Dorgesh-Kaan is the underground city of the Dorgeshuun Goblin Tribe. Whereas most goblins prefer to live in settlements on the surface of Gielinor, the Dorgeshuun tribe has thrived from it's remote location and is by far the most prosperous of the Goblin Tribes. The city was founded after Bandos, the goblin deity, condemned the Dorgeshuun for desertion and banished the tribe to live always underground.

The dorgeshuun are unlike the other goblin tribes; they are largely peaceful and wish to gain significance in Gielinor through trade, politics and science. As a result, Dorgesh-Kaan is a bustling trading city with transport links with the dwarves and trade agreements with men.

Getting There

The route through the caves.

Dorgesh-Kaan can only be accessed after completion of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. If you have that requirement, use one of the following methods to reach the city:

  • Make your way through the caves underneath Lumbridge to reach the Dorgeshuun Mines, from there you can enter the city. Players can enter the caves from the Lumbridge Castle cellar, the watermill cellar or the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Remember to bring a light source if travelling this way. Kazgar is a cave goblin who will lead players through the goblin maze; he is located outside Lumbridge Castle Cellar.
  • After partial completion of Fairy Tale Part II, you can use the Fairy Ring code AJQ to teleport to the caves south of Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • Dorgesh-Kaan spheres can be purchased from Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan; they function in a similar way to teleport tablets and teleport players into Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • After completing Another Slice of H.A.M, you can take the train from Keldagrim to Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • There is a tunnel in the Kalphite Hive that links directly to the caves south of Dorgesh-Kaan.


Dorgesh-Kaan is a city built upon trade, so understandably there are plenty of shops for players to purchase a wide varirty of items.

Nardok's Bone Weapons

Stocks: Weapons made out of bone.

Location: Dorgeshuun Mines.

Miltog's Lamps

Stocks: Light Sources.

Location: Dorgesh-Kaan Marketplace.

Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies

Stocks: Basic Tools.

Location: Dorgesh-Kaan Marketplace.

Market Traders

Stocks: Various Foods.

Location: Dorgesh-Kaan Marketplace

The market place sellers sell various food for 10gp each. The food they sell are; Frogspawn gumbo, Fingers, Coated frogs legs, Bat shish and Frogburger.


Here is a map of Dorgesh-Kaan.

Other Features


The bank is located in the north-western area of the lower level of Dorgesh-Kaan. Players can withdraw and deposit items into the bank here.

Oldak's Lab

North of the bank there is a small room where the goblin scientist Oldak consucts his experiments. The player often comes here during quests and players can buy teleport spheres here.

Water Sources

Just to the north of the marketplace there are multiple fountains and waterfalls with which players can fill up their buckets, jugs and other water vessels.


In the southern area of the city, there is a room with a furnace and an anvil. Players can train the smithing skill on the anvil but the furnace is supposedly too fragile to be used to smelt ores; it can only be used in crafting silver and gold jewellery.


Next to the smithy, there is a sand pit where players can fill up buckets with sand. Sand is used in the crafting skill to make glass.


In the south-eastern area of the city there is a room with two ranges, a sink and an eternal fire. Players can train the cooking skill here.

Train Station

Accessed through a door on the western wall of the middle-level of the city, the station enables travel between Keldagrim and Dorgesh-Kaan after completion of the Another Slice of HAM quest.

Council Chamber

In the north of the city, up the stairs to the middle level, is a large building where the city is governed. This is the council chamber. This location is involved in some quests such as the Chosen Commander quest.

Zanik's House

Zanik's House is where the Dorgeshuun hero- Zanik- lives when he's not travelling the world. On the walls he displays various subterranean animals that he has caught. The house is located in the north-east part of the city, up the stairs.

Dorgesh-Kaan Nursery

On the eastern ledge of the city, there is a nursery where the cave goblins leave their young children in the hands of another goblin all day.

Dorgeshuun Mines

If you go through the door in the north-eastern corner of the city you will enter the Dorgeshuun Mines. In contrast to the clean brightness of Dorgesh-Kaan, the mines are relatively dark and dirty. There is a weapon shop here as well as several mining rocks.

RockMining Level

Iron Ore

Silver Ore

Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon

South of the city is a large network of caverns that feature heavily in the goblin quest series, the dungeon is also a minor location in While Guthix Sleeps. There are various slayer monsters and it is dark, so bring adequate food, armour and a light source.

There is a fishing spot to the western side of the dungeon where players can fish for frog spawn at level 33 fishing. In the centre of the dungeon there is a fairy ring and some machinery that is involved in the Land of the Goblins quest. Finally, there is a tunnel in the south-west part of the caves that leads to the Kalphite Lair underneath the Kharidian Desert.

Agility Course

Above the south dungeon, there is an agility course that players with more than 80 agility can use to train agility. The course is more practical than other courses, as the player must retrieve an item from an old generator; the items are requested by a goblin called Turgall.

There are two routes to the generator, the grapple and the agility paths. The former requires level 80 ranged, 80 agility, 80 strength, a mithril grapple and a mithril (or better) crossbow. The agility route only gives agility experience whilst the grappling route gives a slightly lower amount of strength, ranged and agility experience.

Turgall, the NPC you talk to in order to start the agility course.

Turgall will ask you to retrieve either a heavy or light item, using a spanner that he gives you. The heavy items are cogs, powerboxes and levers and can only be returned by using the agility route. The light items are capacitors, fuses and meters and, conversely, can only be returned by using the grapple route.

The generator where you retrieve the items.

The generator is located to the south-west of the agility course; the console contains light items and boiler contains heavy items. So if you want to collect a heavy item then use the spanner on the boiler. Once you have collected the required item, return to Turgall to recieve the lap bonus and to get another assignment.

Agility Route

ObstacleImageAgility Experience
Monkey Bars25
Narrow Wall7.5
Monkey Bars25
Lap Bonus (given by Turgall)2057

For the grappling route, there is only one type of obstacle that is repeated three times throughout the route.

Grapple (Ranged) Route

Pylon (x3)54
Lap Bonus (given by Turgall)1142

Thieving Opportunities

Dorgesh-Kaan has many opportunites for the particulary light-fingered player; including pickpocketing, thieving from chests and more!

Pickpocketing (Cave Goblins)

Cave Goblins are the standard citizen of Dorgesh-Kaan, they can be pickpocketed at level 36 thieving for 40 thieving experience and loot including:

  • Cave goblin food.
  • Iron Ore
  • Coins
  • Light sources
  • Swamp Tar
  • Cave Goblin Wire

Pick-locking (Chests)

In various houses around Dorgesh-Kaan, there are chests that can be pick-locked to obtain loot; as such a picklock is needed to open the chests. All the average chests apart the one in Oldak's house and Zanik's house give the same loot, but they all require level 52 thieving and give 200 thieving experience.

Rich chests contain more valuable loot than average chests, although they require 78 thieving and a lockpick; giving 650 experience. Rich chests are found on the middle and upper levels of the city, in houses.

Average Chests
Oldak's Chest
Zanik's Chest
Rich Chests
Bone Dagger
Bullseye Lantern
Cave Goblin Wire
Clue Scroll (easy)
Dorgesh-kaan Sphere
Earth Talisman
Fire Talisman
Frog-leather Body
Frog-leather Chaps
H.A.M Robe
Mining Helmet
Oil Lantern
Death Runes
Empty Light Orb
Light Orb
Big Bones
Bone Bolts
Bone Dagger
Clue Scroll (easy)
Dorgeshuun Crossbow
H.A.M Robe
Mining Helmet
Newcomer Map
Bullseye Lantern
Empty Light Orb
Frog-leather body
Frog-leather chaps
Iron Bar
Light Orb
Mining Helmet
Uncut Sapphire
Uncut Emerald
Uncut Ruby
Uncut Diamond
Uncut Red Topaz
Uncut Opal
Uncut Jade

Dorgesh-kaan Wire Machine

In the southern part of the city, next to the sand pit there is a wire machine that can be thieved from. Doing so requires level 44 thieving and yields 22 thieving experience if succesful; it is possible to fail where you get your hand caught in the machine, take damage and get stunned for four seconds. You can steal Cave Goblin Wire from the machine which is used to make Light Orbs, which in turn are used to fix broken lamps around the city.

Lighting System

Dorgesh-kaan is lit be a system of lamps around the city; unfortunately some of the lamps are broken so it is up to the player to fix them. To do this you must obtain or make a light orb, insert it into a broken lamp and light it. This requires 52 firemaking and awards 1000 firemaking experience. This is how players can obtain light orbs:

  • Light Orbs are possible loot from thieving from chests around the city; the chest in Oldak's house is best for this.
  • Empty Light Orbs can be crafted in the crafting skill by glassblowing, which requires level 87 crafting, or by looting one from chests as mentioned above. Just add a piece of Cave Goblin Wire to an Empty Light Orb to create a Light Orb.
Alternatively, light orbs can be purchased from other players or via the Grand Exchange

Broken Light Orbs are mainly found in insignificant houses on the second and third levels of the city.


Passive Personalities


South part of Dorgeshuun Mines.Sells bone weapons.

Dorgeshuun MinesCan escort players through the goblin maze from the mines to Lumbridge Castle Cellar.

Oldak's Lab, in the north-west of the city.Oldak is a NPC that is heavily involved in the Dorgeshuun quest series as he is Dorgesh-kaan's top scientist. Players can buy teleport spheres from him after completition of quests that unlock that particular area; for example during Land of the Goblins you visit the plain of mud, so after you complete the quest you can buy teleport spheres to the plain of mud.

Oldak's Lab after Land of the Goblins.Grubfoot is also involved in the Dorgeshuun quest series as he claims to have had prophecies about the Chosen Commander, he is escoreted into the city by the player after Land of the Goblins and thus is the first and only surface goblin to enter Dorgesh-kaan.

North side of the plaza in north Dorgesh-kaan.He is part of the Dorgeshuun council, he can be found debating with Ur-zek.

Next to Ur-taal.Ur-zek is a goblin councillor who debates the council decisions with Ur-taal.

Cave Goblin
Various places all over Dorgesh-kaan.These NPCs represent the citizens of Dorgesh-kaan, they can be talked to and pickpocketed.

Dorgesh-kaan bank.Bankers manage your exchanges at the Dorgesh-kaan bank.

Just to the north of the marketplace.A member of the Dorgeshuun council, he is found talking to the citizens of the city. After completing the Chosen Commander players can speak to him to choose their statue.

Captain Undak
East side of the plaza.The head of military in the city, Captain Undak is involved in a few quests including the Chosen Commander.

Marketplace.A market trader who sells frogburgers.

Marketplace.He runs the general store.

Marketplace.This goblin runs the lamp shop.

Marketplace.Reldak owns the leather armour stall.

Marketplace.These market traders will buy surface food from players in exchange for coins and other exotic foods.

Marketplace.A market trader who sells bat shish kebabs.

Marketplace.A market trader who sells crispy frogs' legs.

Crate Goblin
Marketplace.This goblin delivers supplies to various locations around the city.

Marketplace.A market trader who sells wall beast fingers.

Marketplace.A market trader who sells frogspawn gumbo.

Merchant Xenia
South of the marketplace.She is a possible suspect for being a H.A.M agent during the Chosen Commander quest.

Merchant Uriah
South of the marketplace.He is a possible suspect for being a H.A.M agent during the Chosen Commander quest.

Merchant Yuri
South of the marketplace.He is a possible suspect for being a H.A.M agent during the Chosen Commander quest.

Merchant Zakia
South of the marketplace.She is a possible suspect for being a H.A.M agent during the Chosen Commander quest.

Merchant Vernon
South of the marketplace.He is a possible suspect for being a H.A.M agent during the Chosen Commander quest.

Next to the furnace.A goblin smith, he will prevent the player from attempting to smelt ores in the furnace.

In the most south-west room in the north section of Dorgesh-kaan.This cave goblin is very afraid of the gods, the player can comfort him if he talks to him.

Spit Goblin
Outside of the kitchen.He is roasting a frog over a fire, he says that it isn't ready yet but directs players to the marketplace for food.

In a room to the south-east of the city.A member of the Dorgeshuun Council who is discussing what colour the guards' armour should be, showing a resembelance to events during Goblin Diplomacy.

In the same room as Ur-lun.Another councillor who is debating with Ur-lun.

Talent Scout
At the start of the agility course.He will call you over to take part in the 'Pit' Distraction and Diversion after completing a few laps of the agility course.

In the generator at the north side of the agility course.A goblin engineer, this NPC is part of the agility course.

On a rock on the grappling route through the agility course.This human warrior is Movario's bodyguard and is involved in While Guthix Sleeps.

Next to Darve.This human mage has been enlisted by Lucien to find the Stone of Jas, he is involved in While Guthix Sleeps.

Horgon, Caldi, Fandon, Inglin, Elzik, Kenti, Lorzan and Bozin
Dorgesh-kaan Nursery.These are goblin toddlers that have been left in the nursery, they treat humans with a mix of apprehension and curiosity.

Tyke, Nipper and Young'un
Dorgesh-kaan Nursery.These are goblin babies, they have also been abandoned and consigned to cages in the nursery.

Dorgesh-kaan Nursery.Mernik is the nursery manager, she tries to look after the children.

Ambassador Alvijar
In a house, north of the nursery.The dwarven ambassador to Dorgesh-kaan, he is involved in the Chosen Commander and Another Slice of H.A.M.

Council Chamber.This goblin is the head of the Dorgeshuun Council and is involved in the Dorgeshuun quest series.

Goblin Scribe
Council Chamber.A goblin who documents council meetings and likes to investigate cave goblin history.

At the far end of a corridor to the west of the marketplace.This goblin is a crafter with an interest in bones. He will give players coins and construction experience in return for long and/or curved bones. He will also give coins for snail shells.

Ticket Goblin
Train Station.Despite charging other passengers to use the train, due to the player saving the train during Another SLice of H.A.M he allows the player free use of the service.

Train Station.These are citzens from Keldragrim.


MonsterCombat Level(s)WeaknessLocationNotes

Cave Goblin Miner
Air Spells
Dorgeshuun MinesThese are pretty weak monsters that can be talked to, the player can talk about the Dorgesh-kaan mining industry.

Cave Goblin Guard
Air Spells
Dorgeshuun MinesThese are stronger than miners, but still quite weak. These can also be talked to although the dialogue isn't particulary interesting.

Air Spells
Dorgesh-kaan first level.Not to be confused with Cave Goblin Guards, these guards are found inside the city and are slightly stronger.

Cave Bug

Dorgesh-kaan South DungeonThere are small cave bugs and large cave bugs in the dungeon, unsuprisingly the larger ones are stronger than the rest. They all use ranged attacks.

Dorgesh-kaan South DungeonThese are slayer monsters that need a slayer bell and 39 slayer to kill. They attack with range but are generally weak for their level.

Cave Slime
Dorgesh-kaan South DungeonPoisonous slayer monsters that need 19 slayer to kill.

Cave Crawler

Dorgesh-kaan South DungeonThese are very poisonous slayer monsters that require level 10 slayer to kill.

Big Frog
Dorgesh-kaan South DungeonBig Frogs are low level monsters with a large amount of lifepoints.

Giant Frog
Dorgesh-kaan South DungeonThese monsters are stronger than big frogs, but share their characteristics.


Water Spells
Dorgesh-kaan South Dungeon, by the fairy ring.Small slayer monsters that need a bag of salt and 20 slayer to kill.


Unlockable Music

TrackWhere it's Unlocked
Demise of the DorgeshuunDuring the Chosen Commander
Dorgeshuun CityDorgesh-kaan
Dorgeshuun DeepDorgesh-kaan south dungeon
H.A.M fistedDuring the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest
The Lost MelodyDorgeshuun Mines

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Nick da Fox, Majinvegito3