Jatizso is a rather grim island to the north of the Fremennik mainland, infamously the citizens of Jatizso have a fierce rivalry with the nearby island of Neitznot to the west. Even the islands' respective names portray their feud. It all started when two brothers from Relekka; Neitznot and Jatizso, were banished by their father due to the brothers' insufferable rivalry. They sailed north and came upon two neigbouring islands which they promplty named after themselves and established the two kingdoms. Players can only access the island if they have started the Frememnnik Isles quest.

Despite its initial apperance, the island of Jatizso is actually connected to Neitznot by an icy bridge of land to the north of the isles. Unfortunately this part of the island is overun with aggressive ice trolls that make the crossing hazardous, consequently Jatizso is dependant on the port in Relekka to connect with the rest of the Fremennik Isles. The island is currently ruled over by King Gjuki Sorvott IV, a miserly ruler who taxes his subjects horrendously.

Getting There

Due to Jatizso being an island, it is relatively difficult to reach. However there are a couple of methods that suffice as efficient transport to reach the island.

  • The principle method is to take Mord Gunnar's boat from the northern pier in Relekka. Relekka can be reached through the Lodestone Network, the Enchanted Lyre or the fairy ring code C.I.P after the Fremennik Trials quest; which takes players to Miscellania which subsequently has a boat link to Relekka.
  • After completing the elite Fremennik Tasks players can talk to Olaf the Bard in Relekka to change the enchanted lyre's teleport to Jatizso.

Map of Area


Despite the seemingly bleak apperance of Jatizso, there definately isn't a lack of things to see and do on the island.


In the south-eastern area of the island there is a small building run by Magnus Gram, a banker. Here players can access their banked items and collect money and/or items from the Grand Exchange.


The fishmongers' shop is located in the north-eastern part of Jatizso, it is a small building littered with fish bones and other fishy by-products. There are two fishmongers; Flosi Dalksson and Keepa Kettilon who sell raw fish and cooked fish respectively.

Flosi Dalksson's Raw Fish
Keepa Kettilon's Cooked Fish

Contrabrand Yak Produce

Vanligga is a woman who owns the house north of the throne room and she has also managed to sneak yak products onto Jatizso, in spite of the King's ban on all yak products on the island. You can find Vanligga in the large building north-west of the bank.

Contrabrand Yak Produce


The building to the south-west of the island is the armoury where ores are sorted, processed and smithed into armour. There are two salesmen here; one who sells ore and one who sells mithril armour. Also, if a player so wishes, they can smith metal bars into weapons and armour using the in-house anvil.

The building to the north is also a workshop, there is an anvil and a trader who sells mithril weapons.

Hring Hring's Ore
Skuli Myrka's Weapons
Raum Urda-Stein's Armour

Throne Room

One of the largest buildings on Jatizso is the throne room, where the King holds court and royal decisions are made. This rooms is often visited during quests where players attempt to reason with the irrational king. The king has a chancellor to assist him but rarely heeds his counsel.


Due to the rocky nature of the island, Jatizso has no shortage of mining rocks and as a result the economy was partly built upon its mining industry. Unfortunately recent events have led to the mine being overrun by ice trolls, severly cutting the output of ore and causing the deaths of many miners. The mine is found underground, down the staircase on the north-west side of the island.

The entrance to the mine.

Take care when venturing into the mine, as ice trolls are aggresive and potentially deadly. Nonetheless, the rocks in the mine contain a multitude of ores that can be mined for both profit and experience.

Rock Ore Mining Level Mining Experience

Tin Ore
1 17.5

Copper Ore
1 17.5

Iron Ore
15 35

30 50

Mithril Ore
55 80

Adamantite Ore
70 95

Across a chasm in the south-east area of the mine is a character called Hallvar who exchanges ores for notes. However, players can only cross the chasm whilst wearing Fremennik Sea Boots 4; a reward for the completion of the Elite Fremennik Tasks.

The only other mining spot on the island is in the icy area to the north; there are rocks containing coal, copper and tin that are rarely mined due to the probability of getting attacked by Ice Trolls.

Fishing Spots

Aside from mining, fishing is Jatizso's primary industry. Players can fish on the pier and on the shore.

FishFishing MethodFishing LevelFishing Experience

Big Net* 16 20

Big Net* 16 10

Big Net* 23 45

Harpoon 35 80

Lobster Pot 40 90

Big Net* 46 100

Harpoon 50 100

Harpoon 76 110
*You can also catch caskets, seaweed, leather boots and leather gloves with a big net.


Right on the western tip of Jatizso is a watchtower that looks out onto Neitznot. Hear a guard is on 'shouting duty' under order from the King; he shouts insults to the guard in the watchtower on Neitznot. If a players wish they can listen to the shouting match where the two guards trade insults about their respective islands.

There is a warning bell in the tower that can be rung. Ominously, nobody listens to it.

Small Obelisk

Just outside the main gate is a small summoning obelisk with which players can recharge their summoning points.

Notable NPC's

Non-Attackable NPC's

PersonalityLocationExamine TextNotes

Mord Gunnars
The southern pier, by the boat A humble ferryman He can take players to and from Jatizso and Relekka

All around the island, mainly around the gates and fighting the ice trolls One of King Sorvott's militia Guards like these refer to themselves as 'leftie' and 'rightie' for some unknown reason, all that's certain is that it annoys the player a great deal

Magnus Gram
Inside the bank, behind the counter He can look after your money Magnus is the island's only banker, it goes without saying that he runs the bank

Flossi Dalksson
At the fishmonger's Jatizso's fishmonger He sells raw fish

Keepa Kettilon
At the fishmonger's A rough-looking chef He sells cooked fish

In the mine, although there are a couple around the town A miner at work These citizens work in the mines, they can be talked to for a humorous (or cringey) conversation

Wandering around the townA bedraggled-looking tramp Eric is a man hard on his luck and has resorted to begging players for money

Vanligga Gastfrihet
In the building north of the throne roomA happy, friendly landladyVanligga lives in house in Jatizso, although recently she has been ordered to accomodate two greedy dwarves by order of the king. She sells yak produce to players, trying to avoid the King's ban on such sales.

In Vanligga's houseA dwarven trader from KeldagrimBrendt is a representative for the Red Axe mining company; he has been sent to Jatizso to discuss trade. He is involved in the Fremennik Isles quest

In Vanligga's houseA dwarven trader from KeldagrimLike Brendt, Grundt is also an employee of the Red Axe company and was sent to discuss trade with King Sorvott

Wandering around the islandOne of Jatizso's many citizensLensa is a citizen of Jatizso who is rather depressed about her life on the island, she complains about the huge taxes issued by the King which supposedly prevent her saving enough money to leave

Outside the throne roomOne of Jatizso's many citizensSimilarly to Lensa, Sassilik is unhappy with the state of things on Jatizso and willingly complains to any player who attempts to talk to her

In west JatizsoOne of Jatizso's many citizensFreygerd is the wife of the late Nial Swiftling, a warrior from Jatizso. She is involved in the Glorious Memories quest where she learns of her husbands death and consequently decides to leave the island

Skuli Myrka
In the northern workshopJatizso's armour merchantHe sells mithril weapons

Raum Urda-Stein
In the southern workshopA guy that will sell you armourHe sells mithril armour

Hring Hring
In the southern workshopHarder than the rock he sellsHe sells ore from copper to adamantite

King Gjuki Sorvott IV
In the throne room An ill-tempered king King Sorvott is the current ruler of Jatizso, yet his rule is deeply unpopular due to his frequent taxation, bad temper and his inability to make rational decisons. The King is very reactive and doesn't require much motive to start wars; he has previously initiated numerous wars with both Neitznot and the ice trolls, taxing his subjects to pay for the futile war effort. He is involved in the Fremennik Isles and the Glorious Memories quests

Thorkel Silkbeard
Throne room Jatizso's Chancellor Thorkel Silkbeard manages and advises the king in his rule of Jatizso, unfortunately the king rarely heeds his advice

HrH Hrafn
Throne room A regal cat with an evil glint in his eye His Royal Highness Hrafn is King Sorvott's pet cat, the king lavishes luxury on the cat and is somewhat fearful of him. During the Fremennik Isles quest players must give him a tuna in order to talk to the king.
Players can only understand Hrafn if they are wearing an Amulet of Catspeak

Guard (watchtower)
In the watchtower A guard on insult duty This guard has been ordered to hurl insults at the Neitznot guard in his watchtower on the other island. Players can listen to him shouting to complete a medium Fremennik task.

Gruva Patrull
Outside the entrance to the mine Mina guards the mine entrance This guard informs players of what they can find in the mine

Attackable NPC's

Monster Location Combat Level Weakness

Ice Troll Male
In the mine and the snowy area to the north of the town 98
Fire Spells

Ice Troll Female
In the mine and the snowy area to the north of the town 98

Ice Troll Runt
In the mine and the snowy area to the north of the town 76
Fire Spells

Unlockable Music

Music Track Location Unlocked At
Norse Code Unlocked as soon as you step onto the island
Major Miner In the mines

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Jack