Ashdale is a Free to Play island located somewhere in the Eastern Sea (The sea south east of the Kharidian Desert). Ashdale is the first place that you would have visited if you signed up to RuneScape after the 26th of November 2013.

Getting There

To get to Ashdale you need to go to the south of Taverley and speak to the dwarf, Gudrik. He can be found at the docks in his house, near the Dungeoneering icon on the map. When you talk to him he will offer to take you back to Ashdale. You can either choose to go back to the island normally or go back and complete the tutorial again (if you choose this option you will have to bank all of your items). When you return a short animation will play of you on a boat, travelling to the island.

To leave the island you can either teleport out using normal methods or use the boat you used to get to the island by "Boarding" the gangplank.

Points of Interest

Mine & Furnace

The Mine & Furnace can be found north of the docks. The mine can be found just north of the furnace and contains 3 Tin ore and 3 Copper ore rocks. At the mine you can find the NPC "Quarry Overseer".

Fishing Spot

The fishing spot can be found north west of the port. You can catch Raw Minnow with a Fishing rod and some Fishing bait. If you do not have some bait you can talk to Hendrik to get some for free. After you have caught some fish you can run south and cook them at a small fire next to the trees.

Your House

Your house is where you start your journey from in the tutorial. It can be found at the furthest point around the island (south of the fishing spot).


The Saradominist church can be found across a bridge just north of the port. During the tutorial you fought the Zamorakian Necromancer, Morwenna the Cruel, here.


There are many NPC's around the island, here are some of them.

NPC Location

South Taverly (Not on the island)

By the fishing spot, west end of the island

North of the fishing spot, sitting at the cooking fire

North of the fishing spot, sitting at the cooking fire

South of the market

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