The Attack skill influences a players accuracy when using melee weaponry. The higher level weaponry you have, the greater accuracy level your equipment will have which will increase the likelihood of your hits not being a low hit or 0.

Attack is one of the easier skills to train since the player can gain experience rather easy through melee combat. It is advised to train it in combination with the Strength skill so the player is able to use higher tiered weapons.


Attack is used in combat as a melee skill, this means that the player will be weak to magic using opponents but strong to opponents who use ranged attacks. The player has a high variety of different weapons to choose from when using melee, these are divided in 3 groups: Crush weapons, Stab weapons and Slash weapons. The type of weapon the player should use mostly depends on what they are fighting, as certain opponents are weaker to a particular style. The player can choose between dual wielding and two handed weapons, as well as several shiels being available for melee combat.


There are several abilities unlocked by the attack skill, to use these abilities the player has to be wielding a melee weapon. Certain abilities require the player to be either dual wielding or wielding a 2-handed weapon. Much like other abilities they are split into three types: Basic, threshold and ultimate.

  • Basic abilities can be used at any time in combat and generate adrenaline.
  • Threshold abilities can only be used when 50% of the adrenaline bar has been built up and cost 15% of adrenaline to use.
  • Ultimate abilities can only be used when the adrenaline bar reaches 100% and cost 100% adrenaline.
Ability Level Required Type Cooldown (seconds) Requirements Effect F2P/P2P

None Basic 3 None Slice your target for up to 110% weapon damage.

None Threshold 30 None Cause your target to bleed for between 100-250% weapon damage over 5 seconds. If the target moves location, they suffer 3x damage.

2 Ultimate 30 None Overpower your target, dealing damage up to 200-400% weapon.

5 Basic 10 Dual weapons Instantly attack with both weapons up to 125% weapon damage, disabling protection prayers in PVP.

10 Basic 15 None Smack your target with the back of your hand,interrupting their attacks for 3 seconds, and dealing 100% weapon damage.

Forceful Backhand
15 Threshold 15 None Smack your target with the back of your hand, stunning them for 3 seconds and dealing 200% weapon damage.

20 Basic 10 2-Handed weapon Smash your target for up to 125% weapon damage, disabling protection prayers in PvP.

30 Basic 20 None Shoulder-barge your target, stunning it for 3 seconds on contact. Targets immune to stun instead suffer up to 188% weapon damage.

37 Threshold 20 Dual weapons Perform a flurry of blows against your surrounding targets, dealing up to 94% weapon damage per hit over 6 seconds. Should any one blow miss, the remaining hits will aim at the original target. Combo attack.

45 Basic 15 None Sever a tendon, dealing up to 188% weapon damage and reducing any damage they deal by 10% for 5 seconds.

55 Threshold 20 2-Handed weapon Spin on the spot, dealing up to 219% weapon damage at all adjacent targets.

66 Ultimate 60 Dual weapons Rend your target, dealing up to 157% of both weapons' damage instantly and causing an additional 313% of both weapons' damage over 6 seconds.

Blood Tendrils
75 Threshold 45 Must have completed
The Dig Site
Blood tendrils whip at you and your opponent for 5 seconds. The first hit deals up to 180% weapon damage, with four subsequent hits each dealing up to 90% weapon damage to your target and up to 25% weapon damage to you.

Meteor Strike
81 Ultimate 60 2-Handed weapon Crash down on your target with the force of a meteor, dealing damage equal up to 250-350% weapon damage. Critical strikes generate 10% adrenaline for 30 seconds. Only usable on targets with over 50% life points remaining.

Balanced Strike
85 Ultimate 120 Must have completed
The World Wakes
Strike your target, restoring balance. If you have a smaller percentage of your lifepoints then they do of their lifepoints, your target will take the difference as a percentage of their lifepoitns in damage. You will be healed for half the difference as a percentage of your lifepoints. Be cautious: if you have more health than your target the effects will be reversed! You will take the damage and they will be healed!


There are several types of weapons available, each with its own attack style, speed and wield style suitable for different situations and monsters. For example, longswords attack with a slash style, making it more effective against monsters that are weak against slash, such as Fire giants.

Note: ONLY in Daemonheim are Spears and Mauls useble by F2P as well.

Weapon Styles
Weapon Type Attack Style Speed Wielding Style F2P/P2P

Stab Fastest Main/off-hand.

Crushing Fastest Main/off-hand

Stab Fast Main/off-hand

Slash Fast Main/off-hand

Slash Fastest Main/off-hand

Crush Average Main-hand

Slash Fast Main-hand

Stab Fast Main-hand

Stab Average 2-handed

Crush Average Main/off-hand

Slash Average 2-handed

Slash Average Main/off-hand

Slash Fastest Main/off-hand

Two-handed sword
Slash Average 2-handed

Crush Slow 2-handed

Weapon Types
Weapon Level Required Additional Requirements Degradable Repairable F2P/P2P

Bronze weaponry
1 None N/A

1 Demon Slayer N/A

5 None N/A

Raider axe
8 None N/A

Iron weaponry
10 None N/A

Ancient Mace
15 Another Slice of H.A.M.

Steel weaponry
20 None N/A

Black weaponry
25 None N/A

White weaponry
25 Wanted! N/A

Mithril weaponry
30 None N/A

30 Merlin's Crystal N/A

Adamant weaponry
40 None N/A

Brine sabre
40 None N/A

Void knight weaponry
42 42

Rune weaponry
50 None N/A

50 Contact! N/A

Leaf-bladed weaponry
50 55 N/A

Granite weaponry
55 55 N/A

Gravite weaponry
55 45 10,000 Coins or 1000 Coins and 65 Dungeoneering tokens per Percentage.

Dragon weaponry
60 None N/A

TzHaar weaponry
60 None N/A

Brackish blade
60 None N/A

60 Blood Runs Deep N/A

Barrelchest Anchor
60 The Great Brain Robbery N/A

Barrows weaponry
70 None Varies from 300,000 Coins to 151,500 Coins depending on Smithing level.

Abyssal whip
70 None N/A

Blisterwood polearm
70 The Branches of Darkmeyer N/A

Crystal weaponry
70 Roving Elves
900,000gp on initial recharge decreasing in price upon each recharge capping at 180,000gp on the fifth recharge and beyond.

Saradomin sword
75 None N/A

Abyssal vine whip
75 80 N/A

75 None N/A

Zamorakian spear
75 None N/A

Chaotic weaponry
80 80 20,000 Coins or 2000 Coins and 200 Dungeoneering tokens per percentage.

Tetsu weaponry
85 None N/A

Drygore weaponry
90 None 3,000,000 to 1,515,000 Coins for main hand and 1,500,000 to 757,500 Coins depending on Smithing level.
10,000 Chitin scraps and 5,000 Chitin scraps may also be used straight onto the weapons to repair them for free.

Noxious scythe
90 None 4,500,000 or less depending on Smithing level

Extra Features

Useful Items

There are several items which will aid the player in training their Attack skill or which allow the player to boost their Attack level, these can be found below.

Items Effect F2P/P2P

Attack potion
Boosts the player's Attack skill by 1+8% of their level.

Combat potion
Boosts the player's Attack and Strength skills by 1+8% of their level.

Super Attack potion
Boosts the player's Attack skill by 2+12% of their level.

Zamorak brew
Raises the player's Attack and Strength skills by 1+8% of their levels, restores the player's prayer points by 20+8% of their prayer points, lowers the player's Defence skill by 1+8% and damages the player for 12% of their remaining lifepoints.

Extreme Attack potion
Boosts the player's Attack skill by 3+15% of their level.

Boosts the player's Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged and Defence skills by 3+15% of their levels. This boost is repeated every 15 seconds over the duration of 5 minutes.

Item Level Requirements Other Information F2P/P2P

Ring of vigour
If the Ring of vigour is worn, after an ultimate ability is used, the user will continue combat from 10% adrenaline instead of 0.
Dungeoneering reward

Steadfast boots
Armour: 108
Life Bonus: 225

Goliath gloves
80 This item degrades after 4 hours of combat and is one of the 3 gloves to have a particle effect. They are also available in 4 different colours.

Attack skillcape
99 The Attack skillcape allows the player to activate it to boost their Attack level to 100. This boost can only be activated again once their level dropped back to normal.

Ruby Harvest butterfly
None A ruby harvest butterfly can be used on another player to boost their Attack skill by 20% of their level. The player must have aid on for this to be possible.


There are several prayers which will boost the player's Attack while they are active, some of these will drain the opponents Attack at the same time. The Ancient curses require completion of the Temple at Senntisten quest.

Prayer Prayer Requirement Effect Prayer/Curses

Clarity of Thought
7 Increases Attack by 5% Prayer

Improved Reflexes
16 Increases Attack by 10% Prayer

Incredible Reflexes
34 Increases Attack by 15% Prayer

60 Increases Strength by 18%, Attack by 15% and Defence by 20% Prayer

70 Increases Strength by 23%, Attack by 20% and Defence by 25% Prayer

Leech Attack
74 Boosts Attack by 5%, increasing to 10% over time. Drains opponents Attack by 10%, increasing to 25% over time. Curses

95 Increases Strength by 23% plus 10% of the opponent's Strength levels, up to 9 levels. Increases Attack and Defence by 15% plus 15% of the opponent's Attack and Defence levels, up to 14 levels. Curses

Warriors' Guild

To gain access to the Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe the player needs either have 99 Strength, 99 Attack, or a combination of both adding up to 130. In the Warrior's Guild the player is able to participate in several small minigames which will grant them experience in Attack, Strength and Defence, it is also the only place where the player can obtain defenders.

Attack in Daemonheim

In a way similar to on the surface, the Attack skill will allow the player to hit more accurately and use better weapons. Aside from a few exceptions the player is able to use a new tier of weapons every 10th level.

Weapon Level Required F2P/P2P

Novite Weapons

Bathus Weapons

Marmaros Weapons

Kratonite Weapons

Frostbite Dagger

Fractite Weapons

Zephyrium Weapons

Argonite Weapons

Hailstorm Dagger

Katagon Weapons

Gorgonite Weapons

Promethium Weapons

Primal Weapons

Skill Mastery

Once you have finally reached level 99 in the skill, you can travel to the Warrior's Guild in Burthorpe and purchase the Attack Skillcape from Ajjat for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to use a boost that raises your Attack level to 100 and also allows you to perform the Attack Skillcape Emote. The cape itself is members only. However, free players can still perform the emote granted they are wearing the cape.

If Attack is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Attack cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99, you will be awarded the Attack cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically.

Attack cape Attack cape (t) Attack master cape

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