Heist is an activity in which robbers attempt to steal loot from various different areas. They have to be as sneaky as possible to go unnoticed, then quickly grab the loot and bring it back to a deposit point. However the opposing team of guards will try to stop them, by identifying the robbers and then arresting them and putting them into jail. In this activity the player has to join either of the 2 teams, once both teams have 2 players or more the game will start.


Heist can be accessed by climbing up the ladder found west of Falador lodestone, once the player climbs this they will find themselves on a small platform with a bank chest, 3 portals and 2 NPCs. The NPCs can be talked to for rewards and a tutorial on both roles.


The gamplay in Heist is divided in 2 seperate roles: Robbers and Guards. The robbers have to steal the loot and bring it back to a deposit point without getting caught, the guards have to make sure the robbers don't steal the loot by catching them. If the robbers manage to steal enough loot (2 per robber which started) they win, if all robbers are turned into guards, or they run out of time, the guards will win. Below the general gameplay for both roles will be explained, including strategies of how to increase the success rate for both roles.


When the game starts, the robbers will find themselves on an air ship. As soon as the game starts a timer will count down from 15, the robbers will have to get off the ship as quickly as possible and take the form of a citizen in the activity. They can do this simply by clicking on the villager, the player can change into every villager they see, however there is a short countdown if they just changed into one. Once they are in disguise, the trick is to act like they actually are an NPC, NPCs in Heist can do run, walk as well as enter almost every building. However they are not able to climb stairs etc. Now they will have to find loot and manage to steal it, a huge source of loot can be found at the bank, however it's very likely that this is heavily protected by guards so this is not always the best place to steal from. Alternatively, there are several buildings which have a chest of loot which usually are easier to steal without getting noticed. Once the robber obtained their loot they have to either bring it to a deposit point, or back to their airship. Deposit points can randomly be found on the edges of the map, however usually most NPCs don't get near those, so the player will have to be careful that there are no guards nearby when they deposit their loot.

Tips and Tricks

  • Randomise: Make sure to act like an actual NPC, you can achieve this by walking around randomly, turning run on and off, standing still occasionally, sitting on benches etc. Don't be too hasty in reaching the bank or loot, especially if a guard is nearby.
  • Hide: If you do happen to get accused, attempt to hide. You can do this by jumping into haystacks, going up into masses, or in certain areas by going upstairs or jumping in the water.
  • Switch: One of the easiest way to avoid getting caught is by switching between villagers often, especially if the guards have the "Wanted Board" Perk (see the Rewards section for more info).
  • Pickpocket: If the player manages to get close to a guard, they can sometimes pickpocket them to obtain keys. These keys can be used to escape jail if the player does happen to get caught. Not all guards carry keys however, and it is tricky to position the player just right to pickpocket them, so extreme caution is advised. The player can also pickpocket guards who got locked in jail by internal affairs and then try to escape.


As a guard the player will find themselves in the open area of the jail when the game starts, they can't leave the jail until the timer goes down to 0. Once they are able to leave, their first priority should be to find the bank and get someone stationed there. The guards don't have to move a lot, depending on the area they are in (see the Areas Section for more information). However they have to pay close attention to their surroundings, and especially to the NPCs that are around them. If they think someone is acting suspicious they can accuse them to either reveal them as being a robber, or as being an innocent civilian. If they turn out to actually be a robber, the guards will have to chase them down and catch them. The first time the robber will only be held for a few moments, however the second time, the robber will be put in jail. If they don't escape jail after 1 minute they will turn into a guard as well. However, the guards should be careful with who they accuse, as if they wrongfully accuse someone 3 times, they will be put in jail themselves for a duration of 30 seconds.

Tips and Tricks

  • Camping: Do not camp the bank with your entire team as most areas have enough loot spread around in other buildings, so this strategy won't be feasible. However, it is advised to have at least one person at the bank, as they can clearly see when someone steals loot.
  • Pickpocket: Make sure that no one sneaks up to you, this way they will not be able to pickpocket you, regardless of whether you have something or not.
  • Noticeboard: If someone on your team has the "Wanted Board" Perk it is advised they stay near the noticeboard, this way you always knows what the robbers look like, keep in mind however that the robbers can switch rather quickly.
  • Locking chests: Chests outside the bank can be locked, forcing the robbers to pick the locks before being able to loot them.


There are 5 different maps possible for Heist, before the game begins every participating player is able to choose between 2. The 2 which are possible are randomly picked, the option with most votes will be used, if both maps have the same amount of votes the map will be randomly picked. Once the game begins all these maps are different from previous maps, as in the bank is in a different location, buildings are randomly placed etc. Every map also has separate special attributes, which add another aspect of stealthyness for both the robbers and the guards.

Area Attributes

Burthorpe (Day)
Alternative Deposit points are found on the sides of the maps in the water.
Player can swim by diving off piers, they can climb back up using ladders. Diving off the pier can be used to avoid getting captured, but this animation takes a while so it is not advised.
Guards can hide in trees, robbers in carts.
Several houses can not be entered through the doors, instead the windows can be smashed in and the player can crawl through those.
Loot can be found upstairs in houses, or in the big castle like buildings.

Burthorpe (Night)
Similair to Burthorpe by Day, except the Zombie random event can take place here.

Alternative Deposit points are found on the edges of the map, they look like carts.
When walking too far into the edge of the map the player will get teleported to a random spot.
This map has several big statues of Gargoyles, if a robber walks past these they will look in their direction.
Alternative loot can be found in small houses and graveyards, the loot in the houses can be reached by going upstairs in a nearby house and then back downstairs into the room where the loot is.
The Zombie Random event can take place on this map.

This map will only be a possible option if all players have completed the quest "Branches of Darkmeyer".Guards are Vyrewatch, who will fly instead of walk when outside.
Additional Deposit points can be found on the edges of the map in the form of carts.

Additional deposit points can be found on the edges of the map in the form of flying carpets.
Robbers can take the form of camels, which can only walk.
Robbers can hide in carts.
Additional loot points can be found in large buildings with dye, as well as on top of certain other buildings.
When NPCs stand near Valerio, who is playing music, they will dance, robbers will have to take care to copy this behaviour or avoid Valerio.

Random Events

While players are in the game, they might find several small hidden random events. These will usually show a trail to a robber (for the guards), or reward the robber with some extra loot. The only exception to this is the Zombie Random event. These random events can be rather hard to spot so the player will need to pay close attention to their surroundings.

Random Event Tips
Zombie Outbreak In Canifis or Burthorpe (Night) there will occasionally spawn a zombie, this will be indicated by a message saying "An infected creature has spawned". Robbers can change into this zombie, if they do this and they next change form, they will remain in zombie form. However the villager they previously were also becomes a zombie. Doing this they can create several zombies, which may cause guards to become confused and unable to find them.

Guards however can obtain up to 5 vaccines from the equipment chest, which is found in jail. If they use these, all villagers who were zombies around them will revert to their original form and become stunned for a few moments. They will also stumble a few random words, however robbers will remain quiet.
Upset Woman The player might find either house keys, or an upset woman. If they talk to the woman she will tell her that she lost her keys, if the player finds the keys and brings them back she will reward them.
Wanted Poster The player can find either a Wanted Poster or a Shady Stranger, if they talk to the stranger they will tell them that a Wanted Poster makes their criminal carreer more difficult. If they tear the poster down he will reward the player.
Lost Ball A young boy lost his ball, if the player finds it and brings it back he will reward them.
Injured Man An injured man can be found in the game, if they talk to him he will start following the player. The player will move more slowly when this happens, they will have to lead him to medical supplies and give him a first aid kit to get the reward.
Lost Cat Sometimes the player can find a cat or a shocked woman, get the cat to follow you and lead it back to the woman to receive the reward.


When the player wins or loses a game they will gain points, however if they win, they will gain 1 win point. A win points can be exchanged for 5 regular points. The points gained from either role can be used for rewards for both, there is no difference in points gained from being a robber or from being a guard.

Robber Rewards

  • Thieving Bonus XP: The player can spend 10 points to gain bonus XP in Thieving, this XP will get used up when the player trains the skill. The amount of XP gained depends on their Thieving Level.
  • Leveling up: The player can level up their Robber level, this has no advantages and is only for prestige purposes. However leveling up will reset all bought perks.
  • Supercrook: Taking and depositing loot will restore run energy, the player will also lose less energy if they are spotted by a guard.
  • Resist Arrest: Once per game the player can resist being arrested. This will stun nearby guards, making a cloud of smoke appear, as well as restoring 20% of the robbers' run energy.
  • Great Escape: Once per game the player can search the bed in jail, to find a spade and dig their way out. The guards will receive a message saying you escaped if this is used.
  • Decoy: Once per game the player can create a decoy of themselves to confuse the guards.

Guard Rewards

  • Hunter Bonus XP: The player can spend 10 points to gain bonus XP in Hunter, this XP will get used up when the player trains the skill. The amount of XP gained depends on their Hunter Level.
  • Leveling up: The player can level up their Guard level, this has no advantages and is only for prestige purposes. However leveling up will reset all bought perks.
  • Wanted Board: Allows the player to check the noticeboard, which is found in jail, to be able to see which disguise the robbers hold.
  • Friendly Wave: Allows the player to use the friendly wave ability, this will cause regular citizens to wave back at the guard. Robbers however will have to manually wave back, so this can reveal the robbers if they do not pay attention closely.
  • Security Sensors: Allows the player to place a security sensor, which will trigger if a robber comes near it.
  • Undercover Cop: Allows guards to disguise themselves as a regular citizen for 30 seconds.

Guide Made by: Sytze
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