Mountain Camp


The Mountain Camp is in a remote location of Gielinor where not many people go other than to do the odd treasure trail. Mountain Daughter is the only quest in this area and throughout most of this quest you will be based inside of the camp. Hamal the Chieftain runs this camp in his tent, just south of the Goat pen. If you have not started the quest, then you must bring a piece of rope to scale the cliff in order to get passed the guard because at this point you are an outlander towards the tribe.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to the Mountain Camp including fairy ring travel using the code A J R, jewellery and Lodestone teleport to the Fremennik Province, to name a few.

Once arrived at the camp you will see a guard above the entrance:

If you have started the quest, or finished it, then you can just jump over the rock and the guard will welcome you with the below message. If not, then you will need your rope to scale the cliff which is left side of the above image.


Here is an overview of the map of the Mountain Camp.

Points of Interest

The People

Hamal the Chieftain
Camp Dweller
The Kendal

Treasure Trail Clue

There is a treasure trail clue that can be done within these mountains. This one is located just inside of Jokul's camp, inside the goat pen. The clue gives the following message: Laugh in the Jokul's tent in the Mountain Camp. Beware of double agents! Equip a Rune full helmet, Blue dragonhide chaps and a Fire battlestaff.

The Kendal's Cave

The Kendal's Cave is just north of the lake which is also north of the camp. You cannot enter the cave once you have completed the quest but you can make it to the entrance of the cave.


There is only one quest to be completed in this area:

Music Unlocked

  • Cave of Beasts - Unlocked upon entering the Kendal's lair.
  • Settlement - Unlocked upon entering the main part of the camp.

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