Harmony Island


Harmony Island is an isolated place kept afar from the rest of Gielinor. It is first encountered during The Great Brain Robbery and can be returned to after the quest although there isn't much to do there.

Getting There

There is only one route you can take to get to Harmony Island. First off, go to any chartering ship and select charter from the right click options. The Charter interface should show up and click Port Phasmatys. Get off the ship and board the northern ship, then travel 'Bill Teach'. You should now be on Mos Le'Harmless. Get off the ship and off the dock. Just off the dock is Brother Tranquility who is the only person that can give take you to Harmony Island


Here is an overview of the Island:

Points of Interest

Wheat & Cabbage Patches

There are two patches on Harmony Island, a Wheat and Cabbage patch which you can pick from to make into a Pot of flour or just to eat.

The Granary

Here in the Granary, you can make grain from the Wheat patch which is just North-East of the Granary and North of the Cabbage patch. Go to the top floor and use the wheat on the hopper and then pull the lever. Go down to the ground floor and empty the contents of the bin into your Pot.

The Basement

Dr Fenkenstrain can be found below the Granary, in the basement. He has an option to pickpocket him for the Ring of charos but you cannot receive one if you already have one on your person or in your bank.

The Ship

There is a total of 2 floors, including the ground floor of the Ship. It can be found north of Harmony Island on the beach. Each floor is infested with Zombie pirates that have a combat level of 70 and are easily killed.

The Statue, Water & Tunnel

The statue is in the centre of Harmony Island and the hand points towards the building. Clicking on the statue will take you beneath it, leading to an underwater tunnel so come prepared with your Diving apparatus if you want to explore!

Now we are under the statue we can prepare to dive into the water and explore what ever we may find.

After swimming to the end of the tunnel you come to a peephole which shows the room in front.


There are allotments near the statue and are adjacent to the Cabbage field. Here you can grow anything that you would be able to grow at any of the other allotments around Gielinor such as Potatoes.


Only one quest occurs in this deserted location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wandering in this area.

  • Zombiism - Unlocked during Great Brain Robbery, The Quest
  • Brain Battle - Unlocked during Great Brain Robbery, The Quest

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