Birthright of the Dwarves
Newly crowned King Veldaban thinks that Hreidmar and the Red Axe mining company must be planning another attack on the dwarven city of Keldagrim. As someone who has already defeated several attempts by Hreidmar to take over Keldagrim, you are the only person that Veldaban trusts to deal with the Red Axe before they strike.


Skill Requirements:
15 80 Mining
14 82 Smithing
3 85 Strength
Quest Requirements:
King of the Dwarves
Other Requirements:
Be able to defeat a Level 180 Enemy, be able to take several 3000 lifepoints hits, be able to fight several 160 items and 2 strong bosses at the same time.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: High tier armour, High tier food
Reward: Click to reveal

King Veldaban's Troubles

To start the quest the player has to talk to King Veldaban who is found on the 2nd floor of the palace in Keldagrim.

After a brief conversation where the king mentions how much he hates being king, the player gets the option to ask wether he needs any help. This is the part where the player can accept to start the quest. The king will explain there are several things concerning the Red Axe which needs doing.

He will tell the player that there are several suspected spies which are held in the Record's chamber which need to be dealt with. He will also ask the player to kill Chaos dwarves found in the Taverley Dungeon to find out more about them. And finally he will tell the player to talk to the Watchtower Wizard about a way to stop the Ogre Shaman's magic from being able to clear and alter people's memories. He will then give the player a Royal dwarven seal to prove that they are on a mission from the king.


The spies can be found in the Record's chamber in west Keldagrim. The entrance to this chamber is just west of the black guard HQ. Here the player will find Lieutenant Brae. Talk to her and she will provide the player with some information about who the people are and what the player exactly has to do.

Vigr: He will tell the player that unless there is hard evidence that he is a spy for the Red Axe they should let him go. Leave the Record's chamber and go to the Palace. On the ground floor go north to the weapon store and search the furnace. Here the player will find some letters stating that Vigr used to be a Red Axe spy, but the last letter dates back to before Veldaban became king. Return to the Record's chamber and confront Vigr about the letters. He will admit being a spy. Now the player has to judge wether they will kill him, let him go or exile him. It doesn't matter which option they choose.

Klaas: Klaas will tell the player that in his opinion Veldaban is not the true king and that the people should overthrow him. He will also mention the Royalists in the King's Axe inn will vouch for him. Go to the Inn found in west Keldagrim and talk to Meike, she will say she does not know where Klaas got the information that Veldaban is not the true king or if he is a spy. She does vouch that it does not match the Klaas she knows though. Once again return to the Record's chamber and talk to Klaas. The player has to decide on Klaas his fate as well.

Brendt and Grundt: Talk to both Brendt and Grundt and ask them why the king of Jatiszo might have thought they mentioned the Red Axe. Brendt will say the captain of their ship had the nickname "Red Axe", but if you ask Grundt about it he will say the captain was named Sigriddottir. Grundt will say he was wielding a red axe and that is why the king might have thought of the Red Axe. Now talk to Brendt again about the captain and ask him about the weapon. Lieutenant Brae will say you found a inconsistency in their stories and that you have to judge wether they are spies or not and on their fate. Do this for both of them and then talk to Lieutenant Brae who says you should talk to King Veldaban again. You can first complete the other tasks though.

Chaos Dwarves

Prepare for battle against a level 180 opponent who is weak to ranged. Then head to Taverley and from the lodestone run south, across the bridge and south again to reach the entrance to the dungeon. From there go north and follow the path until you see Chaos dwarves. Kill several until Ikidia the Exile appears, she will tell the player that these Dwarves can not let the player know what the king wants to know and that the player should find her in the Chaos druid temple in the dungeon. Run north to the temple and there talk to Ikidia again. She will tell the player that information comes at a price in the learnings of Zamorak and that they must fight her before she will tell the player what they need. She is level 180, uses magic ,frequently stuns the player and is weak to range. When they defeat her she will tell the player Chaos Dwarves were not a creation of the Red Axe but have always existed, and that all dwarves have the potential to become Chaos dwarves. Then the player has the option to either kill her or let her live, which you pick does not matter.

Watchtower Wizard

Teleport to Yanille lodestone and go through the city to the Watchtower just north of the city. Go up to the top of the tower and talk to the Watchtower Wizard there. Ask him if he has any way to deal with Ogre Shaman memory altering magic. He will say that he might know a way and gives the player a Memory wand. He will then say that the player seems to have been a victim of memory magic and will calibrate the wand using the player. He will teleport himself and the player into the player's memory.

The memory realm appears to be a rather empty place with only a portal, the player and the Watchtower wizard, beer and kebabs. The wizard tells the player to use the Memory wand on memories which are not right. Use the memory wand on one of the kebabs or beer and it will become a Memory void. From the void a Chaos dwarf fragment, Hreidmar fragment, Gnome emissary fragment and a Grimsson fragment will spawn. Catch these fragments and then use the wand on the next incorrect memory. Do this for all the kebabs and beer.

The Watchtower wizard will instruct the player to next use the memories on their corresponding memory voids. When the player inspects the voids they will give a hint. Use the Gnome emissary fragments on the void with the description "What would a gnome be doing here?", the Chaos dwarf fragments on the void saying "Is it natural for a dwarf to look like that?", the Grimsson fragments on the "I wonder where he got that scar" void, and finally the Hreidmar fragments on the void with the description "Walking stick, spiky hair, twirly moustache".

When the player did this their memory will be restored and in a cutscene will see what happened really in that memory. After the cutscene they will be back in the Watchtower with a fully calibrated wand. Return to Veldaban in Keldagrim and report to him.


The king will next tell the player it's time to take the battle to the Red Axe and to meet him at the battlefield of Barendir. This can be found south of Keldagrim. Take the boat found just north of the Palace to get there quickly

Go all the way north from the entrance and through the tunnel. This will bring the player in a large room where several trolls, black guard and Veldaban and Nulodion are found. Here the player can prepare for the oncoming battle by banking at the Black guard quartermaster. It is advised to bring a decent amount of food. When ready talk to Veldaban who will say the Red Axe is just behind the wall, and the plan is to shoot the wall down using a cannon. After talking to him talk to Nulodion who will say the Red Axe most likely have cannons as well, he will hand the player explosives gears to destroy the cannons. Once fully prepared click the cannon to fire it. Another cutscene will be shown.

Cannons and Bridges

During the cutscene it's shown how all bridges were sunk into the lava making the room impossible to cross using those. Instead the player will have to use the cannons to lower pillars found in the room. The pillar is in the west side of the room. Stand behind it and let the cannon shoot it down. Once it falls cross it and make your way to the cannon, avoiding getting hit as much as possible. Blow up the cannon and make your way to the next one, making sure your lifepoints stay high the entire time. Repeat this for the second cannon and then make your way to the pillar on the east side of the room. Let the cannon shoot down the next pillar as well and cross it again. Hide behind the rocks and replenish your lifepoints to full. Disable the nearby cannon and run to the next wall. There are 2 cannons nearby so you will need to be careful. Disable them both.

The cannons deal around 3000 lifepoints damage if they hit you. If you die anywhere during this stage you will have to restart. Your grave will be in the tunnels leading up to the battle. Before you re enter the battlefield after dying bank at the bank in Keldagrim as you will not be taken back to the pre battlefield room.

Once all cannons are destroyed go to the west of the room and up to the platform where Colonel Grimsson is. He will flee using the train cart and Veldaban will chase him. Pull the lever found on the small plateau and then ride the minecart to follow Grimsson and Veldaban.

More Memories

After riding the train cart the player will find themselves in another cutscene. Veldaban, Grimsson, the Ogre Shaman and Hreimdar can be seen and Hreimdar tells the Ogre to alter Veldaban's memories. The Ogre Shaman does this and the player is then discovered. The Ogre tries to alter the players memories but is unable to do so because of the memory wand. The spell backfires and the player first enters Veldaban's memories.

In Veldaban's memory you will find yourself in an old battle against trolls called the battle of Berendir. Several things will be incorrect though. Use the Memory wand on the Red Axe banner, the Chaos Dwarf and the Zamorak Chaplin. Three kinds of memories will spawn. Catch all of them and use the Standard fragments on the eastern Void, the Chaplin fragments on the south-western void and the Conscript fragments on the south-eastern void. Veldaban will remember things correctly now and you will enter another memory.

The next memory belongs to Grimsson. You will find yourself in the battle of Barendir again. This time you will need to restore 2 memories. Kill the small troll and the big troll which are attacking Grimsson and gather the fragments that spawn. Use the Dwarf fragments on the void with the description "He doesn't want to be here", use the Troll fragments on the void with the description "Broken rocks". This completes this memory and Grimsson will remember what happened during the battle of Berendir. You will enter yet another memory.

This time you will see the memory of Hreidmar. He will be seen talking to Zamorak, discussing how he is the rightfull heir to the throne. Use the memory wand on Zamorak and catch all the fragments. Use the statue fragments on the void to complete the memory.

Next you will see another cutscene and then enter the memories of the Ogre Shaman. Use the wand on the dwarves and the gnome. Catch the fragments as always but be careful. The shaman can make the fragments dangerous. If a fragment becomes a dangerous fragment wait a while until it reverts back to normal. Once they are all caught use the Hreidmar fragments on the void saying "Walking stick, spiky hair, twirly moustache", the Gnome emissary fragments on the void saying "What would a gnome be doing here" and the Grimsson fragments on the void saying "I wonder where he got the scar". Once you finish this you will find out the truth on why the Ogre Shaman helps out the Red Axe. He will regain his memories as well and be ashamed, you can choose to kill him or let him live, whichever you decide on does not influence the rest of the quest.

Into the Lair of the Axe

After all memories have been restored go through the tunnel further. You will enter a huge cavern which has a statue of Hreimdar and a Palace. Go to the palace and go up the stairs. Here you will find an exact replica of the trade floor of the Keldagrim palace. There are multiple Red Axe directors found here, a few traders and a door with stairs behind it. To be able to get through the door talk to any of the Red Axe directors and say your friend wants to join. They will tell you to kill of all other directors. Kill 7 of the directors and talk to the last one left. You can now enter the door and go up the stairs.

End of the Axe

Boss fight upcoming. To prepare the player will have to go back to the bank. Good armour and high tier food is advised.

Talk to Hreimdar and the fight will start once you tell Grimsson to bring it on. This battle is decently easy with high armour. Simply attack him until he dies. Another cutscene will play where Hreimdar turns himself and Grimsson in chaos versions of themselves and damages Veldaban.

This fight is a lot more difficult if not handled correctly. The trick is to either lure Grimsson or Hreimdar first outside using the doors. If Hreimdar gets his adrenaline bar filled up he will heal himself and his allies for 12,000 lifepoints, this attack can be stopped by dealing a high amount of damage within a certain timeframe. It is recommended to use either strong threshold or ultimate abilities for this. If Grimsson fills up his adrenaline bar he will charge at the player and deal a lot of damage. This can be avoided by running around or by hiding behind the door. After both of them are dead kill any remaining Chaos Dwarf Cannoneers and Chaos Dwarves. Then talk to Veldaban to finish off the quest.

The Final Cutscene

After talking to Veldaban the player will see another cutscene which shows soldiers pulling down the statue of Hreimdar. After this it will switch to the throne room where the Consortium leaders demand Veldaban to step down as king as there is no longer an emergency happening. The player can choose here whether he should step down or remain King. Once this cutscene is done the quest is completed.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Sytze
Corrections submitted by: Max, Allysaur, Jack, Sytze, Vydrakk