While Guthix Sleeps
A power grows in the north, and an efficient spy network reports all that transpires to its master. The long, dark fear buried in the back of everyone's mind is starting to grow. That which was once overlooked has now become hard to ignore.

For what nefarious purpose are there spies in Draynor? Exactly what is Movario looking for in the Lumbridge Swamp caves? What of the ancient power of the Mahjarrat and the dragonkin? Has something been missed? The ancient powers of the gods - where did it come from, and what would happen if a mortal could tap its power?

Any interested parties should contact Radimus Erkle for what may prove to be the most challenging experience of their entire career.


Skill Requirements:
24 23 Summoning
22 55 Hunter
17 60 Agility
2 65 Defence
19 65 Slayer
15 65 Mining
7 75 Magic
Quest Requirements:
Legends' Quest
Mournings End Pt 2
Swan Song
Defender of Varrock
Hand in the Sand, The
Summer's End
Dream Mentor
King's Ransom
Path of Glouphrie, The
Other Requirements:
270 Quest Points
Access to the Warriors Guild

Killed Bork in the Chaos Tunnels
Items Needed: Law rune, Death rune, 2x Air rune, 2 to 3 of all elemental runes and Mind Runes, 4x Cosmic rune, 30 of one type of elemental rune, Bronze med helm, Iron chainbody, Sapphire Lantern, Lantern lens, Snapdragon seed, Logs, Knife, 5000x Coins, Weapons for multiple attack styles (Melee, Range, Magic), Charcoal, Papyrus, Seed dibber, Unpowered orb

Items Recommended: Armour, Super Restore Potions, Super Attack Potion, Super Strength Potion, Ranging Potion, Lots of good food (Sharks or better)
Reward: Click to reveal


1. To start this quest, speak to Radimus Erkle in the Legend's Guild. He will explain that you must provide an escort to Ivy Sophista, a Druidess wishing to visit Karamja and that the password to prove your identity is 'Our friends in common places great faith in totems'.

2. Travel to Taverly, find Ivy in the round building, shown below at the top left of the map.

3. Talk to Ivy and give her the password. Once done, go upstairs and talk to Thaerisk Cemphier. He will reveal to you that he is a member of a group of druids that want to take action against enemy forces. He will also tell you that Lucien has managed to get the Staff of Armadyl (If you gave it to him in the Temple of Ikov, you are to blame but if you killed him, it was just a decoy). At this point, two level 38 assassins will appear and attempt to kill you.

4. Once you dispose of the assassins, talk to Thaerisk again, he will ask you to find out more about Movario and that you would be best looking in the Varrock Library.

5. Travel to Varrock and speak to Reldo. You find out that Movario is fluent in many different ancient languages, that he has links in Khazard and is particular to punishing his victims. He tells you to seek advice from a jungle hunting master on how to locate him.

6. Go into the Feldip Hills jungle and speak to the Master of Hunting in his hut. He will tell you that to locate him you will need a Broav. You will be given some Mort Myre Fungus and told to capture one to the west of your current location, using a pit trap similar to how you catch a Larupia.

7. Move west from the Hunting Master and you will find a square pitfall trap. Set it up by using a log with it and add the fungus as bait.

8. Eventually you will capture a Broav, knocking it unconscious. Take it to the Hunting Master to be trained. A cutscene will ensue. Once over, you will have your pet Broav and be told that you must have something of Movario's for it to track.

9. Make your way to the Khazard area. Talk to any of the soldiers and they will mention that his clothes will be with the other laundry. Go north-west to find the launderer, in the location shown below and either bribe with 5000 Coins or use a Ring of Charos (a) to get them to give you a shirt.

10. Use the shirt on your Broav and it will start to track the scent, moving towards the North-West. You will have to occasionally use the shirt on it again if it stops just to get it moving once more.

11. You will eventually be led to the Khazard battlefield. Climb into the ruins and use the shirt on the Broav while standing near the broken table. It will squeal and you will notice a hidden trapdoor. Before entering, make sure you have one of each of air, fire, earth, water and mind runes, an antipoison, armour and food is also useful, as the next stage is full of guards and traps. You may discard the shirt.

12. Once you have gone down the trapdoor, you will be faced with many level 110 guards. You must make your way past them, heading north, around the curved corridor. Once you reach the end, you will find a staircase with a door at the bottom.

13. This door is locked and trapped. To unlock it, you must look at the door. You will see 4 sets of the same 5 symbols repeated, and the words futher access prohibited. Look closely at the words, for a letter replaced by one of the symbols that is repeated at the top. That symbol shows you what rune to use on the door.

The symbols are:

  • Water: A water droplet
  • Fire: A rotated fire rune symbol
  • Air: A tornado
  • Earth: An 'h' shape
  • Mind: Similar to the one on the rune

If you fail to use the correct rune on the door, a magic attack will hit you, doing 250+ damage. If this does happen, look at the attack it uses, as it will be the same type as the rune needed. When the correct rune is used, there will be a 'click'. DO NOT OPEN IT. You must first search the door to remove any traps, otherwise you will be hit with 300+ damage, poisoned, and be attacked by 3 of the guards.

14. Once going through the door, you will be in a room with several bookcases, and an electified gate. Look at the ground, and you will notice wires criss-crossing all over it. If you look near the gate, you will see that the wire there has a faint shimmer around it. Trace this back to the bookcase it originates from. Search it, and there should be a click. Keep following the live wires, until the wires stop glowing, and you get a message telling you the electricity on the gate has stopped.

15. Go east, and search the painting, and enter the hidden room you find behind it. Search the drawers for notes about pressure, and look at the thermometer, which will give you a random reading of 'tickits'.

16. Go through the gate that you removed the electricity from, and go up the stairs, making sure you de-activate the trap on them first. Once upstairs, search the desk to get 'Movario's Notes'. Pick up and look in the basket near the desk to find a ruby key. Search the bookcase to the west then use the ruby key on it to reveal a hidden staircase.

17. Climb up this staircase to the room above. Search the bed to discover a chest, making sure you search it to disable a trap before you go further. Use the ruby key to open the chest, and get two strange key halves, and some more notes. You may bank the key halves, as they are not needed during the quest.

18. Go back down to the room with the thermometer in, and take enough weights to equal your current weight (without any extra weights!) minus the thermometer reading. Go upstairs again, and place the correct amount of weights on the statue. For example:

  • If you weigh 45kg, and the reading in tickits is 40, then place 5kg on the statue so that the statue + the reading = your weight.
  • If you weigh less than the reading, then carry enough weights with you to equal the reading when you leave. So if you weigh 40kg, and the reading says 45, then take 5kg with you.

Once you have done this, open the door to the east, and you will be taken back to the corridor with guards, where you may leave the hideout. If you have done it incorrectly, you will be poisonously gassed and have several items taken away. If this happens, simply return back through and get the notes again, and keep attempting the door until you succeed.

19. Once out of the hideout, return the notes to Thaerisk. After reading through, he will explain that Movario is in search of possibly the most powerful object in existance. He will tell you to talk to the Guardians of Armadyl.

20. Make your way to the shack around the back of McGrubors wood, and as you approach it, you will see a cutscene with an Armadyl Guardian being attacked by two mercenaries. Kill them, and their mage will teleport away. Talk to the Guardian, and you will be told to 'seek Idria who is in the arms of a forester'.

21. Go to the pub in Seer's Village, and go upstairs to find Idria. She will talk with you, and you will decide to talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador. Travel to Falador, and speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.

22. He will tell you to speak to Akrisae Kolluym in the White Knight Castle. Talk to Akrisae in the eastern end of the White Knight Castle, here:

You will be instructed to plant a teleorb on a spy. If you ask, you can be given a free teleport to Draynor. Once in Draynor, use your teleorb on one of the strangers wearing white robes, and return to the castle.

23. A cutscene will ensue, in which a Druid will attempt to administer a truth serum to the spy, but will fail in the attempt, and be knocked out by the spy. You will be instructed to make a more powerful serum, and to talk to Betty in Port Sarim for this.

24. Travel to Port Sarim, and speak to Betty the Witch in the rune shop, and ask her about a truth serum. You will learn that to do so, you must use an enriched Snapdragon herb on a normal serum. To create an enriched Snapdragon seed, you must shine light on it through a rose tinted lense.

25. She will give you a free truth serum, but you must buy a bottle of pink dye off her for 20gp, give her your Snapdragon seed, and use the dye on the lens. Then, stand in the open doorway to the shop and use the lens on the seed. Move over and search the counter to get the enriched Snapdragon seed.

26. Return and talk to Thaerisk, who will tell you to grow the plant on the top of the castle. Move up to the roof above the western tower, and plant the seed in the herb patch there.

While it grows, talk to Idria to learn that you must assemble a fighting force of heroes: Hazelmere, Turael, Duradel and Mazchna.

Turael is the Slayer master for Burthorpe, Duradel is the Slayer master for Shilo Village, Mazchna is the Slayer master for Canifis, and Hazelmere can be found in his treehouse on the small bridge-joined islands east of Yanille. Return to Thaerisk once recruiting them all.

27. Upon returning, the herb will have grown, so pick the plant, and use the herb on the truth serum Betty gave you, to create super truth serum. Make sure you have some charcoal and papyrus (these can be obtained from the cupboard in the meeting room), then go back to the cell with the spy in it, and use the serum on him. The correct conversation choice is random, but if you get it wrong you can just choose another. Once interrogated, he will tell of a powerful mage known as 'Dark Squall'. You will create a portrait of him from the discription the spy gives, using your charcoal and papyrus.

28. Talk to Idria, who will tell you to recruit more people for your group of heroes: Ghommal, Sloane, Harralack and Cyrisus. The first three can be found in the Warriors guild, but Cyrisus can only be contacted using the Lunar Magik spell NPC Contact. Return to Idria once done.

29. You will be informed that Silif has gone missing while tracking the Dark Squall. You must go to the Black Knight Fortress to find him. Be sure to bring food and armour, a bronze med helm and iron chainbody to get in, an uncharged orb, 30 of one type of elemental rune, and 3 cosmic runes. You must also be on the normal spellbook.

30. Enter the Black Knight Fortress while wearing the bronze medium helmet and the iron chainbody. Go through the fake wall directly north of the entrance door, and climb down the ladder. Once down there, look around for, and search the odd tile. Cast any charge orb spell on the tile to reveal a hidden trapdoor.

31. Climb down the revealed trapdoor to enter an area full of Elite Dark Knights. They are agressive, and come in multiple classes, so you must be prepared to defend from all types of combat. They also use various protect spells, so you must be able to use multiple attack types, or be able to wait until their prayer runs out. Keep attacking and killing these knights until you get an elite black knight helmet, body, and legs. Once you put them on the knights will stop being agressive. Be very careful here, as your life points can do down rapidly, and the sheer number of attacks can often hide the damage hitsplats from you.

32. Once you have all the armour, and are wearing it, run north and jump over the western bridge, then take the right fork, and climb up the wall. Continue north, and either climb over or go around the barricade. Keep going north until you reach 3 large doors. Go through the middle one.

33. Search through the desks to find a teleorb, some food, and a potion. Go into the eastern cavern and spy on the Dark Squall. Look on the southern wall and open the wardrobe there to obtain some Dagon'hai robes, then take a cell key off the key rack on the north wall. Search the wardrobe next to it to get another set of Elite armour, then go back through the large door you entered the cavern through.

34. Once you have gone through the door, go south, then head east to the jail cells. Use your key to enter the one with Silif in it. Give him the lobster and restore potion you found on the desk. Talk to him, then once done, use the second set of elite armour on him.

35. Head back to the Dark Squall, with Silif following. Talk to him, and he will tell you to take him near the map on the southern side of the room.

36. When he is there, he will tell you to plant the teleorb onto the Dark Squall.

When you have used it on him, he will reveal himself to be Surok Magis, the leader of the Dagon'hai, and he will order his soldiers to attack. Teleport back to the White Knight Castle.

37. Once back at the castle, talk to Thaerisk, and he will tell you that you will need to impersonate Surok. Put on the Dagon'hai robes you retrieved from the wardrobe earlier. You must have the strange teleorb, a law rune, and a death rune, and some food, and a Falador teleport are recommended. When you are ready, step into the cell to be teleported back to the base.

38. Walk east, and climb up the ladder. Select 'activate' on the Teleorb, and you will be teleported to Lucien's Base.

39. Speak with an Elite, and you will be told that Lucien is recruiting in the chapel to the east, and you should be there to observe. Head north along the eastern path until you reach a wall with the option to climb.

40. Jump over to the temple ledge, and continue east. A cutscene will begin, with your expert force of warriors teleporting in to aid you in combating Lucien.

41. Lucien incinerates 6 of your warriors without even thinking about it, then summons guards to attack you. Jump back across the ledge to the lair, and teleport back to the White Knight Castle.

42. You will learn that Movario has been traced into the Lumbridge swamp caves. You must follow him, and find out what he's doing. Bring a lit sapphire lantern and travel to the Tears of Guthix chasm. You should also bring a teleport back to a bank.

43. Talk to Movario, and convince him you're Surok, and he will tell you that you need a sapphire lantern to travel into the chasm. Use yours on a light creature and choose to travel down into the chasm.

44. Search the skeletons and remains that are lying around the bottom of the cavern to get various tools and items. Use the spade on the searchable rocks to get a fire and earth orb and use the chisel on the two braziers to get air and water orbs.

45. Continue south until you reach the 4 skull heads carved into the rock. Look closely at the blocks on each skull, and use the orb corresponding to the symbol next to each one, to recieve elemental keys.

46. Climb into the nasal cavity of each skull, and place the correct key in the back of it, putting the final key in the block of the last skull, on the top layer. When you are done, a stone cube will rise out of the ground by the skull on the top layer. Search this cube and the skull will open. Walk through into the next area. You will be in a large room with a stone table.

47. There will be 8 passages leading away from the table, to statues. Look at the statues to get a clue what potion ingredients to use on them, and examining them gives a larger clue. By using a Druid pouch on the ghost druids near the statues, it will drop the ingredients for one of the statues. If you run out of druid pouches, you can use the sickle to cast bloom on the dead vines to get objects to put in your pouches.

48. When you use the correct ingredients on a statue, you will recieve a stone dolmen. By using this dolmen on the stone table in the centre, a corresponding dolmen will rise out of the central altar. When all the dolmens are in place, it will rise and unlock the barrier, allowing you through into the next area.

49. Teleport back to a bank and remove all items. Bring only what you need for a massive fight and your lantern. Strong melee armour, Super Restore potions (not Prayer potions, the boss drains your stats), super/extreme attack and super/extreme strength potions and high healing food are the recommended items. Multiple attack types are a must, as some enemies use protection prayers.

50. Make your way back through the chasm and past the barrier you brought down with the dolmens. You will be in a large chamber with a mysterious stone in the middle.

51. Attempt to touch this stone, and a level 454 Balance Elemental will appear and attack you. It uses all 3 types of combat, and drains your stats too. The flaming bow is ranged, the glowing orbs around its fists are mage, and when it punches it is using melee. Make sure to switch protection prayers accordingly, as the damage it can inflict is very high, and can often overwhelm you if you're not careful.

52. When you have defeated it, touch the stone, and a cutscene will ensue, revealing this stone to be the Stone of Jas, the artefact used by the gods to bend the world to their will. Though it may not be apparent at first, other than the glowing aura around you, your brief encounter with the stone has given you impossible power, and raised all your combat stats to 255!

53. Movario and Darve will walk in and marvel at the stone, but they will be cut short by Lucien, who they talked to earlier about it, and teleports in now. Once you are done talking to him, he will summon two level 450 Tormented Demons to attack you, and teleport away with the Stone of Jas. Just as he leaves, a group of Armadyl Guardians teleport in to aid you.

54. Despite being a similar level to the balance elemental, these demons are easier, due to your increased stats. It also allows you to hit ridiculously high on them. The demons use protection prayers, so you need to switch to a different attack type every now and then.

55. Once defeated, Idria will teleport you back to the White Knight Castle. Talk to her, and, quest complete!

When you dismiss the reward screen, Idria will tell you of the energy stored within you from the Stone, which may be dangerous to keep there. She will release the energy in the form of four bouts of 100k experience, (Note: You can claim the experience at a later date if you wish) which you may direct to whichever skills you wish. You will also be given a lump of dragon metal. If you still have the two strange key parts from earlier in the quest, you may bring them to the Ancient Barbarian Dungeon, and use them on a Mithril Dragon to make a full key. If you use this on the mithril door elsewhere in the cavern, it will activate the dragon forge, allowing you to smelt all three different type of dragon metal (the other two can be got from killing more demons) into a Dragon Platebody!

When finished with the experience, the screen will fade to black, and you will get a final cutscene with the Dragonkin, feeling their rise in power, and plotting their revenge on RuneScape...

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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