engage in combat with Fern herself. Ready yourself for battle and then agree to be judged. You will be asked why you think you are worthy of the wand's power. Regardless of the answer you choose, she will inform you that you are to kill her.

The battle with Fern is not too terribly difficult; however it should be noted that, as with the previous fight, her stats will be scaled based on your levels. Sir Owen will also help out with the battle. Fern attacks from the Ranged side of the combat triangle and has no weaknesses, so you may attack her with any combat style you wish. Whenever she says anything and starts her charge attack, be sure to run from your current location; keep moving!

Once Fern has been killed, the first ward guarding the wand will fall, allowing you to proceed down the stairs to where the wand itself is located.

Proceed into the southernmost chamber of the tomb. There will be three bodies here, which you can search to find out how they died.

To lower the second ward, you will need to solve a simple memory puzzle. Touch the tiles on the floor to reveal a symbol; there are a total of 8 different symbols to match up. You will need to match each symbol with its twin and you are only allowed to reveal two tiles at a time, so you will need to remember where each symbol is located. You are given a total of eight chances to make an incorrect guess. Using up all eight chances will cause the puzzle to fully reset. The solution to the puzzle is shown below.

With the second ward taken care of, you only need to breach the final ward keeping you from the wand. Click on the final ward and decide how the blood should be given. Either you or Sir Owen will have to sacrifice blood to lower the ward. After a brief conversation with Owen on the matter, a cut-scene will play where the final ward lowers and Dawn teleports in and steals Elora's wand.

Dawn stealing Elora's wand

Dawn will teleport back to the main room, where you defeated Fern previously. Head back up the stairs and confront her there. She will then explain what her intentions were all along and will kill Sir Owen.

You looking over Sir Owen's body, slain by Dawn

Breaking Dawn

After killing Sir Owen, Dawn will then raise him along with the slain Black Knights. As before, engage and defeat the Black Knights, and Sir Owen as well, in combat. If you did not loot the bodies of the Black Knights previously, you are given another chance to do so here. Also, you can loot from Sir Owen's body to receive his shield, say a prayer for him to the god of your chosen emissary or Saradomin, and compose a eulogy. The eulogy is constructed entirely based on the answers to a series of questions you are asked.

Once finished, run north up the stairs and open the portcullis which Dawn sealed off prior to your fight with Owen and the Black Knights. You will once again receive 125 Strength XP for opening the portcullis. Dawn will be waiting for you in the main part of the tomb.

Talk to Dawn and you will engage her in combat. This is the hardest fight of the quest. Her stats will be scaled depending on your level. However the skeletons she raises with the wand will not be. Dawn uses the standard Fire Strike spells to attack you. In addition, she will also use an area of effect spell, marked by a pulsing orb beneath the area it is being cast upon. Avoiding this attack is as easy as running away from the pulsing orb. It is advised to keep moving to keep these orbs from becoming an issue. Dawn has no weaknesses, but it is recommended to engage her with either Ranged or Magic due to a "push-back" attack she will do if you get too close to her.

Take advantage of the Saradominist altar in the room if you need it. Each time Dawn loses around 25% of her total life points, she will surround herself with a barrier, blocking out all attacks against her. During this moment, she will use Elora's wand to raise Skeleton warriors, archers and mages to attack. As long as there are skeletons standing, Dawn will remain invulnerable. Once you quickly and easily dispose of the skeletons, focus your efforts back on her. Each time she uses the wand to summon skeletons, she will summon one more than the previous summon, starting at four skeletons and progressing upwards to six. Repeat the process of attacking her and defending her skeleton minions, while avoiding the AoE attack until she succumbs to your might.

Once you have defeated Dawn, search her corpse to reclaim Elora's wand. You will also find the key used to unlock Captain Dulcin's journal and a Skull of Remembrance, which will allow you to replay the quest cut-scenes later. Saradomin will arrive and request that you return to where Sir Owen was slain previously, so return to the southern portion of the tomb where he died.

Owen's Resurrection

You will find Saradomin waiting by Sir Owen's body. Speak to him and you will be asked to relinquish the wand so that it may be used to return Sir Owen to life. Your choice here and those you have made previously will determine how the quest ends, but regardless of the option chosen Saradomin will take the wand and raise Sir Owen from the dead.

Although alive again, Sir Owen is slightly corrupted. It seems that not even Saradomin himself is worthy of unlocking the full power of the wand. Saradomin will explain what has happened to Sir Owen, reflect briefly on his past actions and reveal his plans for the future, including fulfilling Fern's dream to restore the centaur race with the wand.

Saradomin will offer to teleport you back to the Edgeville Monastery, with your permission. You can decline his offer and explore the tomb further as there are rewards hidden in the coffins within the tomb. Otherwise, you will be teleported back to the monastery. Regardless of the option chosen, you will complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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