Kree'Arra is located inside Armadyl's boss room in the God Wars Dungeon and has a reputation for being one of the hardest bosses to solo in the dungeon. Despite this, Kree'Arra does drop some rather time wasting drops but if you stick around long enough, you might just get lucky!


To get to the God Wars Dungeon, simply follow either route on the map below.

Route to the God Wars Dungeon!

  • Red route: Teleport to Trollheim using a Trollheim tablet and navigate down the cliff sides which requires level 47 Agility. Once at the bottom of the mountain, follow the rest of the route, going passed the boulder, towards the entrance hole of the God Wars Dungeon.

  • Orange route: This path is from Burthorpe which will lead you around to a cave which you can pass through to reach the bottom of the mountain. From there, follow the route around the mountain and passed the boulder to get to the entrance of the God Wars Dungeon.

Armadyl's Eyrie is located inside the God Wars Dungeon. Once inside, go directly south and jump over the chasm.


The requirements to get to the God Wars Dungeon & recommended levels to kill Kree'Arra are as followed:

Note: You may want to take a Saradomin and Armadyl item for protection against the followers in Armadyl's Eyrie. Any piece of Nex armour will protect from all followers from all factions.

God Wars Dungeon

  • 60 Agility or 60 Strength - To get passed the boulder to the entrance to God Wars Dungeon.
  • 70 Ranged - Access to Armadyl's Eyrie.


  • 80 Ranged - Royal crossbow
  • 85 Defence - Death lotus.
  • 92 Prayer - Soul split.
  • 96 Herblore - Only for overloads as you can buy super potions if you don't have 96 Herblore.
  • Head: Sirenic mask > Death lotus hood > Pernix cowl
  • Amulet: Saradomin's murmur > Amulet of ranging > Amulet of Fury
  • Cape: Completionist cape > The best "Ava" device you have
  • Body: Sirenic hauberk > Death lotus chestplate > Pernix body
  • Legs: Sirenic chaps > Death lotus chaps > Pernix chaps
  • Gloves: Tracking gloves > Pernix gloves > Swift gloves > Armadyl gloves > Culinaromancer's gloves 10
  • Boots: Glaiven boots > Pernix boots > Armadyl boots > Other range-specific boots
  • Ring: Superior leviathan ring > Leviathan ring > Sixth-Age circuit > Onyx ring (i) > Archer ring > Berserker ring
  • Weapon: Ascension crossbows > Death lotus darts > Zaryte bow > Royal crossbow
  • Ammo: Ascension bolts > Royal bolts
  • Pocket: Sign of life > Scrimshaw
  • Aura: Vampyrism > Penance


Kree'Arra can attack you with all 3 sides of the combat triangle, however he will only use his melee attacks if no-one is attacking him. However, take extreme care, as his Ranged and Magic attacks can both hit in excess of 1000 damage if you don't have protective prayers active.

Kill Count

You will need to kill 40 Armadyl followers before you are able to access the Kree'Arra's chamber. It's recommended that you get the kill count in Armadyl's Eyrie rather than in the general area of the God Wars Dungeon as you don't want to be attacked by any other NPCs. The fastest way to get the kill count is by killing Aviansies until you have 40 Armadyl followers slain. You will also gain a fair amount of Adamantite bars to add to your loot from these.

Ability Bar

Below is an image of a suitable Ability bar setup to use when fighting Kree'Arra.

Note: Due to the high amount of damage you can receive from Kree'Arra, it is recommended to cycle through anticipation and debilitate to decrease the damage dealt to you.


The loot that you can get upon killing Kree'Arra are Super defence potions, Dwarf weed seeds and Crystal Triskellion pieces amongst many other items. Below is a table of the unique drops you can get:

Shard Item Name
Armadyl helmet
Armadyl chestplate
Armadyl chainskirt
Armadyl buckler
Armadyl hilt
N/A Armadyl gloves
N/A Armadyl boots
N/A Giant feather*

* - The more tracked Kree'arra kills you have, the higher chance of obtaining the Giant feather as a drop.

Guide Made by: Ballor
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