Ourania Cave


The Ourania Cave is protected by the Zamorakians who claim to be completing an archaeological dig. Below the surface and at the end of the cave, you will find an ancient altar which is claimed to be 'broken'. The Runecrafting altar, more commonly known as the ZMI Altar, can be found at the far end of the cave where all kinds of magic happens!

Getting There

You can get to the Ourania cave several ways but the fastest way to get there would be to either teleport to Yanille via the Lodestone system or teleport to Castle Wars by using a Ring of duelling.

Above the surface and inside of the Ourania Cave.

Points of Interest

Salamander Hunting

Up above the ladders, at the entrance of the cave, you will find a hunting spot just east of the path. Here you can hunt Red salamanders with level 59 Hunter and to wield the salamander it requires 60 in all: Magic, Ranged and Strength.

Zamorak Warriors, Rangers & Mages

Inside of the cave, you can either chose to go along two paths. Going straight north is the quickest to the altar but also the most dangerous. Along this path you will find Zamorak warriors, Zamorak mages & Zamorak rangers amongst a few other monsters who are all aggressive.

ZMI Altar

The Ourania or ZMI altar can be found at the very end of the cave where it is still under construction. This altar is not like any other Runecrafting altar as it creates every kind of rune that you have the level to create. It can even create runes you don't have the requirement for to make (E.G. Mournings End Part II for the Death Altar). As well as that there is also a small chance that you will create a Soul Rune.

On the way back from crafting your runes, you will find a banker at the entrance of the cave, near the ladders. If you want to bank with him then you have to pay a fee in the form of any one of the runes seen below:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

  • Altar Ego - Unlocked by reaching the Ourania altar
  • Expecting - Visiting the Chaos altar next to the ladder.

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