Fisher Realm


The Fisher Realm is first encountered during the Holy Grail Quest and is the place to go to get the Holy grail and return it to King Arthur to complete the quest.

Getting There

There are 2 ways to get to the Fisher Realm and one of them is by blowing the Magic whistle whilst standing underneath the tower adjacent to the horseshoe mine in Brimhaven. The other is by using the Fairy Ring with the Code: B J R.


Here is an overview of the location:

The Fisher Realm

Points of Interest

Magic Whistle

There are various spawn points on the Fisher Realm with Magic Whistles. If you have not done the Holy grail quest then you will need to get your whistle from Draynor Mansion which can be found on the top floor behind Ernest on the table.


Upon crossing over the bridge where the Black Knight Titan was fought during the quest you will come across a flock of sheep and a few rams. Here you can sheer the sheep for their wool or kill the rams. However, it is not recommended as you there is no bank close by.


Around and about the Island of the Fisher King, you will come across 3 harvestable patches: Potato, Cabbage & Wheat.


There is a house in the north-west corner of the Fisher Realm which has a range where you can cook raw foods on. It is directly north of the cabbage patch and west of the fairy ring.

Grail Castle

Up the hill on the Fisher Realm is the Grail Castle where King Percival and his Grail Maidens live. The King can be found on the 1st floor and the Grail Maidens on the ground gloor of the castle. Up on the second floor, you can find the King's bedroom and in the Eastern tower, the Holy Grail.


Only one quest is situated in this location:

Songs Unlocked

There are no songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering around in this area.

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