Missing, Presumed Death
When a group of Saradominist monks are slaughtered by an unknown assailant you are asked by the only survivor - a monk who is extremely traumatised - to find the killer and bring them to justice. But there's more to this puzzle than meets the eye, starting with the souls of the dead monks being trapped in their bodies...


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
The Quests: The World Wakes, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Chosen Commander, Icthlarin's Little Helper and the miniquest Koschei's unlock extra dialogue options through out the quest.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Murder of the Monks

To start off the quest, talk to Brother Samwell, who is standing on the road to the Paterdomus Temple, east of Varrock. You will find that he was traveling with his Brothers who were brutally murdered by an assassin.

He will give you an Investigators Notebook, which is a notebook to record your findings as you investigate the crime-scene.

First, investigate the nearby tree which has a crystalline arrow inside it. Search all of the dead monks, to find the crystalline fragments and to learn that it was a masked man, then, search the plant that is slightly sparkling (it will be the only plant that has a 'Investigate' option on it) to find the Lost Ring of Seren.

After you have found these clues, talk to Brother Samwell again to proceed with the quest. He will then tell you to talk to a witness, the odd old man.

Follow the path just west until you find a staircase going north slightly. Speak to the Odd old man (from the Rag and Bone Man quest) about the murders and persuade him twice, then threaten him (note: Threaten when it explains you need to grab his attention) After you have achieved the information you need, talk to Brother Samwell.

Death of an Elf

Brother Samwell will then tell you to follow the crystal fragments to discover more clues, the first fragments are slightly east of Brother Samwell. Follow the fragments till you reach a dead elf.

Investigate the elf to find she has Saradomin symbols etched into her hands. After search the blue linen, which is another clue, a nearby bench and a slightly sparkling plant to find a mysterious letter and a saradominist necklace.

Head slightly southwest towards the nearby beacon and speak to Blaze Sharpeye, who is part of the beacon network, and ask him about what had happened. Threaten him twice, and persuade him the third time (Note: Persuade when it explains that he's had enough) After you have received all of your information, return to Brother Samwell

Brother Samwell will then direct you to his friend, Wizard Valina, Who is based at the entrance to the wizards tower, South of Draynor, Speak to her and exhaust all of your options until you discover the information you need. Then return to Brother Samwell.

Godly Appearance

While you are talking to Brother Samwell, Icthlarin will talk to you telepathically, and warn you that he is about to arrive. After a small cutscene Icthlarin teleports in, to Brother Samwells surprise. He will then inform you of what has been happening in the world, and why the souls are trapped. Soon after he will sense some enemies approaching, these are the Wights.

While fighting the wights Icthlarin will help weaken them while you kill them. After you have defeated all of the Wights, one will drop a Invitation box.

Entering the Citadel

After a conversation with the mask that is on the box, You and Icthlarin will choose to open it and get teleported to the Empyrean Citadel

Once you have entered the citadel, you will get the option to either continue straight on with the quest, or to talk to any of the characters in the main citadel for any information.

When you are ready to continue with the quest, talk to Icthlarin and say that you are ready to continue. He will then walk to the Barrows Wights and use his invitation to get through.

Maze Madness

After Icthlarin has entered the Room of the gods, your character will hear the sound of a lock opening to the west, run to the door to the west and walk into the room. Once in the room, You will notice a Maze:

  • First, run north and look through the window, you will be taken to a cutscene of the room of the gods.
  • After you have finished the cutscene, Run south and walk through the door frame.
  • Jump across the gap to the west.
  • Run across the planks.
  • Drop down rock face to the west.
  • Climb Rockface to the northeast.
  • Climb through the wood to the north.
  • Go northeast and head through the door.

Enlightened Combat

After the maze head through the door and walk across the skybridge to the next room. Go through the door and the player will find themselves in another room. Here the player will get a small hint about turning on the lights. It seems empty except for a Wight in the centre.

Once the player attacks the Wight they will find it can't be damaged. Look for levers on the wall and pull it. A light in the room will turn on, lure the Wight there and the player will be able to damage it.

Several more waves of Wights will appear, defeat them all to complete this room. The player may have to pull other levers to turn on other lights in case a ranger Wight appears. Look through the window once all enemies have been defeated to view another scene of what is going on in the room where the gods reside.

Playing with Shadows

After the scene go through the door and to the next room. Here the player finds a room with 4 lamps, a viewing panel and an image in the centre.

The player here has to access the viewing panel and rotate the lamps to create an image. The image needed is the sign of Sliske. The masks on the viewing panel will tell the player how close they are.

Once they create above image they will have completed the room and can view the window for another scene of the room with the gods.


After the shadow image room the player will find a room where they see Death at first. Once they get closer though it only turns out to be a statue of Death with another of Sliske's Masks attached to it. In the room there are also three chests and a pedestal.

The mask will get the player to play a small game of riddles, after which he says Death will be released and the player will receive a gift worthy for a god. The items needed for the riddles can be found in the chests, but the second chest will only open after the first riddle is completed and the third chest only after the second riddle is completed. The item needed for the second riddle can be in both the first and second chest though, and the item needed for the third riddle can be in the first, second and third chest.

The first riddle is: I can build castles, That melt in rain. But I trickle down, As the seconds drain. The answer to this is the item Sand. Use this on the pedestal and you will get the second riddle.

The second riddle is: I can fall from the sky, But I cannot climb higher. I spring with no legs, I run but don’t tire. The answer to this is the item Water. Once again use it on the pedestal to get the next riddle.

The third riddle is: Glass can't create me, But stone and steel do. I’m made by the sun, But out of its view. I can be tiny, And also be vast. In the shape of my maker, Like a spell I’m cast. This is the item Shadow. Use this on the pedestal to complete this room. The player will then receive the item, Sliske's Invitation. But no sign of Death yet. Take a look through the window to view another scene of the room with the gods.

The Ascension of Shadow

Go through the door and drop down. Go to the door and this time the Barrows brothers will let you inside. You will now be in a large room with all the gods and Sliske.

A series of conversations will happen next where Sliske not only reveals the fact that he captured Death and a Dragonkin. But also that he has both the Staff of Armadyl and the Stone of Jas in his possession. He will also reveal that he is going to hold a little contest between the gods, where the prize is the Stone of Jas. The contest involves the gods killing each other to receive the prize. The gods are outraged about this and the player has to make several choices of who they support and what their opinion is about the contest. These choices do not change the quest itself in any way but will unlock some dialogue afterwards.

Saving Death

After all the talking and the gods being outraged about the contest, Sliske will decide he will start it off by releasing the Dragonkin. The Dragonkin will start throwing fireballs at all the gods and Icthlarin will raise a shield around himself and you. Sliske will also toss the key to Death's cage at you. The player will have to save Death now while avoiding the fireballs that the Dragonkin throws at you. This will have to be done rather fast as Icthlarin's shield can't hold out forever as displayed by the bar in the top of the screen.

First go west and stomp out the small flames there. From there go north and once again stomp out the flames. Unlock Death's cage and then quickly make your way back to Icthlarin. Another cutscene will ensue in which Death teleports Icthlarin, himself and the player out of the citadel and back to safety.

Death and Afterlife

The player will next find themselves back at brother Samwell together with Icthlarin and Death. They will have a discussion about what will happen next and will tell the player that they will play an important role in the chaos which is to come. After this both Death and Icthlarin will teleport away. Leaving brother Samwell and the player alone. Samwell will state he is still not sure what exactly happened but will reward the player for their efforts.

These are the new death animations you can switch to after the quest:

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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