Treasure Hunter


Treasure Hunter is a game of chance available for both free players and members that replaces the Squeal of Fortune. Free players will earn one key per day while members will earn two. For those who are a part of the Silver or Gold Premier Club, you will find yourself awarded with three free keys per day.

More keys can be obtained through Daily Challenges, quests, killing monsters, non-combat skilling and certain minigames. You may also buy additional keys through Bonds or via the website using real money.


Upon logging into the game and assuming you have keys to use, a player will be greeted with a small interface (shown left). Clicking on this icon will load up the full Treasure Hunter interface. Clicking the x button will remove this icon from your screen, but it will reappear upon login, if you of course have Treasure Hunter Keys available to use.

Alternatively, you can access the Treasure Hunter game by clicking the Extras interface (shown right) and then clicking on the Treasure Hunter icon.

The main interface consists of three areas - the Information Bar located at the top, the Treasure Chest Area located in the center, and the Prize Area located at the bottom.

Information Bar

The Information Bar displays the important information to Treasure Hunter. It allows you to choose how many chests to open at a time (1 or 10) by clicking the respective buttons. You can view how many keys and Hearts of Ice you currently have and the Information Bar will also allow you to freeze categories using your Hearts of Ice.

You can also buy more keys by clicking the 'Buy Keys' button. Be aware clicking this button will log you out of the game.

Treasure Chest Area

This is where you pick your prize. Simply click on any of the five chests located here to reveal what is locked inside!

Prize Area

The prize area located at the bottom of the interface shows you the current selection of prizes which could be located in the chests. The general rarity of a particular item is indicated by the type of gem used. These general categories are shown below.

General Item Rarity

Very rare item

Rare item

Uncommon item

Fairly common item

Common item

Claiming Your Prize

Your potential rewards are randomly chosen from a number of categories, 1 item from each category. The five chests are then filled from this list of potential rewards. Categories can be excluded from the chests by freezing categories.

Claiming a reward is as simple as clicking on any of the 5 chests on the main interface. Once you have clicked a chest, the rewards interface (shown right) will be displayed, allowing you a few options on claiming your prize. You must claim your current reward before you will be allowed to use another key, assuming you have another key to use. The options for claiming your reward is as follows.

Backpack - this will place the item into your inventory. Any coins you earn will be automatically added into your coin pouch.

Bank - this will instantly place the item into your bank. Rewards such as XP lamps and Fallen stars are unable to be banked and you will be unable to choose this option. As before, coins will automatically be added to your coin pouch.

Cash out - this will discard the current reward and instead awards you the coin value displayed for the item.

Claim later - if you have no bank space or inventory space, you can choose this option to allow you to free up space. You will be unable to play again until the item is either claimed or cashed out, however.

Freezing Categories

Players have the option to "freeze categories" which will essentially prevent you from winning items from that category. This is useful if you have, for example, level 99 in a skill & you do not wish to receive rewards for that particular skill. This is made possible by using Hearts of Ice.

One Heart of Ice is consumed per category each time you open a treasure chest. For example, if you have frozen 3 categories, you will use up 3 Hearts of Ice each time you open up a chest. Items from frozen categories can still be placed into the chests. However, if won, a new item will be chosen for you from a currently unfrozen category.

To freeze a category, simply click the "Categories" button in the Information Bar of the Treasure Hunter interface. This will open up the Prize Categories interface (shown right). From here, click on the icon of the category you wish to freeze and you will no longer be rewarded items from that category. Clicking on a currently frozen category will unfreeze it & you can have a maximum of 10 categorires frozen at a time.

Obtaining Additional Hearts of Ice

Based upon your membership status, you are awarded Hearts of Ice daily. Free players earn 1 Heart of Ice per day while members earn 2. Members who are part of the Silver or Gold Premier Club will earn 3 Hearts of Ice automatically per day. Unlike keys awarded daily, Hearts of Ice do not expire should they not be used.

Additionally, Hearts of Ice are earned for completing quests & daily challenges. They are also earned by redeeming Key tokens. If you manage to open 5 treasure chests in one day, you will find yourself rewarded with 5 Hearts of Ice. Unlike with keys, there is no limit on how many you can earn through this method.

Hearts of Ice are also included as an added bonus item when purchasing keys.

Obtaining Keys

There are three different ways to earn keys for Treasure Hunter: Purchased keys, Earned keys and Daily keys. Each day you are automatically awarded keys based on your membership status. Free players earn 1 key per day while members earn 2. Additionally, members who are part of the Silver or Gold Premier Club will earn 3 keys automatically per day. Any daily keys will expire if not used before midnight GMT.

More information on the other two methods of obtaining keys can be found below.

Bonus Keys

Bonus keys are given for completing certain activities within the game, ranging from skilling to monster drops or rewards from quests.

Most monsters you can kill around Gielinor, excluding any found in Dungeoneering and minigames, have a rare chance of dropping Key tokens. Additionally, any activity that will randomly earn you a Shattered Heart strange rock also has a rare chance to award you a Key token.

Each week, one of four D&Ds will give a guaranteed Key token for completing a certain action within it. Details of which D&D will earn you this reward can be found on the Treasure Hunter reward screen.

Additionally, starting your first Troll Invasion attempt of the month as either a combatant or skiller will earn you a Key token. Whenever you complete a quest you will receive 2 keys in addition to the normal quest rewards.

Purchased Keys

Players have the option to purchase additional keys via the Official RuneScape Billing pages if they choose to. There are varied key packages available. To do this, click the "Buy Keys" button within the Treasure Hunter interface (thus logging you out of the game) or go to the Billing pages directly from the main RuneScape website.

From this point, you can choose your payment method and the number of keys you would like to buy. Once payment has successfully been taken, the keys will be added to your account.

Any purchased keys expire after 6 months. You are allowed to purchase a maximum of 600 purchased keys before you will be unable to buy more. Should you wish to continue buying more keys after reaching the maximum, you must first use up some of the previously purchased ones.

Earned Keys

There is now an option on the Treasure Hunter interface which allows you to earn keys by either filling in surveys, downloading a mobile app or by watching short length videos. By clicking on the 'Earn Keys' button, you will be directed to the SuperSonicAds page where you can check out any offers you might like.

As with Solomon's General Store, both Runecoins and Keys will expire after 12 months of receiving them. There is also no limit on how many you can earn, however, there is a limit of advert campaigns running at any single time.

Guide Made by: Majinvegito3
Corrections submitted by: Rendigo, Majinvegito3, SkillrzUnite