Basic Information

Glacors are members only monsters, accessible after the Ritual Of the Mahjarrat Quest. They are an easy boss to kill in comparison to other bosses, such as the Queen Black Dragon or Vorago.


Glacors can be access two ways after completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and that is by the use of Fairy rings (DKQ), or by travelling through the plateau. The quickest way, of course, is via the fairy rings.

Getting There

As mentioned above, the quickest way to the Glacor cave is through fairy rings using the code: DKQ. The first map on the left, seen below, is the inside of the Glacor cave, and the map on the left is the Ritual plateau where the arrow points towards the entrance of the cave.


In the next few sections, there will be some recommended Equipment, Inventories, Levels & Familiars.

Equipment & Levels

Inventory & Familiars

The majority of your heals should come from the Unicorn, Soul Split & Vampyrism Aura; Only using a small amount of food for emergency healing. Be sure to bring enough runes to last you for a trip. You can replace the Nature runes with another piece of food if you want to, however, a lot of Rune items drop from killing Glacors so it is worth while to alch them.

The Fight

Action Bar

Below is a useful action bar for fighting Glacors. Try to always use Wrack as a last resort ability as the other basic abilities, such as chain are much more powerful.

Special Attacks

When fighting Glacors, aside from their normal attacks they have two special attacks, these are:

  • Ranged Special attack: The ranged special attack is a cluster of icicles that is fired towards you and protrudes icicles from the ground to deal a high amount of damage, however, this attack is easily dodged if you move 1 square away.
  • Magic Special attack: The magic special attack is similar to Ice Barrage. The Glacor will freeze you for a certain amount of time, then proceed to do a final attack to break the ice, dealing a large amount of damage. However this attack can be cancelled by spam clicking the ground, protect from magic will also help protect against this attack.


When the Glacor you are fighting reaches 50% life points, it will spawn 3 Glacytes that will then attack you, it will then be impossible for you to deal damage to the Glacor untill all 3 are killed. After the last Glacyte is killed, the Glacor will inherit its ability. The Glacytes and their abilities are as follows:

Sapping Glacyte

  • The Sapping Glacyte will drain 10 points of your Prayer each time it attacks you, even if it deals no damage. If this Glacyte is killed last, the Glacor will drain 50 Prayer points for each attack.

Enduring Glacyte

  • The Enduring Glacyte will have higher Defence the closer to the Glacor it is, therefore it is recommended to lure the Glacytes away from the Glacor. If this Glacyte is killed last, the Glacor will have higher defence, making your hits deal less damage making the kill take a lot longer.

Unstable Glacyte

  • The Unstable Glacyte will explode, damaging you and any player near, however, it will stop moving shortly before exploding, allowing you time to get away. If this Glacyte is killed last, the Glacor will explode with a slightly bigger radius, it is recommended to kill this last as it can allow for quicker kills

Rewards & Loot

Below you will find the most sought after loot:

Name Item Notes
Glaiven Boots Ranged defensive boots.
Ragefire Boots Magic defensive boots.
Steadfast Boots Melee defensive boots.
Shards of Armdayl Create an Orb of armadyl when combining 100 shards. This is used to make the Armadyl battlestaff.

Guide Made by: Bubbles
Corrections submitted by: SkillrzUnite, Bubbles