The Iceberg is first encountered during the Cold War Quest where you get to dress up as a penguin, and later on in the Hunt for Red Raktuber. You can go here to train Agility after both quests have been completed as well as having level 30 in the skill.

Getting There

To get here, you first have to start the Cold War Quest. After that, travel to the Fremennik Province Lodestone and go straight north to the boat on the coast. Click on the boat to reach the Iceberg.


Below is a map of the Icerberg:

Points of Interest


Jim is a polar bear who is located North-East of the boat in which you came in on. Look carefully though as he is camouflaged! He has 3 options: Talk to, Tickle & Tuxedo-time. To get inside of the Iceberg, you have to transform into a penguin, this also goes for completing the Agility course. Select Tuxedo-time to turn into a penguin.

Jim the Polar bear!

Agility Course

Agility Course Map

The Penguin Agility course can be found by entering the Iceberg, passing through the entrance covered in snow. Once inside, turn on your first left and follow the passage through as shown in the picture on the right.

When you have reached the end, you will be outside where you can start the Agility course. Just go North and follow the course all the way around but watch out for the traps. After one successful lap, it should be easy to redo.

Penguin Army

After following the tunnel to be outside at the Agility course, you will come across 3 groups of penguins acting like soldiers. What could they be up to?

Capture the Agents!

The Hunter area can be found by just passing Jim and jumping over the stepping stones. All you have to do is capture the penguins using any of the methods available there and bring them back to Jim who will reward you with Hunter experience. If your wondering what he will do with the Penguins, he certainly won't be eating them! Talk to Jim to find out more about the Hunter area.


There are a few quests which are encountered in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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