Vorago is an extremely powerful being of both earth and rock and he is found in the Borehole. He is also a direct creation of the Anima Mundi and is one with it. Players challenge him as a group, as soloing Vorago is impossible due to him dealing exactly 50,000 damage across the whole group (or 70,000 in Hard mode) just before entering the battlefield, in which all players must be able to survive. To challenge him, one player must challenge him into battle and everyone nearby who wishes to join has to join them using the prompt which appears when one player challenges him. Players will only receive the prompt if they have already talked through all of the options given when speaking to Vorago. Players can either fight him in an instance, which costs 1 million coins, or fight him in a regular arena, where everyone is able to join.


The Borehole can be found just north of Falador, in which during entry the player can either create an instance, join an instance, go to the graveyard or just enter the cave. The graveyard can also be found here via the right-click option, which is where player graves appear if they die during the fight.


There are various gears the player can use on Vorago. The gear the player uses is mainly based on their preference or their role in the fight. There are basically 2 separate roles for Vorago, people who deal damage mostly, and bomb tanks. These roles will be explained the phases section.

Damage Role: For the damage role the player just needs their best gear and the highest possible weapon they can use. The style they use depends on which gear they prefer and have the best gear for. It is highly advised to use at least Nex armour or Player Owned Ports gear and chaotics or drygores/seismics/ascension. A shield can be used, except on parts of phase 2, phase 3 and phase 5 as here damage is rather critical. The player will also need potions for their style or overloads, prayer potions and good food, at least sharks or up, at least a war tortoise filled with food is also highly advised.

Bomb Tank Role: The bomb tank will need a shield on all phases. Because they are supposed to stay at a distance they will either need to use ranged or magic. Because of this for magic they will need to use either a Wand of treachery, Virtus wand or Seismic wand, and for ranged use a Chaotic crossbow or Ascension crossbow.


The battle against Vorago has 5 phases, one of these phases changes per week. Every phase either adds an attack or requires something to finish it. It is very important to know ahead what the player has to do on every phase to get a successful kill.

Phase 0

Phase 0 is the preparation phase and taking the challenge, during this phase it is very important to make sure all roles have been set. There are various roles which have to be assigned.

  • Bomb Tanks: These are extremely important for the survival of the team. As the bombs that Vorago fires are always aimed at the most distant players, Bomb Tanks stand at a small distance from Vorago away from the other players so the bombs will only hit them. They wear shields so they can use various defensive abilities. Depending on the size of the team you will need 1 or 2 if there are 11 or more players.
  • Jumper: This role only exists during phase 1. The jumper is the player who goes around the obstacles to jump onto Vorago to get a weapon piece from him. They will have to know how to use the Provoke ability correctly to lure Vorago to position.
  • Base Tank: The base tank has to lure Vorago near to the jumper and help get Vorago in the right position. Once the tank has lured Vorago towards himself the lurer will have to use the Provoke ability while positioned on the opposite side to the jumper so that Vorago's back is facing the jumper. The base tank has to keep Vorago on them for the whole duration of the fight, as they will be tanking his melee hits.
  • Mauler: The mauler is the person who gathers all the weapon pieces and in the final phase assembles the maul, and deals the finishing blow to Vorago with it.
  • Damage Dealers: These are usually called "DPS". They literally just deal damage to Vorago. The jumper and mauler roles are often taken by damage dealers as well.

Once all the roles have been decided on, one player will have to challenge Vorago to a fight. Everyone who wants to join in then has to accept the battle, which is done via a prompt that will appear. Vorago will charge a powerful attack, which in total deals 50,000 damage, the more players have joined the fight the lower each individual player will get hit, as this hit gets divided across all players.

Phase 1

During phase 1 the players will have to obtain the first weapon piece. It is very important to do this as soon as possible as Vorago will keep healing until the piece has been obtained. The jumper should immediately climb over the obstacles and get to the top. The base tank should in the meantime lure Vorago towards the place where the jumper will be waiting. Once Vorago is in place the jumper has to use the Provoke ability and get Vorago positioned correctly, he should be in a straight line with the jumper. The jumper can stand directly on the jumping spot and move two spots north, then two spots west to provoke Vorago and get him in the correct position to jump onto his back. The base tank may have to help by luring him a square east or west. Once Vorago is in position the jumper has to provoke again to get Vorago to face north towards the jumper. The base then provokes while standing south of Vorago, to get Vorago to turns his back on the jumper, who then is able to climb on his back. After this, all players should attack Vorago and finish him off, when his hitpoints deplete to 0, Vorago will jump around the arena 3 times, if the player gets caught under Vorago they will take an amount of damage depending on how close they were. The location where Vorago lands can be predicted by looking at which direction Vorago faces when he jumps and from the shadow which is visible.

During this phase Vorago will only use his regular attacks which he will continue to use through out the battle. These consist of a high hitting melee attack, which he only uses on players in melee distance, his melee distance is up to 3 squares from him. He will also fire red and blue bombs. The blue bombs are more common and deal magic damage, this attack is an Area of effect attack and will hit all players which are near the targeted player. The bomb tanks should therefore stay away from the other players and pray magic. The red bomb is potentially more dangerous as it always hits the same amount, depending on how many players are close to the targeted player. If there is no one near the target the bomb will only hit the target and deal 2000 damage, this damage can't be blocked. For every player close to the target 1000 damage gets added, up to 7000. This bomb will also deal the same amount of damage to nearby players so it is essential to get away from others if the bomb is after you.

Phase 2

After Vorago jumped three times the floor will collapse and the player will find themselves in phase 2. In this phase, Vorago uses the same attacks as in Phase 1 but he also gains a few. Vorago will now use a smashing attack on a player, which will give them a bleed effect. The closer the player is to Vorago, the higher this bleed hits, and if they get another smash attack on them the damage will be increased to 6,000. In this phase it is essential that the team has a provoke order; Vorago will use this smash attacks 5 times, and each time a different player should provoke after the smash attack. The Base Tank usually takes the first 2 smashes, clearing the first bleed with freedom, and the second bleed by using the Escape or Surge ability. The Bomb Tank then runs in during the first bleed, to get ready to provoke of the base tank when they have received the second smash. The bomb tank will take the 3rd and 4th, and an assigned 5th voke will provoke and use freedom to clear the bleed. This way everyone will get hit by only a low bleed, which they can use freedom for. After 5 smash attacks Vorago use 3 normal attacks, and then will create a mental link with a player. All damage dealt against Vorago while this link is active will instead be dealt to the player. It is very important to stop attacking once the player sees the message indicating Vorago will reflect damage.

In this phase another weapon part also has to be obtained. Once Vorago uses his reflect attack he will also spawn a gravity orb; Vorago has to be lured close to this orb and it then has to be fired at him. Once this is done 4 times Vorago will get pulled down and the entire team will get in a special scene where they have to fill a bar up to make Vorago stumble by spam clicking on him. Once Vorago stumbles the team has to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time to lodge the weapon piece loose. It is highly advised to use potions and dual wielding for this part of phase 2 entirely. If the team fails to deal enough damage they will have to fire 2 more gravity orbs and repeat. If they however succeed, the weapon piece will come loose; the team then has to get Vorago down to 0 lifepoints, he will use his jumping attack 3 times again and collapse the floor.

Phase 3

Phase 3 changes from week to week, there are 6 possible options which Vorago will cycle through. Every Wednesday, Vorago will change to the next option in the cycle. In this cycle Vorago will use all attacks from the previous cycles as well as the special attack for that week, the player either has to get Vorago down to 0 life points or finish that week's option to advance to the next cycle.

Ceiling Collapse: In this option Vorago will collapse the ceiling, causing a rock to fall down. If the player gets caught under this rock it will damage them for 8000 life points, the more players are caught under it the lower damage everyone will take though. This rock can then be removed by the players, but this will cost them 4000 life points or if they use Barricade, they can negate all damage. Once Vorago is down to 0 life points the team will advance to the next team.

Scopulus: In this option Vorago summons 2 Scopuli, these are level 180 and have 120,000 life points each. Vorago will also become invulnerable to all attacks. These Scopulus use Area of effect melee attacks, which become stronger the closer the two Scopulus are together. To prevent them from getting closer to each other and becoming stronger they have to be distracted by the provoke ability. Once one of the Scopulus dies, the other one will become enraged and become significantly stronger. Once both Scopulus are dead the team will advance to the next phase.

Vitalis: In this week Vorago will fire projectiles. These projectiles will explode and then spawn up to 5 Vitali, these are level 165, have 20,000 life points and use fast melee attacks as well as stunning attacks. If a player stands in the explosion it will spawn one less Vitalis but the player will take 2000 life points damage. For each player standing in the explosion one less Vitalis will be spawned. It is recommended to use resonance just before the vitali spawn as this will negate the damage. The phase ends when Vorago reaches 0 life points.

Green Bomb: In this phase, Vorago will throw a green bomb. This green bomb will go after a player and damage them for 10,000 lifepoints unless they manage to let it bounce to the next player who must be standing next to them or are 1 square away in which they will not take the 1,000 damage from bouncing. The bomb will also create mist on the area of impact, this mist will damage players as well as drain their adrenaline and run energy if they stand in it. The bomb will bounce to 5 players, assuming you stand next to them by passing the bomb, and then disappear. It is very important to make sure the bomb can bounce to another player, as it otherwise will almost certainly kill the player with the bomb, also to make sure that the person with the bomb does not pass it back to the previous player who had the bomb or they will be dealt with 8,000 damage. A reflect will occur after 2 bounces of the green bomb, however, this can occur immediately if the green bomb is not passed onto another player.

Teamsplit: This week, Vorago will turn players into two different colours, either Green or Red. There will also be corresponding rectangle boxes (2x2) imprinted on the floor for a short while. During the colour changes, Vorago will be charging a massive attack which is similar to the waterfall hit on Phase 4 dealing up to 8k damage. So the aim of this phase is to get yourself, as fast as you can, into either the red or green boxes depending on which colour you are.

The End/Purple Bomb: In this rotation, Vorago will crouch down and move his arms towards one quarter of the arena, blocking off 3 quarters. If you don't make it into the quarter that Vorago has his arms around, you will be dealt rapid damage, starting from 100 and increasing in 100's each tick. In 3 of the 4 quadrants, there will be 3 bombs; Blue, Red & Purple. By clicking on them, you will set them off for yourself, and there will be less bombs to deal with when Vorago stands back up. However, it is not recommended to click on any bombs, except the final Purple bomb as all damage can be negated. In the first quadrant that Vorago blocks off, there will be no bomb and you will deal 100% damage, and with each other bomb, there will be a damage reduction. The blue bomb has the least damage reduction of the 3 bombs, so it is best to use as many threshhold abilities in the first quadrant and the blue bomb quadrant, which is either the second or third quarter. Once moving into the final quadrant, with the Purple Bomb, it should be tagged, releasing the purple bomb and turning everyone into a vitalis with a timer above their heads. At this point, everyone should have built their adrenaline up to 100%, and be wearing a shield to use barricade. Shortly after the Purple bomb has been set off, Vorago will stand up shortly after, releasing all of the bombs that weren't set off and this is when you should barricade to block all damage. Note that you should move yourself away from other players or else you may take the damage from their red or purple bombs. After all the red bomb has hit everyone simultaneously, a reflect will occur in which all players must not attack vorago. It is recommended to build your adrenaline up with defnesive abilities here. When Vorago has used 3 attacks, either melee swipes or blue bombs, get back on to attack him before the next quadrant starts. Repeat until Vorago is down to 0 lifepoints.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is potentially very dangerous, but this can be avoided. At the immediate start of this phase Vorago will start charging a very powerful attack. If the player gets caught in this attack they will get damaged for 10,000 damage. This attack can be blocked however by standing behind the waterfall which spawns in one of the 4 corners. The surge ability can come in handy here allowing the player to get behind the waterfall much faster. Once the fire attack is over, Vorago will spawn 1 stone clone for each 7 players in the fight. This clone will use the same attack style and be the same combat level as the player it is cloned after. Only the player whose clone it is can attack it, and damage against Vorago is lowered to 12.5% while the clone is alive. As well as the waterfall attack Vorago will use all attacks from previous cycles. Once Vorago used his waterfall attack 3 times the last weapon piece will come loose and he can be brought down to 0 life points to go to the next phase.

Phase 5

In phase 5 the players will find themselves on a very small strip of land. The bomb tanks should immediately run to the far end of the strip of land and stand on the sides there. The others should run towards the centre and stand on either of the sides. Vorago will fall down after a short while and start attacking. In this phase the players and Vorago will be trying to push each other off the strip of land by moving the other back a square at a time. This is done by dealing damage to Vorago and trying to avoid taking damage as much as possible, the bomb tanks should pray magic to protect from the bombs Vorago fires, the rest of the team should pray Magic or Soul Split and stay 2-3 squares away from Vorago. Phase 5 now includes some of the weekly rotations since the release of Purple Bomb. During Ceiling Collapse, there will be a TeamSplit; on Scopulus, the red bomb is replaced with Purple Bombs; Vitalis, Green Bomb, and TeamSplit are the same with Vitalis, Green Bomb, and TeamSplit on the final phase, respectively; Purple Bombs are also the same on Phase 5, with Purple Bombs. On the first rotation, Ceiling Collapse, the reflect special attack from Vorago will happen after 4 hits after the red bomb has been released. The green bomb in this phase (Phase 5) does also not create the mist; the Vitalis will spawn the same way they do on the other phases except they will move along the south wall. It is very important to deal as much damage here as possible so all players except the bomb tanks should be dual wielding. Abilities such as Debilitate can be used to reduce the damage Vorago deals. The mauler should have already quickly assembled the maul at the start of this phase, as all the pieces will otherwise deal 100 damage to the mauler constantly until it has been made. Once Vorago is pushed entirely to the edge of his side of the arena the player who has the maul should use it to finish Vorago off, they will hit him with it and he will fall off the edge. If however Vorago manages to push the team to their edge of the arena, they will all instantly die. Killing Vorago using the Maul of omens is also a requirement for the Trimmed completionist cape.


Vorago is a very tough boss to defeat, but the rewards are most certainly worth it. Aside from several normal drops which are worth several 100,000's he is also the only boss monster to drop Tectonic energy, which is used to create Tectonic armour, as well as the extremely valuable Seismic wand and Seismic Singularity, these are the level 90 wand and off-hand weapon.

Hard Mode

For those players who want even more of a challenge, Vorago also has a hard mode. To unlock this hard mode the player first has to have used the Maul of Omen's on every week of Vorago's cycle. They can then challenge Vorago for a hard mode battle, every player can then join though, not everyone needs to have mauled on every week.

In hard mode there are several changes to Vorago's attacks and phases.

  • Vorago deals 70,000 damage instead of 50,000 when starting the fight.
  • Vorago always throws 2 bombs instead of this being dependant on the size of the team.
  • Vorago's jump attack will not only damage players, but also damage their familiars.
  • Red bombs will deal 3000-10500 damage instead of 2000-7000, there is also no warning message for them and their radius is larger.
  • Vorago's bleed attack deals significantly more damage.
  • There are no warning messages for when Vorago uses his reflect attack, and the attackers will also take damage as well as the linked.
  • More people will be linked during a reflect attack.
  • At the start of phase 1, Vorago will send a red bomb after everyone, this bomb only deals regular damage. (2000-7000)
  • Vorago is able to draw the jumper towards him, this can be prevented by keeping Vorago distracted.
  • There is less time to deal enough damage to loosen the weapon piece on phase 2.
  • Instead of phase 3 having a weekly rotation, there are now 6 phases where phase 3 was, and each weekly will have to be cleared.
  • It costs 8,000 damage to remove rocks during the Ceiling collapse phase.
  • Three Scopulus are summoned, killing one enrages the Scopulus which is closest to it.
  • 7 Vitalis will be summoned per projectile instead of 5.
  • There will be no warning for when Vorago fires the green bomb.
  • In phase 4 there is less time to get behind the waterfall, there will also be no warning message.
  • More clones are spawned after the fire attack.
  • The player has to deal more damage to push Vorago during phase 10 & 11.
  • Vorago's bleed attack is replaced with the previous week's attack. This is limited to Vitalis or Green bomb, if these are both not possible he will instead use a red bomb.
  • Phases 10 & 11 include 2 different weekly attacks:
    • Cieling Collapse:
      - Phase 10: TeamSplit & Green Bomb.
      - Phase 11: TeamSplit & Vitalis.
    • Scopulus:
      - Phase 10: The End & TeamSplit.
      - Phase 11: The End & Vitalis.
    • Vitalis:
      - Phase 10: Vitalis & The End.
      - Phase 11: Vitalis & Bleeds.
    • Green Bomb:
      - Phase 10: Green Bomb & Vitalis.
      - Phase 11: Green bomb & TeamSplit.
    • TeamSplit:
      - Phase 10: TeamSplit & TeamSplit.
      - Phase 11: TeamSplit & The End.
    • The End:
      - Phase 10: The End & Bleeds.
      - Phase 11: The End & Vitalis.

As a reward for defeating Vorago on hard mode the player will be able to use the title "The Defeater", Vorago also has an increased chance to drop the Seismic wand, Seismic Singularity, and Ancient Summoning Stone.

Vorago also has a special set of rewards for those who use the Maul of Omens to defeat him in hard-mode. Every week based on the different rotations he will award the person who mauls him, a piece of the Outfit of Omens override, these pieces are: Torso, Helm, Legs, Boots, Maul & Gloves. If a player has obtained the entire outfit they will have a chance of receiving an Ancient Artefact which will unlock the Bombi pet.

Guide Made by: Sytze
Corrections submitted by: Ballor, Secepatnya, Sytze, Runic Lord, SkillrzUnite, Keepsake Me