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Hemenster is a very small area in between the Ranging & Fishing Guild. It is the place where you can catch Whitefish using raw slimy eel as bait. There are a few NPC's which you can talk to but they are usually too busy to talk as they are Fishing. To gain access, after completing the Fishing Contest quest, click on the gate and select the 3rd Option as shown below:

Getting There

The quickest way to get to Hemenster is by teleporting to the Ranging guild via a Combat bracelet. Other ways include teleporting to the Fishing Guild, take the Lodestone system from either Ardougne or Seers Village.


Below is the map of Hemenster:

Points of Interest


There are 4 Fishing spots in this area where you can catch Whitefish with bait being a Slimy eel


There are a few quests which are encountered in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

  • Lasting - Unlocked upon entering Hemenster

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