Cosmic Entity's Plane


The Cosmic Entity's Plane is only encountered during the quest, Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen. Here you can pick Starflowers, when they appear, which are the secondary ingredients to making a Magic Essence (3).

Getting There

There is only one way to travel to this out-of-world plane and that route is by the Fairy Rings. First off, you should go to any Fairy Ring and click the centre of the circle to be teleported to Zanaris' main Fairy Ring. Click the centre of that ring and the Fairy Map will show.

Once the Fairy Ring Map Interface comes up on your screen, either:

  • Scroll down to the near bottom of your Travel Log and click the Cosmic Entity's Plane. The letters on the Map will change accordingly and then click 'Teleport to this location'.
  • Or

  • Click on the letters on the Map to make CKP appear in the correct order and then click 'Teleport to this location'.

Points of Interest

The Cosmic Being

The Cosmic Being can be found on the East of the Cosmic Plane where she roams around waving her hands side by side. If you talk to her she will give you the following message:

After talking to the Cosmic Being and receiving the above message you can go ahead and press enter to be given two options. By clicking any of the options, you will be given a number of responses which may differ from the last one or could be the same.

Starflowers & Magic Essence

Starflowers are one of two ingredients to make a Magic Essence, the other being a Ground Gorak's Claw. If these two are mixed together with a vial of water, the outcome is a Magic Essence potion.


The Magic Essence will give a temporarily boost of 8 Magic Levels on top of the players current level. A maximum level of 107 is reached when a dose of this potion is consumed.


Only one quest currently takes place in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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