Eagles' Peak


The Eagles' Peak is a mountain in the far-west of Gielinor. It is a somewhat remote location but it has numerous transport links making it easy to reach; especially after completion of the Eagles' Peak quest. The mountain is the principal setting in the aforementioned quest.

Eagles' Peak is located far away from any human civilisation and therefore it is regarded as a wild place of adventure mostly untouched by the chaos of the world. The gnomes from the relatively close Tree Gnome Stronghold also tend to wander near to the mountain as well as outlaws and adventurers from all over the land.

Getting There

Various ways to reach the mountain.

Despite being a far-flung location, there are quite a few methods of reaching the Eagles' Peak.

  • Fairy Ring Network: The Fairy Ring code AKQ teleports players to the woodlands north of the mountain, however this requires partial completion of the Fairy Tale Part II quest.
  • Lodestone Network: Lodestones are the quickest transport method as there is one right next to the mountain, if you haven't unlocked this one then you could just teleport to the Ardougne lodestone and make your way west.
  • Spirit Trees: After completing the Tree Gnome Village quest players can use spirit trees to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. From there players just need to run out of the gate and head west to reach the Eagles' Peak.

Map of Area


There are plenty of things to do at the Eagles' Peak despite its small size. The majority of interesting things actually reside inside the mountain rather than on the surface; the actual mountain only has a winding path and some rocky outcrops.

The Campsite

On the north-west side of the mountain there is a deserted campsite (which is repopulated after the Eagles' Peak quest). There is a pile of books that is involved in the quest and also, once you have completed the quest, there are some ferrets that can be hunted and an eternal fire. An agility shortcut connects the camp to the mountain but requires level 25 agility.

The shortcut from the mountain to the campsite.

The River

To the east of the mountain is a river that leads all the way from the Piscatorius Fishing Colony to Witchhaven. At the part of the river nearest the mountain there is a boat owned by Devin Mendleburg and Kathy Corkat; they can take players north to the Fishing colony for 50 coins or free of charge if players use a Ring of Charos (a).

The Eyrie

To reach the Eyrie enter the cave at the top of the mountain path, then follow the path round to the southern doorway and go through it. Carry on past the nest and turn north to reach four giant eagles and some spawns of giant feathers. The latter are quest items in the Eagles' Peak quest.

After players have completed Eagles' Peak you can lasso one of the four eagles to take you to one of four areas. This process requires a rope. Each giant eagle corresponds to a particular area; for example you must lasso the Desert Eagle to travel to the desert.

There are four eyries at each of the four locations; each one must be unlocked from the outside before you can reach the area through the eagle system. Once you have unlocked an eyrie you can fly back and forth from it to the main eyrie as much as you want.

AreaEagleRequirements to unlock

Uzer (desert)

Desert Eagle


Karamjan Jungle Eagle
Back to my Roots

Feldip Jungle

Jungle Eagle
Teasing Stick (use it on the vine by the entrance, it will take an hour for the vine to grow).

Polar hunter area

Polar Eagle

The eyries in Uzer, Feldip Jungle and the polar hunter area all have spawns of rope in there. Another thing to note is that players can build rope racks in hotspots at the Eagles' Peak eyrie, the Karamjan Eyrie and the Feldip Eyrie respectively.

Eyrie LocationConstruction LevelMaterials

Eagles' Peak
18 3 Planks
5 Ropes
4 nails

28 3 Oak Planks
5 ropes

Feldip Jungle
38 3 Teak Planks
5 ropes
A player flying on an eagle.

The Nest

To the west of the Eyrie there is a huge nest guarded by a similarly huge eagle. Players must rescue Nickolaus from the nest but an eagle cape and beak is required to pass the eagle. If you try to pass without the disguise the eagle will swipe you back and you will take damage.

A player wearing the disguise; comprising of an eagle cape and a beak.

Just to the south-east of the nest is an assortment of broken furniture; the only remaining signs of the outlaws that once inhabited the caves. There are two spawns of a coin.

Eagles' Peak Dungeon

A map of the main dungeon.

The main cave area, that includes the nest and eyrie, is the central hub of the cave system and multiple passages lead into other caves. The entrances to these are on the north-east, south-west and western walls of the main cave. These caves are heavily involved in the Eagles' Peak quest.

The tunnel in the north-east of the cave leads to a maze. This maze has to be completed to obtain a gold feather with which players can unlock the door to the nest and the eyrie. See this guide for a maze walkthrough.

The maze.

The western cave is a large, empty cave area with a stone pedestal in the centre. During the quest the player tracks down a giant kebbit who has stolen the silver feather which, like the gold feather, is needed to unlock the southern door.

Finally, the south-western cave is just a single room with another pedestal and four winches in each of the corners of the room. Like the other caves it is involved in the Eagles' Peak quest.


Players can see that there are multiple activities available on the outside of the mountain. One of these is woodcutting. As the Eagles' Peak is surrounded by woodland there are naturally a lot of trees of various kinds, including yew, oak and normal trees.

For those players woodcutting for profit, the easiest way to bank logs is to use the lodestone network to bank in Edgeville or Taverley and teleport back to the Eagles' Peak to continue woodcutting. Alternatively players could just drop their logs if they want to maximise experience.


The area around the mountain teems with wildlife ready to be hunted. Most notably are ferrets, creatures that are the source of the trouble in the Eagles' Peak quest. Ferrets, alongside a few other rodent-esque animals, can be caught with box traps.

Alongside hunting with box-traps, players can catch animals through tracking, bird snaring, deadfall trapping and butterfly netting. All these techniques are explained in the Hunter guide.

AnimalHunter LevelExperienceMethodDrops

Common Kebbit
3 36 Tracking Woodland Kebbit Fur

Copper Longtail
9 61 Bird Snaring Bones, Raw bird meat, Orange Feathers

Ruby Harvest
15 24 Butterfly Netting Ruby Harvest

Wild Kebbit
23 128 Deadfall Trapping Kebbit claws

27 115 Box Trapping Ferret

White Rabbit*
27 144 Rabbit Snaring Bones, Raw Rabbit Meat, A Rabbit Foot

Prickly Kebbit
37 204 Deadfall Trapping Kebbit spike

Razor-backed Kebbit
49 348 Tracking Long Kebbit Spike

53 198 Box Trapping Chinchompa

*Catching rabbits requires players to place a rabbit snare outside a rabbit hole and 'flush' it out with a ferret.



Eagle Nest (before and during Eagles' Peak)
The camp (after Eagles' Peak)
This guy is the main protagonist in the Eagles' Peak quest. He is an intrepid zoologist and adventurer who occasionally bites off more than he can chew.

Eagle (flying)
The sky above the mountain. These large birds can be observed flying around the mountain. As of yet players are unable to interact with them.

Eagle (nest)
Guarding the eagle nest. This eagle is even larger than those flying outside. It guards its nest and will swipe players back if they attempt to pass without an eagle disguise.

Polar Eagle
Eyrie Takes players to the polar hunter area.

Jungle Eagle
Eyrie Takes players to the Feldip jungle.

Karamjan Jungle Eagle
Eyrie Takes players to the Jade-Vine maze, in Karamja.

Desert Eagle
Eyrie Takes players to a cave in the north of the Kharidian Desert.

Kathy Corkat
The River She owns the boat with which players can travel to the Piscatorius fishing colony.

Devin/David Mendelburg
The River Before completion of the Swan Song quest, it is Devin who manages the boat with Kathy Corkat. After the quest his role is taken by David.

North of the lodestone. Players can choose to listen to him to recover lifepoints and run energy at a set rate. Alternatively they can be spoken to for information regarding running and resting.

Unlockable Music

TrackLocation unlocked at
Eagle Peak The forests around the mountain.
Where Eagles Lair Eagles' Peak dungeon.

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