One of a Kind
As part of his studies, Mr. Mordaut he has uncovered the latest entries to the dragon rider journal indicating the ultimate fate of Hannibus, the last of the dragon riders. Mordaut is hoping that the player will help him investigate. Mr Mordaut is an avid historian of dragon history, and Hannibus would represent a momentous discovery, particularly if he can be discovered alive. Not only can Hannibus give an insight into the past of the dragons, but his calming influence on dragons gives Mr. Mordaut hope that the dragons can learn to put aside their rage and differences and potentially become unified as a species.


Skill Requirements:
26 40 Divination
25 67 Dungeoneering
7 81 Magic
24 74 Summoning
Quest Requirements:
King's Ransom
Missing, Presumed Death
Tail of Two Cats, A
World Wakes, The
Other Requirements:
The ability to fight multiple dragons and enemies up to level 190 combat and the courage to enter the Wilderness.
Items Needed: Emerald, Catspeak amulet (e), Ghostspeak amulet

Items Recommended: Armour, Weapons, Anti-dragonfire protection
Reward: Click to reveal

Bob the Cat

To start the quest, talk to Mr. Mordaut located under the stairs in the Varrock Museum basement. He will give you Hannibus Hunted to read, after reading the journal speak with Mr. Mordaut again and mention Bob the cat, after a small conversation he will ask you to find him.

To find Bob, you must open your Amulet of Catspeak (e) which will open up a small interface as shown below.

The nose is a small arrow which will point in the direction of Bob the cat, follow the arrow and it will take you to him, when you get close the nose will be spinning around.

NOTE: Bob can often be found around the Death Plateau area.

After you have found Bob, talk to him about 'One of a Kind' quest and ask him "A human to look after?" he will mention that he has a strange attraction to the house and that it felt like home the moment he arrived. After the conversation, go to Bob's house located in the north of Burthorpe.

The Secret Library

Once you reach the house, talk to Unferth about searching his house for the secret library. After he has given you permission begin investigating the items in the house: The bookcase, the fireplace and the table. After you have investigated all 3 Unferth will mention the carpet. Tear up the carpet which will reveal a trap door, then enter it.

Once in the library, search the desk in the middle of the room to find some notes on a spell, with a riddle.

After you have done this, investigate the weapon rack next to the stairs and take some rust from the weapons. go back to the desk and create a Animate Rock Scroll using both the Emerald and the Iron oxide you got from the weapons rack.

The Last Dragon Rider

After you have done this go to the statue at the back of the room and investigate it before using the Animate Rock Scroll. Doing this will cause Hannibus to appear, a Dragon Rider. After a short conversation you should tell him to go home before he explains how he doesn't know how to. Mention that there should be something in the library and search the bookcases.

Search both bookcases to find Dragonkin Primer and some more notes. After you have done this, investigate the map at the back of the room to find a 'clue' then right click the book and click 'Toggle Translate' before reading it.

NOTE: the player can either first go find all the dragons, or find the mysterious statues.

The Enormous Statues

After you have done this, you must find at least two of the four 'Enormous Statues', which are scattered across Gielinor. They are located at these locations:

When you get close to one, read the Animate Rock Scroll which will then cause the statue to begin talking to you! Tell it you are human and ask what you can do to fix the situation. It will ask you to rotate it where you will then rotate the statue to its liking. You will have to repeat this one more time in order to continue.

NOTE: You can however rotate all four statues for an extra 10,000 experience in any skill.

After you have rotated the statues, bank all your combat equipment and head to Entrana. Go to the north-west part of the island until you find a 'submerged statue' in the water, read your Animate Rock Scroll and he will talk to you regarding the Dragonkin and the King Black Dragon.

The Dragons

First the player will have to find a Green Dragon in the Forinthry Dungeon, this can be found in level 22 Wilderness so bank all your items. Once you enter the dungeon go to the area with the Green Dragons and it will prompt you about continuing the quest, the player will view a short cutscene where Hannibus talks to the Green Dragon and learns from it that the Dragonkin left information on a rock in the south east part of the cave. Approach the rock and it will reveal Dragonkin scribblings which will contain a clue that can now be viewed in the Dragonkin Primer on where to go next.

Next make your way to Brimhaven dungeon, make sure to bring combat gear and antifire protection as you will be required to fight several Iron dragons.
Go to the area with the Iron dragons and the player will once again be asked if they want to continue the quest. Hannibus will attempt to speak to a steel dragon, however he is difficult to calm, the player will have to protect Hannibus from the Iron dragons. Kill one then pick either option, Kill the next one and once again pick either option. Kill the next one and Hannibus will have the info you require. Run to the resource dungeon which is in the west of the dungeon, more Dragonkin scribblings will appear on the wall.

The next clue will lead the player to the Queen Black Dragon, who can be found in the dungeon west of Port Sarim, go to the lowest floor of the dungeon and investigate the portal (make sure to not click pass through as this will initiate the fight with the QBD). Hannibus will communicate with her, in her dreams she will direct the player to Dragontooth Island, this can be accessed by taking the boat from Port Phasmatys.
Make sure to take combat gear and something to protect them from dragon breath, preferably ranged gear before taking the boat, unless the player completed the Morytania hard tasks they will require a ghostspeak amulet to get to Dragontooth island. Once the player arrives at Dragontooth Island, they can find a dungeon entrance on the southern part of the island. Inside they can find Celestial dragons, the player will have to fight the Celestial dragons, which allows Hannibus to communicate with the dragons.


For the next section the player will need combat gear to defeat 3 rather weak opponents. Next go to the strange artifact which is north of Edgeville lodestone and continue the quest.
After a short dialogue with the KBD, the player will be asked if they wish to be teleported to see a White dragon. Once teleported, the player will see a resource dungeon which they can enter. Inside they will see a rare White dragon named Therragorn, she will be able to help Hannibus, however 3 dragon hunters will show up. They are fairly weak, however if the player did not bring armour or food they can pose a threat. If the player dies during this section they can use the strange artifact to teleport directly back to the peninsula with the dungeon. Once they are finished off Therragorn will take the player and Hannibus on her back and fly with them.

The Dungeon

Above Daemonheim they will be ambushed however, the player will next find themselves in a dungeon with Hannibus on a bed and a Dragonkin named Kerapac. Kerapac will explain what happened and request the player’s help in exchange for saving Hannibus. The favour he asks of the player is that the player must help another Dragonkin, which can be done by harvesting energies from the wisps that Kerapac will spawn. The player will need to harvest 25 energies and then channel these into the cage.

Once the player channeled all energies they can talk to Kerapac who will explain that the player will have to weaken the curse, if the player is prepared he will teleport them to a new area where they will face the Echo of Jas. She is level 190, but fairly weak, using ranged is advised. Occasionally she will spawn a weak False user, these have extremely low lifepoints but are able to deal one high damage attack which the player can dodge. Once they defeat the Echo they will once again find themselves in the dungeon with Kerapac and Hannibus, who is now fully recovered.

The Decision

The player will have a talk with Kerapac and Hannibus, in which Kerepac will offer a cure to Hannibus for his people’s curse. However outside they will once again meet Therragorn together with a member of the Dragon Riders. Here the player will have to choose between either submitting Hannibus to experimenting, and possible finding a cure for their curse, or allow him to return home and accept the fate of his people. Once the player did this they will have completed the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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