Empyrean Citadel


The Empyrean Citadel is a giant fortress floating in the skies above Gielinor. Before the God Wars, this was the fortress for the elite forces of Armadyl but it was abandoned later. In the 6th Age Sliske, a powerful mahjarrat*, took control of the fortress and claimed it as his own. During the quest Missing, Presumed Death the player first gains entry to the citadel. The Citadel is then heavily featured through out the quest.

1. Statue of Death, 2. Maze room during Missing, Presumed Death, 3. Room with Wights during Missing, Presumed Death, 4. Shadow room during Missing, Presumed Death, 5. Riddle room during Missing, Presumed Death, 6. Throne room

Getting There

The only way to get to the citadel is by using the Invitation Box obtained during the quest Missing, Presumed Death. This item can still be used afterwards to teleport to the citadel. When leaving the citadel you will return to Brother Samwell who is located at Silvarea, west of Paterdomus.

Points of Interest

After the quest the citadel is almost empty, but there are still several interesting features as well as it being a nice place to meet up with friends.

Statue of Death: This statue has a mask of Sliske attached to it. It can be found just in front of the throne room and can be spoken to. It will give the player post quest rewards, give the player the option to change their Death Animation, and return the player's Mask of Sliske, Light/Shadow.

Throne Room: After the quest the player is able to visit the throne room and talk to Brassica prime who is still present in the room.

Challenge Rooms: During the quest there are several rooms which have a challenge in them. These have to be solved to progress further into the citadel and be able to save Death. For more information see the Missing, Presumed Death quest guide.

Songs Unlocked

The following songs are all unlocked whilst in the Citadel doing the quest: Missing, Presumed Death:

  • Empyrean Citadel: Unlocked when first entering the Citadel.
  • Cliffhanger: Unlocked when entering the first Challenge room.
  • Dying Light: Unlocked in the second Challenge room.
  • Faces Obscura: Unlocked in the third Challenge room.
  • Free Death: Unlocked in the Throne room.

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