Tai Bwo Wannai Village


Tai Bwo Wannai is a little village on Karamja island. The people living there have their own currency but poor protection against monsters and so there is a minigame called the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up which players can get involved with and earn Trading sticks as a reward from the locals and other little loots.

Getting There

The quickest way to get here is to teleport using a Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport which will take you directly outside of the Village. Another way is to use the Lodestone system by teleporting to Brimhaven and travelling South-East.


Below is a map of Tai Bwo Wannai Village

Tai Bwo Wannai Village

Points of Interest

In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle..

In every location of RuneScape, there will always be something lurking around such as Giant rats and tiny little Spiders but not in this place. Here you can find the following loots or monsters within the Jungles:

Image Drop

Broodoo Victims (Yellow, White & Green)
Tribal mask (Yellow, White & Green)

Mosquito swarm

Bush snake
Snake hide

Jungle spider
Spider carcass

Gem rock
Uncut Opal, Jade, Red topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond.

Gout tuber plant
Gout tuber

Farming Patch

Just North of the village you can find a Farming patch in which you can grow Calquat trees with level 72 Farming. This is a good way to level farming by doing it daily as the seeds are not very expensive and yield some great XP.

Mahogany & Teaks

Outside of the village you can find an enclosed area where there are 4 Mahogany & 9 Teak trees. Murcaily guards this area and he will let you pass for a fee of 100 Trading sticks. Click here to find out how to gain Trading sticks. This is a relatively good way to train Woodcutting at levels 35 & 50 as there is a banker close by (Rionasta) who sends parcels to your bank, again at a fee of 10 Trading sticks per item.

Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up

Below, you will find out about the locals of the area, the minigame and how you can collect Trading sticks. To find out more about this minigame, click here.

Trading Sticks

Trading sticks are the currency to the locals in this area. They are tradeable and can be used for a various amount of things such as sending items to your bank or being allowed to chop down Mahogany & 9 Teak trees. However, all of these features come at a price so the more sticks you have, the more items you can send to your bank or the longer you can spend cutting down them two types of trees. To gain trading sticks, all you have to do is hack down some of the nearby jungles whether they be dense, medium or light. The stronger the jungle, the more rewards you can get. To look at the rewards, click here. To look how much 'favours' you have done, look at the top of your screen where you will see something similar to this:

When you have collected a lot of favour, preferably around 100%, you can turn that in with some of the locals who will reward you with Trading sticks for your efforts. Go to each and everyone of the following people to claim as many Trading sticks as possible:

Image Name Location
Inside the village.
Roams around just outside of the village.
Up the stairs, on the outskirts of the broken fence in the furthest room.
Mamma Bufetta
Below Sharimika.
Outside of the Woodcutting area.
Safta Doc
Inside the anvil house.
Just outside of the anvil house, he wields a Staff of air and sends parcels to your bank.
Upstairs in the second room, above Layleen.

Meet the Locals

Other than the people who reward others for the efforts, these people are just plain NPC's who live in the village and some, you will have come across in a previous quest.

Image Name location
He can be found next to the anvil house where he looks after the Farming patch.
Timfraku is the Chief of the camp & can be found upstairs.
Inside of the camp, he lives in the central hut.
In his hut, you first spoke to him about the Jungle Potion Quest.

There are two more villagers who own stalls. East of Tinsays hut, you will find Tamayu who sells poisoned spears.

The other person is Tiadeche who is West of Tinsays hut. He will sell you Karambwan if you talk to him as he doesn't have a right-click trade option.


There are a few quests which are encountered in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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