Crucible, The


The Crucible, also known as the Bowl of Desolation, is a Player-Versus-Player minigame which was intended to replace the no longer existing Wilderness game Bounty Hunter. Upon entering you will be assigned a target who has similar combat skills to yourself, making it an equal fight. If you successfully kill your target, you will be able to loot all of their equipment, therefore this minigame is Dangerous. A combat level of 60 or higher is required to access the live Crucible arena as well as an active Membership.

Note: There is no specific world for this minigame as it uses a instanced shard world; an area accessible from all servers.


The Crucible can be accessed through the double-door cellar located North-east of Edgeville by the bridge, lodged into the Wilderness walls, as shown on the map below.

Listed below are some of the possible transportation routes you may want to use to get there:

  • Using the Lodestone Network, teleport to Edgeville and walk east.
  • Using a Amulet of glory (charged), teleport to Edgeville and walk North-east.
  • Using a Varrock teleport tablet or spell whilst having your teleport location altered to arrive outside the Grand Exchange (See: Varrock Task Set (Easy)), walk through the Grand Exchange to the North-west corner and climb under the tunnel (21 Agility required), then cross the bridge.


To enter combat, you will first need to get into the waiting room by opertating the main arena door. Once you've been placed in the arena, you will be at one of four banks (North, East, South or West) at random. At this point you will have the option to bank and set up your equipment and supplies. You will then have to go down into the Crucible by entering the green fissure (see image below) and pay a fee.

After you have paid a fee, you will then have a few seconds of immunity from your target whose name can be found on your minigame HUD. After you have your target's name, find them and take them down. If successfully killed, you will be able to loot all of their armour, weapons, remaining supplies and their fee. Whilst in the arena, there are certain activities you are subject to which can be found below under Gameplay.


It is highly recommended that before you start playing the Crucible with other players, you should take the tutorials provided by Marv who helps run the arena and is the NPC who hands out Rewards. In total there are five tutorials in which you can play, and for each one you are rewarded a set of Trophy bones (rewards currency).



When clicking on the Fissure to enter the arena, you will be prompted to pay a risk fee. The fee is calculated using two factors: 1) Your equipment value and your Combat levels 2) A fixed fee. Essentially the more your equipment is worth, the lower the cost of the fee, and therefore it is recommended to spend more on your equipment until the fee reaches a low amount to get the most out of your risk. The fixed fee is used to pay your opponent if you are to leave the fight early.


As with most minigames, there is a HiScores system for those who want to compete. To gain rank in the Crucible, you must attack the Supreme Champion. For each hit you will gain rank points, and every few points will increase your ranking on the HiScores. As of 28/02/2014, there are 28 players listed on the HiScores with the maximum score being 10,039.


A part from the entrance and exit fissures, located all over the arena map are fissures. When left-clicked you will be placed to another random fissure on the map. If right-clicked you can choose a fissure or a Safe-Spot fissure to be placed at around the map. The map to the right shows the arena, the fissures are identified with a blue dot. Safe-Spot fissures are placed in all four directions supplied with a bank. They can be used to jump around the map to other fissures which may be useful when prolonging a target's attack to plan your strategy or heal without intervention. However if the fissures are used too much whilst you have a target assigned, they will become unresponsive to prevent you from evading the target completely and so it is recommended that you use your fissure transversing wisely. Some of the Rewards in the Extra category will give benefits to you using fissures when in the arena by providing an energy boost ranging from 20%, 50%, 80%.

Rogue's Souls

Scattered around the arena are many corpses which may contain a Rogue's soul. You must attack the soul and bring it to low health before directing it back to its corpse to lay it to peace. You will then have the option to loot the Rogue's soul which may reward you with a pair of Rogue gloves. The gloves are degradable and provide stats slightly better than Culinomancer's gloves. Listed below are the gloves you may get in their respective order of stats:

  • Corrupt rogue gloves
  • Nasty rogue gloves
  • Malicious rogue gloves
  • Loathsome rogue gloves
  • Atrocious rogue gloves

Supreme Champion

Every half hour in the arena, your target is removed and the area becomes safe. The player with the highest rank within the arena will then be selected as Supreme Champion (this unlocks the Supreme Helm reward). They will be given access to some of the most fierce weapons on Gielinor: Annihilation (Melee), Obliteration (Magic), Decimation (Ranged). The weapons are designed to slaughter the Crucible battlefield single-handedly. To make this easier, there is a "locate" option on the weapons which will teleport the champion to the most crowded area on the map. As well as all this, the Supreme Champion is made invincible for the first 2 minutes after being announced. The Crucible will return to normal shortly after the Champion's demise.


When in the Crucible, defeating enemies will award you with a set of Trophy bones. These bones are used as a rewards currency for the game and may be spent in the Main hall of the Crucible by speaking to Marv (the man behind the hatch) who will hand out the rewards.

Death Taunts

Name Cost
(Trophy bones)
No sound (default) 0
Crazy Laughing 12
Chicken Bwak 12
Unlucky nubcake! 36
Funeral dirge 36
You FAIL! 36
Sad melody 36
Hysterical crowd 36
Game over, mortal 36
Muahahaha 36
Gothic tune 36

Death Titles

Name Cost
(Trophy bones)
No title (default) 0
Cowardly [name] 12
[Name] the Redundant 12
Everyone attack [Name] 30
Smelly [Name] 30
[Name] the Idiot 30
Sir Lame [Name] 30
[Name] the Flamboyant 30
Weakling [Name] 30
[Name] was punished. 30
[Name] lost 30
[Name]... you fail 30
No-mates [Name] 30
[Name] ate dirt 30
Delusional [Name] 30
[Name] the Respawner 30
Cutey-pie [Name] 30
[Name] the Fail Magnet 30
[Name] was terminated 30
Lazy [Name] 30
[Name]? Who? 30


Name Cost
(Trophy bones)
Fissure energy boost (20%) 24
Fissure energy boost (50%) 36
Fissure energy boost (80%) 48
Supreme helm 60
Fix rogue gloves 15

Guide Made by: Jack
Corrections submitted by: Dark, Jack