Burthorpe Games Room


Burthorpe Games Room is an activity located in the town of Burthorpe, under the town's castle. The games room can either be played on the world you are on or you can go to an Instance Shard World (Which means players from other worlds can join you). The games you can play in the room are; Draughts, Runelink, Runeversi and Runesquares. All of the games are 1v1 so get your competitive shoes on and beat other players!

Getting There

The quickest ways to get to the Games Room are the following:

  • Burthorpe Lodestone
  • Using the Troll Invasion teleport on the Games Necklace

Once you've teleported to one of the destinations run to the castle; run east and then north if you've used the Games Necklace or run directly north if you used the lodestone. To enter the games room go down the stairs in the north west corner of the ground floor of the castle. When you go down the stairs a dialog box will appear. You can either choose to play with people on your world or go to the Instanced World which means you can play against people from all worlds.

Starting a Game

To start a game you need to find another player in the games room and send them a challenge. On the first window choose what game to play. On the second window you can choose the following options: what rune you will use as your playing piece, how long each turn will be, how long the game will be and if you can gain rank from the game or not.

The challenge options menu


You can play 4 different games against other players; Draughts, Runelink, Runeversi and Runesquares. You can read about them more in this section.


Draughts, also known as Checkers, is a game where you move your pieces diagonally to take the other players pieces. When it is your turn, drag one of your pieces to a square that is diagonal to it. To take your opponent's piece, their piece it has to be on a diagonal square next to one of your pieces and the square has to be clear diagonally behind their piece. To win the game you need to take all of your opponent's pieces.


Runelink is based off of the game "Connect 4". The aim of the game is to connect 4 of your runes either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. To place a piece click on a column and then your rune will fall to the bottom of the column, landing on top of the top piece in that column.


Runeversi is based off of the game "Othello". The aim of the game is to have the most amount of your rune on the board when the game ends. To place a piece you need to choose a space that is free and where you can take at least one of your players. To take another players piece you need to "sandwhich" it, you can take multiple pieces. To do this you need to have one of your pieces on the other side of one of your opponent's runes and then place your piece so they "connect" either with a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.


Runesquares is based off of the game "Dots & Boxes". The aim of the game is to have the most amount of your rune on the board when the game ends. To get a rune you need to be the last person to make a suqare. This can be done by clicking a line between 2 dots that hasn't already been placed. When you have made a square a rune will go into the square. When you do make a square you will get another turn so use it wisely.

Guide Made by: Dark
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Sytze, Umbra